Subsidy Roll 1292: Bishopsgate ward

Pages 186-188

Two Early London Subsidy Rolls. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 1951.

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Warda de Bissoppesgate infra, Bishopsgate ward.

Parishes: St. Ethelburga, St. Helen's, St. Botolph without Bishopsgate.Partly in Bishopsgate: All Hallows Lombard Street, St. Martin Outwich, St. Peter Cornhill.

Alderman: Henry le Bole (1292-8). Will enrolled 1301; apparently of All Hallows Lombard St. A representative of Bishopsgate in 1285-6 (LBA 210).

Bishopsgate Infra.

[Mem. 5, col. 1.]

1 Nute le Marchaunt J m. (fn. 1)
2 Burgeys frater eius iij m. (fn. 2)
3 Willelmus Gylemouche v lj. (fn. 3)
4 Thonchelin socius suus (fn. 3)
5 Petrus le Mareschal dmd.m. (fn. 5)
6 Hugo Cornmetere ij s. (fn. 6)
7 Galfrid' le ffeffere xl d. (fn. 7)
8 Rickeman le chaumberleng xx.s. (fn. 8)
9 Andr' de ffoleburne di.m. (fn. 9)
10 Joh' de Westwode ij s. (fn. 10)
11 Willelmus de Monnemue ij s. (fn. 11)
12 Rogerus Crock' (fn. 12)
13 Joh' le chaundiler ij s. (fn. 13)
14 Hub' de Bissoppesgate ij s. (fn. 14)
15 Thomas de Ebbegate ij s. (fn. 15)
16 Robertus derman (fn. 16)
17 Alex' Punge x s. (fn. 17)
18 Edmund de Suff' x s. (fn. 18)
19 Nich's de Lintone di.m. (fn. 19)


  • 1. Nutus de Florencia, king's merchant 1271 Pat (wool-exporter), Nutus, merchant of Florence 1276 ib., Nutus Fouberti 1277 ADA 1612, N. Fulberti 1277 ff. Pat, Rute (for Nute) 1284 Ann Lond (indicted with holding clipped money), Nutus, brother of Burgensis Fauberti 1299 LBC 59. He is frequently mentioned as an importer of horses, e.g. 1276, 1282 Pat, and in 1299 he and his brother were to be arrested for a debt to a horse-dealer contracted at the fair of Bar-sur-Aube (LBC 59). Nutus is Langob Nôto, Nôzo (Bruckner), OHG Noto, Nuoto.
  • 2. Burges', brother of Nutus Fulberti 1277 Pat, Burges' Fulberti de Florencia 1280 ib., Burgensis, brother of Nute 1284 Ann Lond, Burgensis Fauberti, citizen of Florence and horse-dealer 1299 LBC 59 (cf. no. 1), Burgesius Fulberti of Florence 1309 Will. He had a tenement in All Hallows Lombard St, left to him by John Nute, his nephew, a son of Nute, by his will of 1307. Cf. Cambin Foulberd 1319 S [Bish 6].
  • 3. 4. Neither has been met with elsewhere. Both were doubtless Lombard merchants, perhaps horse-dealers. Gylemouche is a hypocoristic form of Lombard Guilihelmus (Bruckner) with the suffix -uccio (Anselmuccio and the like, Shakespeare's Petruchio), according to Bruckner, p. 155, of Langobardic origin. Thonchelin will be a name formed from the element panc found in Langobardic names such as Tancomârus, Imetancus.
  • 5. Cf. John le Mareschal 1319 S [Bish 1]. Doubtless farriers.
  • 6. Hugh le Cornmetere 1298 Will (of All Hallows Lombard St; son John). Cf. John le Cornmongere 1319 S [Bish 16]. Probably a cornmonger.
  • 7. ffeffere no doubt for ffenere, the initial ff having been inadvertently repeated. Fenere is OF fenier, feinier 'haymonger'. Cf. Gilbert le ffeynour 1319 S [Bish 4].
  • 8. His widow was no doubt Agnes Rikemannes 1329 Will, Agnes Rikeman 1331 Mem 184. She held a tenement east of a mansion in St. Peter Cornhill, St. Benet Fink and St. Martin Outwich, later the site of Merchant Tailors' Hall. Her tenement would have been in Bishopsgate ward, probably in St. Martin Outwich. Rickeman may have been a chamberlain of the City.
  • 9. Fulbourn Ca.
  • 10. John de Westwode, carpenter 1311 Will (of St. Martin Outwich). - Westwood K, W, etc.
  • 11. Monmouth.
  • 12. Roger Crok, Cossun (horse-dealer) 1280 LBA 33, R. Crock, cossun 1281 LBB 8, R. Crok of London 1280-93 Cl, R. Crok' 1294 Selden 58. On the reason for his not being taxed, see p. 93. Possibly identical with Roger the lame horsemonger (claudum mercatorem equorum), who got a house in St. Sepulchre in 1277 (LBA 225). This might help to explain the surname. Crock 'an old ewe' is found from 1528 (OED).
  • 13. John Chaundeler 1301 Cor 23 (surety BishI), J. le Chaundeler de Bisshopesgate 1306 Will.
  • 14. Hubert de Bissopesgate 1282 LBA 55 (a debitor for two horses), 1297-8 LBB 246 (repr. Bish), H. de Bisshopesgate, pig-driver or -dealer (fugator sive mercator porcorum) 1315 CW 256 (a former tenant in St. Werburga, i. e. St. Ethelburga). He was a nephew of Nicholas de Bisscoppesgate, who by his will of 1273 gave him the reversion of a house within Bishopsgate.
  • 15. Ebbgate in Dowg and Bridge.
  • 16. Robert Derman 1295-6 LBB 61 (a debitor of no. 17), 1300 Mayors 84 (apparently a merchant of Bish), R. Dereman 1302-3 CW 157 (owner of a house within Bishopsgate). Perhaps a vintner. - OE Deormann fn. Derman was common in London 11th-13th cent. See ELPN 25.
  • 17. Alexander Punge 1295-6 LBB 61 (cf. no. 16), 1301 Cor 23, A. Ponge 1308 Will (of St. Ethelburga). Doubtless a taverner or vintner like Nicholas Ponge [1319 S, Bish 60]. - OE pung, ME punge 'pouch, purse', used as a nickname.
  • 18. Edmund de Suffolk 1301 Cor 23 (surety Bish), 1308-9 Will. He left a tenement to John called le Little, clearly John le Little of St. Ethelburga 1311-12 Will.
  • 19. Nicholas de Lyntone of St. Katherine near Alegate 1306 Will. He was a son of Robert de Lintone (sheriff 1254-5) and Margaret, daughter of Geoffrey de Frowyk, goldsmith, and sister of John de Frowyk, Rector of Great Horkesley in Ess, whose will was enrolled in 1278. Possibly a goldsmith like his maternal grandfather. - Linton Ca (probably).