CP40/575: Michaelmas term 1404

Court of Common Pleas: the National Archives, Cp40 1399-1500. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, London, 2010.

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Court of Common Pleas, CP 40/575, rot. 425

Term: Michaelmas 1404
County: London
Writ type: Detinue
Damages claimed: £40
Case type: Bond; Safe keeping

Pleading: [Here from CP40/756 rot. 118; also again repeated without conclusion on CP40/577 rot.302] Martin S. is in mercy for many defaults. Joan G. and John S., executors of the will of John G., claim that MS detains from them a certain bond showing that William B. was held to the late John G. in 51m. Damages claimed at £40. The plaintiffs offer proof of executry to the court.

Pleading: MS comes with the said bond and says that he is ready to deliver it with the court's decision. However, he says that the bond was given to him with the mutual assent of John G. and WB. to be returned only under certain conditions, and he does not know, on behalf of WB, if those conditions have been met. MS seeks that WB be brought before the court etc. The decision is that WB is to be made to come before the court Hilary term 1405. Likewise, day is given between the parties in Hilary term 1405. Order to the sheriff of London etc.

Case notes: Details drawn from CP40/756 rot.118; and CP40/577 rot.302

Type Place Date
Safe Keeping St Margaret Fish Street Hill < Bridge Ward < London < England (initial) 03/04/1401
Individual Status Occupation Place Role
Joan Gerveys (f) Widow Gravesend < Kent < England Plaintiff
John Gerveys snr (m) dec. Gravesend < Kent < England Creditor
John Spencer (m) Executor, Plaintiff
Martin Seman (m) Scrivener London < England Defendant
Nicholas Peny (m) Attorney of plaintiff
William Bayle (m) Citizen Linen-draper London < England Debtor