July 1647: An Ordinance inabling the Militia of London to punish such as doe not repaire to their Colours, whether they bee Horse or Foot. As also giving power to the Militia to Elect and choose a Major-Generall, or any other Officer for the Forces raised, or to bee raised within the City of London.

Pages 992-994

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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July, 1647

[31 July, 1647.]

Ord. July 10, 1647; Power to enable Militia Committee to enforce former Ord.; Penalty for soldiers that neglect to repair to their Colours.; Committee may disarm persons within London, etc.; Committee may choose and dismiss Maj.-Gen. and other officers.; Committee to put former Ords. for guarding City, etc., in execution.; Fines to be used for said service.; Indemnity.; Members of both Houses exempted.; Ord. to continue 1 month only.

Whereas the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, by Ordinance dated 10 July, 1647. did give power to the Committee of the Militia of London for raising of Horse, and amongst other things did Ordain, That if any person or persons charged to find Horses, Riders, and Furniture should refuse or neglect the same, should forfeit and pay Twenty Pounds: It is hereby Ordained and Declared, That the Committee of the Militia, and their severall Committees respectively, or such as they shall appoint, shall hereby have power to levie the said Twenty pounds, or any part thereof, by distresse and sale of the goods of the Party offending; or to Imprison their persons, till the same be paid, as they shall think fit. And if any person charged to find a Horse, shall send in an unserviceable Horse, or insufficient Arms, or shall not send a sufficient and serviceable Person to ride the same Horse, he shall forfeit and pay for every such default in any the cases aforesaid, Ten shillings, to bee levied as aforesaid. And it is further Ordained, That the said Committee of the Militia, and their severall Sub-committees, shall have power, and are hereby authorized to lay and impose upon every Foot Souldier, either of the Trained Bands or Auxiliaries, that shall neglect or refuse to appear at his Colours upon beat of the Drum Forty shillings, as a Fine for every such neglect or refusall, to be levied by distresse: And in default thereof, that the said Committee or their Subcommittees, shall have hereby power to commit such person so refusing or neglecting his duty, unto Prison, there to remain untill he shall have paid the said Fine, of Forty shillings. And the said Committee of the Militia, and their Sub-committees, shall have hereby power to disarm any person or persons residing or being within the City of London, Lines of Communication, weekly Bills of Mortality, and Hamblets of the Tower, and secure their persons that shall resist, oppose, obstruct, disswade, discourage, or in any way hinder the present Service of the King and Parliament, in the present or future preservation of the Parliament, City, and Places aforesaid upon any pretence whatsoever; And such Persons shall be, and are hereby accompted and adjudged as deserters of the Parliament and City. And the said Committee of the Militia shall from time to time hereby have power to elect and choose a Major Generall, or any other officer for the Forces raised, and to bee raised within the City of London, and places aforesaid, and them to amove and displace at pleasure, and to choose others in his or their steads. And it is further Ordained and Declared, That the said Committee for the Militia of the City of London, and Parts adjacent within the Lines of Communication, and Parishes mentioned in the weekly Bills of Mortality, or any Nine of them whereof three to be Aldermen, are hereby authorized and required to put in execution within the Liberties aforesaid, and also within the Hamblets of the Tower, all former Ordinances of Parliament for the Militia of London, that were in force at the time of the passing of this Ordinance, according to the true meaning of the said Ordinances, for the safe guarding of the Parliament, City, and places aforesaid: And also for the suppression of all Forces, Rebellions, Insurrections and Invasions that may happen within any the said places, or that shall approach against the same. And it is Ordained, That all Fines imposed by vertue of this Ordinance, shall be taken and employed by the said Committee of the Militia, and their Sub-committees for the advancement of the Service, in such manner as they shall respectively think fit. And the said Committee of the Militia, and their Sub-committees for and touching any Act or Acts done by them, or which hereafter shall be done, in execution of this Ordinance or of any other Ordinance heretofore made, touching the Militia, shall be by authority of Parliament, saved harmlesse and indempnified; And lastly, that no priviledged place or person, within the Limits aforesaid shall be exempted from the power of this Ordinance, except the Peeres of this Realme, and Members of the House of Commons, and Assistants of the House of Peeres, and Officers and Attendants of both Houses of Parliament respectively, who shall be exempted from this Ordinance and all things therein contained. Provided, that this Ordinance continue for a Moneth and no longer.