Dictionary of English Furniture Makers 1660-1840. Originally published by W.S. Maney and Son Limited, Leeds, 1986.

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'U', Dictionary of English Furniture Makers 1660-1840, (Leeds, 1986), pp. 916-918. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/no-series/dict-english-furniture-makers/u [accessed 20 June 2024].

. "U", in Dictionary of English Furniture Makers 1660-1840, (Leeds, 1986) 916-918. British History Online, accessed June 20, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/no-series/dict-english-furniture-makers/u.

. "U", Dictionary of English Furniture Makers 1660-1840, (Leeds, 1986). 916-918. British History Online. Web. 20 June 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/no-series/dict-english-furniture-makers/u.


Ubank, (or Ewbank), Thomas, York, u (1721). App. to Barnaby Bawtry, u on 1 August 1721. [York app. reg.]

Ubank, William, Netherend, Penrith, Cumb., cm and/or joiner (1828–34). [D]

Ubsdell, John Talbot, Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Tunbridge-ware manufacturer (1829–34). Named in the Speldhurst rate bks in 1829. [D; Kent RO, P344/11/1]

Udall, C. & Co., Winchmore Hill, London, u and cm (1838). [D]

Udell, Jacob, Friar's Gate, Derby, joiner and cm (1809). [D]

Ullathorne, John, Millgate, Selby, Yorks., cm, joiner (and shopkeeper?) (1822–37). [D]

Ullman, —, corner of Little Wild St, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, cm (1747). Named in contemporary newspapers. [Heal]

Umfreville, —, Long Acre, London, cm (d. 1753). Notice in Public Advertiser, 15 June 1753 read: ‘Yesterday died of a Paralytic Disorder Mr. Umfrevill, Cabinet Maker in Long Acre.’

Umphry, —, London, u (1715–21). Trading at ‘The Drake’, Fleet St in 1715, and moved to the lower end of Drake's Yd, Fleet St in 1721. Named concerning a Sun Insurance policy taken out by Thomas Huxley on 16 April 1715. [GL, Sun MS vol. 4, p. 233]

Umpleby, John, Leeds, Yorks., joiner and cm (1798–1837). Recorded at Ebenezer St in 1798; 3 Green Row, Brewery Field in 1826; Williams Row, Brewery Field, 1828–30; and Saracen's Head Yd, 24 Boar Lane, 1834–37. [D]

Umpleby, John, High St, Knaresborough, Yorks., joiner, cm and builder (1828–34). [D]

Underdown, Philip, 254 Strand, London, cm and chair manufacturer (1789–93). [D]

Underhill, J., 37 Goswell St, London, cm and ironmonger (1794–96).

Underhill, T., 37 Goswell St, London, cm and ironmonger (1800). [D]

Underhill, Timothy, Church Side, Macclesfield, Cheshire, u (1828). [D]

Underhill, William, 11 Henrietta St, Manchester Sq., London, upholder (1801). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 25 July 1801 for £150. [GL, Sun MS vol. 419, ref. 721470]

Underwood, —, Villiers St, York Buildings, London, cm (1768–74). Notice in Public Advertiser, 3 August 1768 concerned ‘a Servant of Mr Underwood, a Cabinet-maker in Villiers Street …’. Mary Rudyard insured her goods at Mr Underwood's house, no. 5 Villiers St, on 16 November 1774. [GL, Sun MS vol. 235] See Richard and Thomas Underwood.

Underwood, A., 105 Long Alley, Finsbury, London, u (1839). [D]

Underwood, Francis, Liverpool, cm (1823). App. to Cattrall & Whittingham in 1823. [Liverpool app. enrolment bk]

Underwood, Hugh, Scarborough, Yorks., cm (1754–98). Subscribed to Chippendale's Director, 1754. Took app. named John Hardy in 1758 for £5 5s. Listed in a directory of 1798. [S of G, app. index]

Underwood, James, Northampton, u (1712). Took app. named Brown in 1712. [S of G, app. index]

Underwood, James, address unrecorded, upholder (1723–32). Son of John Underwood, jeweller of London. App. to Ezra Doughty on 3 April 1723 and admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by servitude on 7 June 1732. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records]

