May 1647: An Ordinance for Relief of Maimed Soldiers and Mariners, and the Widows and Orphans of such as have died in the service of the Parliament during these late Wars.

Pages 938-940

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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May, 1647

[28 May, 1647.]

Every Parish shall be charged weekly according to the Statute of 43 Eliz. 3.; And a further sum if there be need.

For the relief and maintenance of such Souldiers as have been maimed, and disabled in the service of the Parliament during these late Wars, that is to say, since the Wars began; and for the relief of the Widdows and Orphans of such as have been slain or dead in the said service, Be it ordained by the Lords and Commons in this present Parliament assembled, That from and after the Feast of Easter last past before the date hereof, every Parish within this Realm of England and Dominion of Wales, shall be charged weekly to the payment of such sum of money as formerly they have been rated at by vertue of a Statute of the 43d. year of Queen Elizabeth, Cap. tertio, concerning the relief of Souldiers and Mariners, for and to such end and purpose; and likewise such further sum of Money over and besides the same, as by the Justices of the Peace in their next Quarter Sessions after the passing of this Ordinance, or the major part of them shall be adjudged meet to be assessed upon every Parish or Chappelry that hath distinct Parochial Officers, so as the said additional sum exceedeth not the sum of two shillings and six pence, nor be under the sum of Three pence each week for each such Parish or Chappelry; the same to be levied in manner and form, by such persons, and under such penalties, as by the said Statute of Queen Elizabeth is declared; and to be paid to the Treasurers for the maimed Souldiers appointed by the Justices of the Peace of the County or Liberty by vertue of this Ordinance and the Statute of Queen Elizabeth aforesaid which said Treasurers shall be ordered in such manner, and under such penalties as by the said Statute is further declared.

Souldiers or mariners maimed or disabled, shall bring Certificate to the two next Justices, who shall assign them relief.; Pension for such.; Widdows and Orphans.; Treasurers for maimed souldiers shall allow them relief as two next Justices shall adjudge.

And be it Ordained, That every Souldier or Mariner, maimed or disabled in body for work, in the service of the Parliament during these late Wars, shall forthwith repair to the place where he was last setled when he took up Arms, with a Certificate of his service, and hurt received, under the hand of his Captain or other Commissionary Officer, and shall also repair unto the two next Justices of the Peace for the County where such his setling was; And the said two Justices, upon examination of the truth of such Certificate (which the said two Justices are hereby enabled to take upon Oath of the party, and of such Witnesses as he shall produce) shall by Warrant unto the Treasurer assign him relief until the next Quarter Sessions to be holden for that County or Liberty; at which time a yearly Pension shall be by the said Justices, or major part of them, granted in manner and form, and with power of revocation or alteration, as by the said Statute is further declared and directed: And in case that the Captain or Officer appointed to make such Certificate be dead, the said two Justices shall have power upon request to them made in behalf of the party maimed by persons of credit, to give such relief as in case of examination aforesaid. And as touching Widdows and Orphans of such as have died, or have been slain in the service of the Parliament, It is hereby ordained, That over and besides such relief as they shall gain by their work and labour, and shall be allowed them by the charity and benovolence of the Parish, Town, or Hamlet where they are setled (who are hereby required to have them in special regard) the Treasurers of the maimed Souldiers for such County shall allow such further relief from time to time as shall be judged meet by the two next Justices of the Peace of such County: The said relief shall be paid out of the surplusage of such stock of maintenance as shal remain in the hands of the said Treasurers after such Pensions granted, and payment of them made, and of which surplusage and allowance made unto such Widdows and Orphans, the said Treasurers shall give account from time to time, and the same distribute in such manner as by the Justices shall be directed, and according to the Statute aforesaid.

Treasurers and others to be called to account for such money.

Be it further ordained, That the Justices of the Peace in every County or Liberty, or any two of them, shall forthwith call all such Treasurers, High-constables, Petty-constables, or other persons (who have formerly been intrusted with the receipt, collecting, or disposing of any sum of Money charged upon any Parish by vertue of the Statute aforesaid, and whereof no account hath been given; and likewise the Executors and Administrators of such persons) unto account concerning such levies and collections made, and such Money as they shall find remaining in the custody of such persons, to order forthwith to be paid unto the Treasurer appointed by vertue of the said Statute, or to be appointed by vertue of this Ordinance, at the next Quarter Sessions to be holden for the County or Liberty, under such penalties as by the said Statute is set forth; which said Treasurer to be appointed by vertue of this Ordinance, shall continue by vertue hereof until the Easter Sessions following.