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Analytical Index to the Series of Records Known as the Remembrancia 1579-1664. Originally published by EJ Francis, London, 1878.

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V. 40. Letter from the Lords of the Council to the Lord Mayor, stating that the expedition against Pirates, especially those of Argier (Algiers) and Tunis, had, for causes well known to His Majesty, been deferred. In the mean time the Merchants had been required to go on in their collections for the levying of moneys agreed upon for the furtherance of that service. Upon the suit of the Merchants, the collections had been suspended, and the moneys returned, on the premise that, whenever the King went on with the action, they would be ready at a month's warning to furnish their several proporations of 18,000l. for the first year, and, on like warning, 18,000l. more for the second year, leaving the other 4,000l. to be rateably paid by the Trinity House, in two years. His Majesty had determined to proceed with the expedition next Spring, of which intention they gave the Lord Mayor notice, and required him to take speedy order that the first year's payment from the Merchants might be in readiness.
Whitehall, 12th November, 1619.

VII. 90. Letter from the Lords of the Council to the Lord Mayor (and Court of Aldermen), stating that the King, having considered, upon petitions from divers ports of the kingdom, as to the steps to be taken for the suppression of Pirates, had commanded the Council to treat with Commissioners to be sent to him from the ports, as to the means and charge required. They had already spoken with the Commissioners from all the Western Ports, in whom they found a resolution to assist to the best of their abilities. They therefore requested that some able and well affected persons might be deputed from the City to treat with them thereon.
Whitehall, 19th June, 1633.