Addenda and corrigenda to 'The Grey Friars of London'

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Additional Material For the History of the Grey Friars, London. Originally published by Manchester University Press, Manchester, 1922.

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Some additional notes and corrections to statements in The Grey Friars of London can now be given.

Page 3, l. 27. The reference to Giacomo della Marca is erroneous. But the List of Saints must be later than the canonization of S. Bonaventure in 1482.

Page 27, l. 7. See Thomas Nashe, Pierce Pennilesse, p. 74, for a story of Alphonsus, King Philip's confessor, who was such a moderate man in his diet that he would feed but once a day.

Page 74, l. 17. In the Chronicle of John of Reading (p. 128, ed. J. Tait) it is stated that Queen Isabella "seducta tamen per fratres minores, qui sibi adherentes semper pejorant, in eorum ecclesia nondum dedicata xxvij. die Novembris sepelitur." Geoffrey Chaucer was present in the Greyfriars Church at her funeral. (According to Murimuth (ed. Hog, p. 65) and the Lanercost Chronicle (p. 266) Roger Mortimer was buried at the Grey Friars, London, until his removal to Wigmore.)

Page 77, note 6. The reference is clearly to Isabella, second wife of Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, and not to the daughter of the Kingmaker. See p. 29.

Page 78, ll. 6–9. The reference is probably to Margery, mother of Sir Walter de Romesey, who was born in 1304 and died in 1373, and to her elder son John, who died before 1346. See Stonor Letters, i, p. xlix.

Page 86, l. 4. In January 1338 Thomas de la Barre of Hereford left legacies to the Friars Minor of London, Hereford, and Shrewsbury (Anc. Deeds, C. 6735, P.R.O.).

Page 94, l. 11. For Bartholomew Thomasin of Lucca, apothecary at London in 1318, see Anc. Deeds, C. 87.

Page 95, l. 3. Margaret Lenthale was buried at the Friars Minor at Hereford on 28 Feb., 1424. Reg. T. Spofford, p. 46.

Page 99, l. 24. John Bloyhou is very probably the Magister John Bloyow who was Commissary of the Chancellor at Oxford in 1297 (Oxford Coroner's Inquests: Oxford Chronicle Co.).

Page 101, l. 12. Sir John de Yatminster occurs in 1344 (Foedera, ii, 16, Record Ed.).

Page 103, l. 4. Henry Wodylston, see p. 150 below.

Page 109, l. 25. Robert Rufford of Edlesborough, Bucks, of whom an account is given in an article by Mr. F. G. Gurney in Records of Buckinghamshire, x, 285–91.

Page 115, ll. 23–4. Letters of Administration of the goods of John Ireby, "curtman," of S. Dunstan in the West, were granted on 8 August, 1422, to John Dureham and others (Comm. Lond., More, f. 96). This makes it probable that the date of John Dureham, who was buried next to Ireby, was c. 1425; if so, it is one of several names omitted from the Register in the first instance and subsequently inserted.

Page 125, l. 20. Peter Trauers: perhaps son of Peter Travers, Keeper of the Rolls of the Chancery in Ireland, 1465 (Anc. Deeds, C. 831).

Page 126, l. 5. The name should be John Blaste (not Blasto), as appears from the Grant of Administration to his wife Cicely on 1 Dec., 1396 (Commissary of London, Courtney, f. 382).

Page 182, l. 1. Lucius de Marchia is more probably to be identified with the Friar Lucidus whom Bartholomew of Pisa (Anal. Franc., iv, 282–3,515) says came from the March.

Page 182, l. 5. John de Alvernia was born at Fermo, but was not bishop, as stated in the Note.

Page 182, l. 16. Jacobus de Faldrano is wrongly identified with Giacomo della Marca. The reference is to Giacomo de Fallerone, as to whom see Sabatier, Actus B. Francisci, p. 173.

Pages 197–8. See the similar narrative in Lanercost Chronicle, p. 285, with the more correct date 1335; 1285 is impossible, since Robert was King of Naples 1309–43.

Page 232, l. 19. Mr. A. G. Little has shown that the lost Chronicle of Friar Richard of Durham was the original of the Lanercost Chronicle (Engl. Hist. Review, xxxi, pp. 269–79).

Corrigenda In "Grey Friars of London"

Preface, l. 3. Read: Vitellius, F. xii.

Page 10, l. 2. Read: 25 Dogett.

Page 11, l. 4. Read: 11 Dyngely.

Page 60, l. 5. Read: elemosinis.

Page 65, note 12. Read: Letter Book, H.

Page 66, l. 15. Read: Ingolsby.

Page 99, l. 15. Read: Bauand. And so also on p. 135.

Page 121, l. 25. Read: Cornton. And so also on p. 136.

Page 179, note 1. Read: Tavileis for Taulicis.