Subsidy Roll 1319: Aldgate ward

Pages 249-251

Two Early London Subsidy Rolls. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 1951.

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Warda de Alegate, Aldgate ward.

Parishes: St. Andrew Undershaft, St. Katherine Colman, St. Katherine Cree or Creechurch. Partly in Aldgate: All Hallows Staining, St. Olave Hart Street.

Alderman: Anketin de Gisors (1312-26), doubtless resident in Vintry.

[Mem. 10.]

1 in R . De Will(el)mo Bonserieaunt' viij.s. iiij.d. (fn. 1)
2 t De Dauid de Dullyngham v.s. (fn. 2)
3 t De Mauricio Sturgy xx.s. (fn. 3)
4 t De Petro de Naylynghurst' xx.d. (fn. 4)
5 t De Stephano le skynnere ij.(s.) viij.d. 5
6 t De Henrico le ffrensche xl.d. (fn. 6)
7 t De Johanne Ruffyn ij.s. vj.d. (fn. 7)
8 t De Johanne Hardy ij.s. viij.d. (fn. 8)
9 t De Johanne de Neubur' vij.s. (fn. 9)
10 t De Willelmo Schep v.s. iiij.d. (fn. 10)
11 t De Roberto de Neubur' iij.s. viij.d. (fn. 11)
12 t De Adam de Cobhampbur' v.s. iiij.d. (fn. 12)
13 t De Petro le Brewere xl.d. 13
14 t De Rogero Danye[l] xl.d. 14
15 t De Willelmo Ingelwode ij.s. viij.d. (fn. 15)
16 t De Thoma le Brewere xx.d. 16
17 t De Guylote Belebouche vj.d. ob. q. (fn. 17)
18 t De Willelmo Gylle iij.s. J.d. ob. (fn. 18)
19 t De Rogero Prentiz ij.s. x.d. (fn. 19)
20 t De Radulpho le Bowestrengere xiij.d. ob. (fn. 20)
21 t De Margareta Drury xx.d. (fn. 21)
22 Nomina tax' t De Henrico in the Lane pottere v.s. (fn. 22)
23 t De Edmundo le Taillour ij.s. (fn. 23)
24 t De Philippo May ij.s. (fn. 24)
25 t De Johanne de la Marche pottere ij.s. (fn. 25)
Summa .iiij.lj. xviij.s. ix.d. ob. q. prob. Set inde
.viij.s. iiij.d. in Ro. super .W. bonseriaunt monetarium. remanet x.s. v.d. ob.