Underwood, John snr, London, upholder (1714–76?). Son of John Underwood, silversmith of St Martin's le Grand, Middlx. App. to Samuel Abbott on 10 May 1714, and admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by servitude on 4 July 1722. Took apps named Nicholas Ham, 1722–29; Thomas Perrott, 1730–37/38; Thomas Spencer, 1733–40/41; Joseph Buckle, 1734–42, and his son, John Underwood jnr, 1741– 48. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records]

Underwood, John jnr, London, upholder (1741–76?). Son of John Underwood, freeman upholder of London. App. to his father on 6 May 1741, and admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by servitude on 2 June 1748. Took app. named Timothy Tyrrell, 1769–76. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records]

Underwood, John, address unrecorded, cm (1803). Subscribed to Sheraton's Cabinet Dictionary, 1803.

Underwood, John, Mount St, Birmingham, gilder (1818). [D] See Joseph Underwood at this address.

Underwood, John & Son, address unrecorded, cm and u (1816–19). Sent a three-page account to George, 2nd Baron Lyttelton of Hagley Hall, Worcs. for furniture supplied and work done between 1816–19, totalling £226 6s 10¼d. Receipted by William Underwood on 30 September 1819. Items listed are chiefly bedding and upholstery materials and papering, but several pieces of mahogany furniture are listed, including a Pembroke table, £3 3s; six brass-nailed chairs and two matching elbow chairs, £16 13s; a night chair, £2 10s; a six-legged dining table with circle ends, £14 10s; a card table, £3 3s; bureau, £7 7s; and a pillar and claw Pembroke table, £4 14s. Underwood's also provided ‘6 Cane Coloured Chairs Cane Seats’ for £4 13s; a ‘Four Post Bedstead and Cornish’, £4 10s 6d; and ‘2 Grecian Cane Coloured Chairs’ with two elbow chairs to match, £3 17s 6d. [Worcs. RO, Lyttelton MS, 5467/705:658/122 (i)]

Underwood, Joseph, Mount St, Birmingham, gilder in general (1805–18). [D]

Underwood, Lau., address unrecorded. Mahogany bow-fronted two-drawer side table recorded with ‘Lau. Underwood June 28th 1804’ written on the frame.

Underwood, Lawrence, Hadleigh, Suffolk, cm and mason (1824–39). Recorded at High St, 1830–39. [D]

Underwood, Richard, Villiers St, York Buildings, Strand, London, cm (1754–64). A Richard Underwood subscribed to Chippendale's Director, 1754. Of Villiers, (or Villars) St, mentioned in Thomas Mortimer's Universal Director, 1763; and directories, 1763–64. See Underwood, —, and Thomas Underwood at this address.

Underwood, Thomas, Villiers St, York Buildings, Strand, London, cm (1774). [Poll bk]

Underwood, Thomas, Stonegate, York, cm (1823). [D]

Underwood, William, Stourbridge, Worcs., cm and u (1818–35). Recorded as William Underwood & Son, High St, 1818–22; and alone at Hospital Rd in 1830 and New Rd in 1835. [D]

Unicuna, (or Unicum), Christopher, East Grinstead, Sussex, chairmaker and turner (1823–26). [D]

Unsworth, Edward, 19 Prescott St, Liverpool, cm (1834–37). [D]

Unsworth, Robert, Front St, Gateshead, Co. Durham, joiner and cm (1824–27). [D]

Unthank, William, Priestgate, Darlington, Co. Durham, joiner and cm (1827–34). [D]

Unthank, William, Stockton-on-Tees, Co. Durham, joiner and cm (1827–32). Trading at Church Row in 1827 and High St, 1828–32. Notice regarding dividends of his estate on bankruptcy given in Durham Advertiser, 11 March 1831. [D]

Unwin, Charles, Westbar, Sheffield, Yorks., cm and u (1833– 37). Trading at no. 43 in 1833 and no. 49 in 1837. [D]

Unwin, George, Bedford Ct, Covent Gdn, London, u (1727). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 16 March 1727 for £300 on his goods and stock. [GL, Sun MS vol. 434, ref. 41076]

Unwin, John, ‘against ye Academy, the upper end of Great Tower Street, London,’ cm, sworn appraiser, joiner and chapman (1739–40). Trade card in the Museum of London [A9986] has invoice for £4 10s on the back, dated 23 May 1739. Card reads: ‘Makes & Sells all Sorts of Cabinet Goods with Coach & Pier Glasses, Chimney Glasses & Sconces, Brass Arms, Shandiliers & fine Glass Lanthorns all Sorts of Picture Frames Mohogany & Wallnut Chairs, Clocks and Clock Cases also Buys and Sells all Sorts of Household Goods. Funeralls Decently Furnished.’ Declared bankrupt, Daily Post, 19 May 1740.

