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Analytical Index to the Series of Records Known as the Remembrancia 1579-1664. Originally published by EJ Francis, London, 1878.

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IX. 99. Letter from the Earl of Manchester to the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen. He had been informed by the Master of His Majesty's Game of Bears and Bulls (fn. 1) and others, that the Butchers' Company had formerly caused all their offal in Eastcheap and Newgate Market to be conveyed by the beadle of that Company unto two barrow houses, conveniently placed on the river side, for the provision and feeding of the King's Game of Bears, which custom had been interrupted in the late troubles when the bears were killed. His Majesty's game being now removed to the usual place on the Bankside by Order of the Council, he recommended the Court of Aldermen to direct the Master and Wardens of the Butchers' Company to have their offal conveyed as formerly for the feeding of the bears, &c.
29th September, 1664.


  • 1. The Bear Garden was situated on the Bankside, close to the precinct of the Clink Liberty, and very near to the Bishop of Winchester's Palace. The name is still extant in a street or lane of that name at the foot of Southwark Bridge. May 25th and 26th, 1559,—Queen Elizabeth, attended by a numerous suite, went to Paris Gardents to see the baiting of bears and bulls. ('Machyn's Diary,' p. 198.) August 14th, 1666,—After dinner, with my wife and Mercer to the Beare Garden. ('Pepys's Diary,' vol. ii. p. 430.) For a further account of the Bear Garden see Gentleman's Magazine for 1833, part i. p. 483, and part ii. p. 507.