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Two Early London Subsidy Rolls. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 1951.

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a ante (before).
adm. admitted a freeman.
AF Anglo-French.
Aldersg Aldersgate ward.
Aldg Aldgate ward.
appr. apprentice.
Bas Bassishaw ward.
Bd Bedfordshire.
Bill Billingsgate ward.
Bish Bishopsgate ward.
BishE, BishI Bish Extra, Infra.
Bk Buckinghamshire.
BreadSt Bread Street ward.
Bret Breton.
Bridge Bridge ward.
Brk Berkshire.
BroadSt Broad Street ward.
Ca Cambridgeshire.
Cand Candlewick ward.
Castle Castle Baynard ward.
Cheap Cheap ward.
Chs Cheshire.
Co Cornwall.
ColemSt Coleman Street ward.
Cordw Cordwainer ward.
Cornh Cornhill ward.
Crip Cripplegate ward.
CripE, CripI Crip Extra, Infra.
Cu Cumberland.
d. dead, died.
D Devonshire.
Db Derbyshire.
dép. départment.
dial. dialectal.
di. m(ar). half a mark.
Do Dorset.
Dowg Dowgate ward.
Du Durham.
Edw 1, etc. (reign of) Edward I, etc.
Ess Essex.
F French.
f. feminine.
Farr Farringdon ward.
FarrE, FarrI Farr Extra, Infra.
Flint Flintshire.
fn font-name.
G German.
gen. genitive.
Gl Gloucestershire.
Ha Hampshire.
He Herefordshire.
Hrt Hertfordshire.
Hu Huntingdonshire.
Hy 3 (reign of) Henry III.
in R(o). in Rotulo, tax not paid.
It Italian.
K Kent.
La Lancashire.
Langb Langbourn ward.
Langob Lango bardic.
Le Leicestershire.
Li Lincolnshire.
LimeSt Lime Street ward.
lit. literally
Lo London.
m. masculine.
m., mar. mark(s).
MBret Middle Breton.
MDu Middle Dutch.
ME Middle English.
mem. membrane.
MF Middle French.
MLat Middle Latin.
MLG Middle Low German.
Mx Middlesex.
Nb Northumberland.
n.d. no date, undated.
Nf Norfolk.
Np Northamptonshire.
Nt Nottinghamshire.
O Oxfordshire.
o., ob. obolus, halfpenny.
ODan Old Danish.
OE Old English.
OF Old French.
OG Old German.
OHG Old High German.
OLG Old Low German.
ON Old Norse.
ONF Old North French.
OScand Old Scandinavian.
OSw(ed) Old Swedish.
Ports Portsoken ward.
prep. preposition.
prob. probatur.
q. quadrans, farthing.
Qu, Queenh Queenhithe ward.
R 2, etc. (reign of) Richard II, etc.
repr. representative.
Sa Shropshire.
sb. substantive.
Seine-Inf. Seine-Inferieure (France).
Sf Suffolk.
sn surname.
So Somerset.
Span Spanish.
Sr Surrey.
Sx Sussex.
t tempore, in the time of.
t tax paid.
Tower Tower ward.
vb. verb.
Vi, Vintry Vintry ward.
W Wiltshire.
Wa Warwickshire.
Walbr Walbrook ward.
Wo Worcestershire.
Wt The Isle of Wight.
Y Yorkshire.
YE, YN, YW East (North, West) Riding of Yorkshire.

Table of Contents.

Preface VII
Introduction 1
Chapter I. Manuscripts 3
Chapter II. The Subsidies 8
I. Subsidy Roll 144/2 8
II. Subsidy Roll 144/3 11
III. Arrangement of taxpayers in the returns 20
Chapter III. The Language of the Rolls 25
Chapter IV. Names 34
I. Font-names 34
II. Surnames 38
Chapter V. The Subsidies and the London Population 43
I. Immigration into London 43
A. From abroad 43
B. From the English provinces 49
II. Tax-rolls and Population 71
III. Wards and Occupations 81
Chapter VI. Assessments 88
I. General remarks (a. Clerics and non-freemen as taxpayers, b. The ward where taxpayers were to be taxed, c. Exemptions, d. << In Rotulo>>, e. Sub-taxers. 88
II. Assessments in the Subsidy of 1292 98
III. Assessments in the Subsidy of 1319 104
IV. Assessments of the Wards 115
Chapter VII. Notes on the Texts and the Commentary 127
Texts 137
I. Exchequer, K. R., Subsidy Roll, 144/2 139
II. Exchequer, K. R., Subsidy Roll, 144/3 205
III. Exchequer (LTR) Enrolled Accounts (E 359), no. 14 351
Appendix. Some occupational words or surnames 354
Indices of Taxpayers 360
Bibliography 393
Abbreviations 398
Index of Wards 402