Unwin, John, Nottingham, u (b.1717–54). Named in the Nottingham burgess list, 1737. Married on 10 December 1743, aged 26. Polled of Backside in 1754. [Notts. RO, marriage licence index]

Unwin, Paul, London, carver and gilder (1762). Gillow of Lancaster ordered the following items from Unwin on 17 August 1762: ‘two or four carved & gilt sconces, with canopies & side-pieces at 31/6, two walnut sconces shaft inside with carving & gildeg, scrawles, Birds & side pieces at 35s’. [V & A archives]

Unwin, William, Well St, Hanley, Staffs., cm (1818). [D]

Upton, David, Manchester and Salford, u (1829–39). Addresses given at 13 Cross St, King St, Manchester in 1829, no. 22, 1832–33; and 12 New Bailey St, Salford in 1838, also as a cm. Trading with James Upton in 1839. [D]

Upton, James, 12 New Bailey St, Salford, Lancs., cm and u (1839–40). Trading with David Upton in 1839. [D]

Upton, John, 1 King Lane, Tysen St, Church St, Bethnal Green, London, cm (1800). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 21 April 1800 for £200 on his new house, workshop, warehouse, all communicating, and household goods. [GL, Sun MS vol. 418, ref. 702087]

Upton, John James, 15 Upper Russell St, Brighton, Sussex, cm and furniture broker (1838–39). [D]

Upton, Philip, St George the Martyr, London, cm (1754–56). Subscribed to Chippendale's Director, 1754. Took app. named John Reed in 1756 for £15. [V & A archives]

Upton, William, Portsea, Portsmouth, Hants., cm, u and auctioneer (1785–98). Trading at Butcher St on 29 July 1785 when he took out a Sun Insurance policy for £225 on utensils and stock in his workshop and storehouse. [D; GL, Sun MS vol. 330, p. 326]

Upton, William, Brighton, Sussex, Tunbridge-ware manufacturer (1815–62). Addresses given at Trafalgar Pl. in 1815; New Rd, 1818–21; 26 East St and 6 Boyces St in 1823; 5 Somerset Pl. and Pool Lane in 1828; 1 Kensington Pl. in 1834; 94 Gloucester Lane in 1838; and at various addresses until 1862. Daughters bapt. on 14 February 1815 and 29 September 1819; sons, both William, on 20 September 1818 and 28 December 1821. Named in the Brighton poor rate bk, 1 April 1822, and rate bks, 1834–35. [D; E. Sussex RO, PR (bapt.)]

Urch, James, ‘Queen Adelaide’, 199 Temple St, Bristol, cm and beer retailer (1825–32). [D]

Urch & Seabright, Gloucester Pl., Cheltenham, Glos., cm and u (1839). [D]

Ure, John, London, upholder (1780–95). Trading at St Paul's Churchyard in 1780; with William Ure as bedding & carpet warehouseman at no. 26 in 1783; and alone at Blackman St in 1795. Admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. on 5 July 1780. [D; GL, Upholders’ Co. records]

Urio, John, 14 Hanover St, Bristol, picture frame maker (1814– 17). [D]

Urmson, Elizabeth, Warrington, Lancs., later Liverpool, u (1767–88). Sale of her stock in trade and letting of her house and shop on her leaving Warrington advertised in Williamson's Liverpool Advertiser, 30 October 1767. Recorded at Derby Sq., Liverpool, 1772–73; 38 Castle St, 1774–77; in partnership with Mathew Gregson, cm and u, there, 1778– 81, and Preesons Row, 1787. Gregson worked for her during his apprenticeship to William Litherland, u, and entered into a formal partnership with her in 1778, dissolved in 1788. Together they took out a Sun Insurance policy in 1781 for £900 of which utensils and stock accounted for £800. Probably widow of John Urmson, u, recorded in the Liverpool freemen reg. as having ‘died before 1768’. [D; GL, Sun MS vol. 294, p. 120; Liverpool records] See Matthew Gregson.

