August 1646: An Ordinance for the sleighting and demolishing of several GariSons; and for a speedy supply of Forces to be sent to the relief of the Protestants in Ireland.

Pages 862-863

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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August, 1646

[6 August, 1646.]

Garrisons of Newport-Pagnel and others to be demolished.; Assistance.; Opposition or Mutiny.

It is Ordered by the Lords & Commons in Parliament assembled, that the several Garisons of Newport Pagnel, Cambridge, Huntington and Bedford, be forthwith sleighted and demolished; And that the Committees, and Deputy-Lieutenants of the several counties, or any five or more of them, where the said Garisons are respectively, are hereby required and authorized forthwith to take some effectual course for sleighting and demolishing the said Garisons, and to cause the said Garisons to be sleighted and demolished; and that all Officers and Soldiers, and all other persons whatsoever, be aiding and assisting unto them in such commands: And if any opposition or mutiny do happen in the execution of this Ordinance, That the Deputy-Lieutenants and Committees of the several counties in or near such places where such a mutiny or opposition shall happen, shall and may levy what Forces of the respective counties they hold fitting to suppress such mutiny and opposition, and to commit the Offenders to prison, to be further punished as both Houses of Parliament shall hold fitting.

Forces of Lyn, Boston, Newport-Pagnel, and other Garrisons to be used for service in Ireland.

And it is further Ordered, That the seven Companies of Lyn Regiment, belonging to the Garisons of Lyn and Boston, and all the Officers and Soldiers both Horse and Foot of Newport Pagnel, Cambridge, Huntington and Bedford, be forthwith entertained and imployed for the service of Ireland; and such as shall willingly offer themselves in that service, shall have one Moneths Pay forthwith paid unto them by the Treasurers of the said Garisons respectively upon Muster, and their Debentors forthwith cast up, and what is or shall be due unto them, their Quarters being deducted since their entertainment in the said Garisons respectively, from the first of June, 1645. shall be paid unto them, or their Assigns in their absence, before any other; which sums of Money are to be raised out of the Assessments for the Garisons of the Eastern Association, which are hereby required forthwith to be raised.

Irish troops to have another month's pay.

And it is further Ordered, That such as shall be imployed for Ireland, as aforesaid, shall also have one other Moneths pay, to be paid as aforesaid, at the place of their Rendezvous, that shall be appointed by the Committee for Irish affairs.

Common Soldiers refusing to go to Ireland to be disbanded.

And it is further Ordered, That such common Soldiers as shall refuse to go for Ireland, shall be forthwith disbanded, and their Horses and Armes taken from them by the said Committees and Deputy-Lieutenants of the several counties respectively, and by them to be kept till further Order.

Former Ord. for payment of said Garrisons to continue till 1 Sept. next.

And whereas the Ordinance for the payment of the said Garisons did expire the first of June, now last past, It is Ordered, that the said Ordinance, and all Assessments and Payments, and all Powers and Authorities therein mentioned, shall continue to all intents and purposes to the first day of September 1646. now next ensuing and no longer.

Committee for Eastern Association to put this Ord. in execution.

And lastly it is Ordered, That the Committee of Lords and Commons for the Eastern Association, do take care and Order, that this present Ordinance be put in execution; And that if any persons do mutiny, oppose or hinder the execution of this Ordinance, that the said Committee, or any five or more of them, shall have power to send for him or them so offending, to commit them to prison, and therewith to acquaint the Houses, that further punishment may be inflicted upon them according to their demerits.