  • 1. William Bonsergaunt, moneyer 1304 ADA 2229 (got a tenement in St. Katherine Cree), W., called Bonserjaunt, moneyer 1324-5 ADA 1504 (will; a tenant in St. Botolph). - F Bonsergent sn (Dauzat 176) 'good servant'.
  • 2. David de Dullingham 1305 Mayors 225, D. de Dollyngham 1310-11 LBD 137. David in 1305 was apparently an apprentice of Martin de Dullingham, a butcher of Aldgate, mentioned, e.g. c. 1300 (1322) Misc (owner of a messuage in St. Katherine Colman). - Dullingham Ca.
  • 3. Maurice Turgys 1310 LBD 118 (woolmonger), 1332 S (22s. 8d.), 1344-5 Cl, Maurice Turgis, draper 1325 LBE 209, M. Sturgys, draper 1344 Cl. - Norman Turgis fn from O Dan Thurgisl, Thrugils. The S- may have been carried over from the preceding Morice, but Sturgee is a well-evidenced sideform of the surname (Bardsley under Sturge). Cf. also Tower 11.
  • 4. Peter de Nalyngherst 1319 ADA 1993, P. de Nayllynghurst 1326 Cor 162 (juror Aldg). Peter in 1319 got a tenement in St. Katherine Colman from John de Hodesdone, baker, very likely his father-in-law; he may have been a baker himself. - Naylinghurst in Braintree Ess.
  • 6. Henry le Frensshe 1322 Cor 69 (surety Aldg), H. le Freynsshe 1325 f. Cor 130, 166 (juror Aldg).
  • 7. John Ruffyn 1322 Cor 69 (surety Aldg). - OF Ruffin fn. ME ruffin also the name of a fiend (OED).
  • 8. John Hardi 1324-5 Cor 109 (surety LimeSt), 1332 S (2s. 8d.). - OF hardi 'bold, courageous; audacious'.
  • 9. John de Neubery senior 1328 LBE 233 (warden of corders), J. de Newebery 1332 S (5s. 4d.), J. de Neubury senior 1334 (1335) Will (of St. John Walbrook). A son of Alan de Neubury, merchant and lodging-house keeper of Dowg (1277 Chancery Var, 1298 Mayors 7, etc.). Dionisia, widow of Alan and mother of John, married William de Bristoll, potter, who by his will of 1318-19 left to her tenements in St. Katherine Cree and St. John Walbrook. - Newbury, probably Brk.
  • 10. William Lewys de Burhwode, appr. of Gilbert Shep, potter, adm. Aldg 1309 LBD 98, W. Shep 1324-5 Cor 109 (St. Andrew), 1332 S (20s.), W. Sheep', potter 1337 LBF 19, W. Shepe 1339 Cor 236. A master's surname. - 'The sheep'. Burhwode may be Burwood in Walton on Thames Sr.
  • 11. Robert de Neubure 1326 Cor 162 (juror Aldg). A brother of John (no. 9), and mentioned in the latter's will. Probably a corder.
  • 12. Adam de Cobhamberi, appr. of Richard de Chigenhale [cheesemonger], adm. 1311 LBD 144, A. de Cobhambire 1321 LBE 142 (entrusted with the keys of Aldgate), A. de Cobhambury 1336 Cor 173 (a tenant in St. Katherine Colman). - Cobhambury in Cobham K.
  • 15. Doubtless a potter like John de Ingelwode (1312 LBD 93). - Inglewood Cu.
  • 17. William Belebuch, cossur 1300 Mayors 85, W. Belebouche, horsedealer 1325-6 Will (of All Hallows Staining). Guylot is a hypocoristic form of William. - A French surname, 'with a fine mouth', perhaps 'plausible, fair-spoken'.
  • 18. William Gille 1319 LBE 110 (juror at Stocks Market), 1326 Cor 162 (juror Aldg), 1328 LBE 233 (warden of butchers). - Gille in (Ghille DB) from ON Gilli.
  • 19. 'The apprentice', a nickname.
  • 20. A surname of occupation, 'maker of bowstrings'. Cf. Simon le Bowestryngere 1336 Cor 174 (St. Katherine Colman), Bartholomew le Boustrengere 1339 ib. 219.
  • 21. Cf. Nigel Drury, corder of Dowgate, alderman of Billingsgate 1308- 15, and John Drury 1314 LBE 37 (probably a corder). - ME dru(e)ry 'love', also 'a beloved person, sweetheart'.
  • 22. Henry, called in the lane 1298 LBB 81, H. in the Lane 1315-16 Mem 118 (founder of metal pots), H. In-the-Lane 1328 (1330) Will (owner of shops in St. Mary Axe and St. Augustine Papey).
  • 23. Edmund Cissor 1295 ADA 1607 (got a house in St. Katherine Cree), E. le Taylour of Alegate 1305 Mayors 217, E. Taylor 1311 Mem 92 (sworn to keep the keys of Aldgate). Joan, widow of E. le Taillour 1331 Will (of St. Katherine Cree).
  • 24. Philip May 1302 LBC 212, 1311 Mem 92 (sworn to keep the keys of Aldgate). - Cf. 1292 S [Bridge 33].
  • 25. John de la Marche of Alegate 1305 Mayors 217, J. atte Marche 1315-16 Mem 118 (founder of metal pots), 1326 Cor 161 (dead in his house in St. Katherine Cree). The surname de la (atte) Marche may be partly from La Marche, a district in Central France, partly from The March, an old name of the Welsh border. On de la Marche as a surname in Paris see Michaelsson, I, p. 48.