Urmston, John, Liverpool, u (1750–d. by 1768). Admitted freeman on 13 March 1750. Probably the Urmson, who is recorded as having ‘died by 1768’, and was succeeded by his widow, Elizabeth. [Liverpool freemen reg.]

Urquart, William, Winchester, Hants., upholder (1784). [D]

Urquhart, Thomas, Lord St, Liverpool, u and carpet dealer (1833–39). Trading at no. 59 in 1833; no. 53 in 1835; no. 65 with shop at no. 54 in 1837; and no. 76 in 1839. Advertised in Liverpool Mercury, 4 October 1833, his stock of ‘New Patterns in CARPETS’, and announced ‘that he has added to his Establishment the manufacture of BEDS, MATTRESSES, PAILLASSES, & SEA BEDDING, of every description. His FEATHERS being purified by Steam upon an entirely new principle, he warrants free from smell, & fit for immediate use. Fore-post, Camp & Tent Beds always on hand … MORINE, DAMASK, LONDON PRINTED FLOOR CLOTH etc. Upholstery in all its Branches. Export & Ship Orders executed with punctuality & despatch.’ [D]

Urry, H. R., High St, Newport, Isle of Wight, Hants., cm and u (1839). [D]

Urry, Thomas, Quay St, Newport, Isle of Wight, Hants., cm, u and military trunk maker (1830). [D]

Urry, William, Bargate, Gt Grimsby, Lincs., joiner and cm (1831). [D]

Ursell, Edward, 35 Piccadilly, Manchester, chairmaker (1832–33). [D]

Urwick (?), Thomas, Bond St, London, u (1790). A long bill from Urwick (?), dated 7 February 1790 and totalling £126 2s 6d, survives in the Lincoln RO. It lists mainly repairs to furnishings and curtains, but also refers to ‘a New Mahogany Stool for Hall’ costing 6s. [9/18/2]

Usher, James, Shaftesbury, Dorset, chairmaker (1755). Took app. named Ellis in 1755. [S of G, app. index]

Usher, James, Lincoln, cabinet and clockcase maker. Label recorded on longcase, c.1800, in oak with mahogany crossbanding and some inlay, for clock by William Smith of Crowland, Lincs. Other Usher labelled longcases have been noticed containing clocks by different Lincolnshire makers.

Usher, John, North Shields, Northumb., cm and joiner (1827– 29). Trading at Camden Lane in 1827 and Bedford Lane, 1828–29. [D]

Usher, Ralph, Liverpool, carver (1818–37). Addresses given at 58 Hurst St in 1821; 13 Tabley St in 1823; 14 Tabley St and 9 Sparling St in 1827; 21 Tabley St in 1835; and no. 14 in 1837. Admitted freeman on servitude to William Folds on 17 June 1818. [Liverpool freemen reg.]

Usher, Robert, Rugby, Warks., chairmaker and turner (1828–35). [D]

Usherwood, John, Liverpool, cm etc. (1834–39). Trading at 10 Church Alley, 1834–37, and Hodgson Ct, 37 Hunter St in 1839. [D]

Usherwood, Samuel, Liverpool, u (1804–39). Addresses given at 1 Hale St, Dale St in 1804; no. 17 in 1807; 43 Cable St, 1810–11; 24 Rainford's Gdn, 1813–18; no. 22, 1821–24; and 10 Church Alley (or Lane), 1827–29. [D]

Uting, Samuel, Quay, Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, u (1805–08). [D]

Uttering, Samuel, 27 Gun St, Manchester, cm (1808). [D]

Utting, Henry Norwich, u (1801). App. to Thomas & Charles Taylor, and admitted freeman on 24 February 1801. [Norwich freemen reg.]

Utting, James Henry snr, parish of St Andrew, Norwich, upholder (1812–25). Polled in 1812. His son, James Henry Utting jnr, upholder, admitted freeman in 1825. [Norwich freemen reg.]

Utting, James Henry jnr, Norwich, later London, upholder (1825–40). Son of James Henry Utting snr, upholder. Admitted freeman of Norwich on 2 April 1825. Polled at Norwich, of London, in 1830. Of 11 Newman St, Oxford St, London, took out a Sun Insurance policy in 1840. [Norwich freemen reg.; GL, Sun MS ref. 1339920]