January 1646: An Ordinance for the continuance of Treasurers at Wars, and the Committee of the Army.

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Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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January, 1646

[15 January, 1645/6.]

Ord. 15 Feb. 1644.

Army Committee, Treasurers at Wars and others appointed by late Ord. to continue 9 Months

Whereas by vertue of an Ordinance of Parliament of the fifteenth of February last several sums of money are taxed and leavied upon the respective Counties, Cities and places therein mentioned, for the raising and maintaining the Forces under the Command of Sir Thomas Fairfax, by a monethly assessement, to continue for ten Moneths from the first day of February, 1644. until the first of December, 1645. which said Ordinance and every clause therein contained, and the several taxes and payments therein expressed, are by another Ordinance, bearing date the thirteenth day of August last, to endure and to have continuance for six moneths longer, to all intents and purposes: And whereas for the better securing of fourscore thousand pounds, advanced upon the Credit of the said first recited Ordinance, and for the more orderly receiving and issuing out the moneys raised thereupon, and of the said fourscore thousand pounds, and for the repayment thereof, a Committee of Lords and Commons and Treasurers at Wars were Ordained and appointed by an Ordinance of Parliament of the twenty eight of March, 1645. Now for as much as a great part of the said assessment is yet behinde, by reason whereof the said Army, and one third part of the said fourscore thousand pounds remains unpaid, with other considerable sums advanced since by Sir Iohn Wollaston Knight, and the rest of the Treasurers at Wars mentioned in the aforesaid Ordinance, for the supply of the pressing necessities of the said Army; for remedy whereof, and for the more effectual carrying on of the whole worke, and for the better incouragement and payment of so well deserving an Army, The Lords and Commons in this present Parliament assembled, have Ordained, And be it Ordained by authority of Parliament, That the Committee of Lords and Commons, and Treasurers at Wars, named, instituted, and appointed by the said Ordinance of the twenty eight of March last, and the power and authority thereby given and appointed to the said Committee, Treasurers, and persons joyntly or severally, or to any of them named and mentioned in the said Ordinance, shall indure and have continuance as fully and amply to all intents and purposes as is expressed in the said Ordinance, for and during nine Moneths, and that the aforesaid Treasurers at Wars be allowed all such pay and allowance as are mentioned and expressed in the said Ordinance of the 28. of March, 1645. with such proportionable allowance for carriage and waggons, as was formerly allowed to Sir Gilbert Gerrard late Treasurer at Wars, as also three pence per pound as well for all such sum or sums of money by them formerly received, or shall hereafter receive and pay for the service of the publique, as for the moneys by them received, or to be received and payd by vertue of the before recited Ordinances, the said allowances to be defalked monethly.

Directions for better enabling said Committee and Treasurers to bring in moneys assessed.

And be it further Ordained for the better bringing in of the money assessed, or to be assessed upon or by vertue of the said Ordinances for payment of the said Army, That the said Committee and Treasurers, or any five of them, whereof foure to be Members of either of the Houses of Parliament, shall have the care and managing of the businesses upon the said Ordinances, and shall imploy and intrust in this affaire, such agents and persons as they shall thinke fit, and shall have full power, and they are hereby authorized in as full and ample manner to all intents and purposes as are given, limitted or mentioned in an Ordinance of Parliament dated the twelfth day of June last, unto the Committee of Goldsmiths Hall for Scotch affaires, to manage the Ordinance of the twentieth of February, 1644. to cause the full and speedy Assessing, Collecting and bringing in of the said Moneys for payment of the Army under Sir Thomas Fairfax, either by making dispatch, appointing of Forces, or giving directions, rules or instructions, or otherwise to cause obedience thereunto, as to them in their wisdoms and good discretion shall seem most fit and expedient, be it by Fine or Imprisonment of the parties offending, the Fine not exceeding twenty pounds, to be imployed to the use of the Army.

Power to buy Victual Horses, Arms, etc.; To borrow not exceeding £200000 for Army.

And be it further Ordained by the authority aforesaid, That the said Committee of Lords and Commons, or any five of them, whereof foure to be Members of either of the Houses of Parliament, shall have power and are hereby authorized to contract and buy all such Victuals, Armes, Ammunition, Horses, and cloathes for Souldiers, and all other provisions for the said Army and Train of Artillery, as the House of Commons shall direct, or shall be thought necessary by the said Committee or any five of them, whereof foure to bee Members of either of the Houses of Parliament, and to use their endeavours for the borrowing of such money as they shall finde necessary for supply of the said Army, not exceeding the sum of two hundred thousand pounds, and to give power to the said Treasurers at Wars to repay the same with Interest after the rate of eight per cent. for the time the same shall be forborne, and also to pay for such provisions as they shall contract for, out of the receipts of such moneys as either are or shall be appointed for the use of the said Army by Warrant, as is directed in the said Ordinance of the eight and twentieth of March last.

To imprest carriages and ships.

And be it further Ordained, that the said Committee, or any five or more of them, whereof foure to be Members of either of the said Houses of Parliament, be hereby authorized to Imprest and take up all such carriages by Land, and such Ships or Vessells, not being in the pay or service of the State, as shall be necessary for the safe carriage or transporting of any Treasure, Ammunition, or other provisions for the use of the said Army, and to appoint a Convoy for the safe Conduct of the same, And to gratifie and reward such Convoys from time to time, as to them shall seem meet, and also to pay for such Land-carriages as they shall have occasion to use by warrant as aforesaid.

To examine and punish offences; To search for stolen goods, etc.

And be it further Ordained, that the said Committee be hereby authorized to examine all and every the offences that have or shall be committed by such person or persons as have been or shall be imployed in the Leavying, Impresting, or conducting of the Souldiers for the said Army, and all other neglects or contempts against this or any other the aforementioned Ordinances, and to punish the said Offenders by Fine and Imprisonment, the Fine not exceeding twenty pounds, to be imployed to the use of the Army, according to the nature and quality of their offences; and shall have power and authority by themselves or such as they shall appoint, to make search, and seize all such Arms, Ammunition, Horses and Souldiers clothes, of or belonging to the Army, that shall be bought, perloyned or stoln.

New Member of Committee; Exemption of Members of both Houses.

And be it lastly Ordained, that Colonel Edward Mountague shall be of the said Committee in the place of Mr. William Strode deceased; provided alwayes, and be it Ordained by the Authority aforesaid, that this Ordinance, nor any thing therein contained or related to, shall extend unto the Fine or Imprisonment of any Peer of this Realm, Member of the House of Commons or Assistant of the House of Peers; but that the said Peers, Members of the House of Commons, and Assistants shall stand exempt from all Fines and Imprisonments by vertue of the premisses.