The Remembrancers of the City of London

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Analytical Index to the Series of Records Known as the Remembrancia 1579-1664. Originally published by EJ Francis, London, 1878.

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A List of the Remembrancers of the City of London, from the creation of the Office.

1570. Thomas Norton, Gentleman, appointed by the Court of Aldermen the first Remembrancer, 6th February, 13 Elizabeth, 1570. Repertory 17, fol. 101B–102.
Died in March, 1583–4. See biographical note, page 27.

1586. Giles Fletcher, D.C.L., (fn. 1) appointed by the Common Council at the request of Queen Elizabeth, the duties and salary to be fixed by the Court of Aldermen,—21st January, 29 Elizabeth, 1586.
Journal 22, fol. 77B.
Admitted and sworn by the Court of Aldermen. Salary fixed at 50l. yearly, 26th January, 1586.
Repertory 21, fol. 384B.

Surrendered his office by letter, and the Chamberlain directed, in respect of his true and faithful service to the City, to pay him 200 marks as a gift of the Court, and to acquit him of a bond for 15l., due to the City, 2 July, 1605.
Repertory 27, fol. 41B.

Dr. Hawkins admitted by the Court of Aldermen as assistant to Dr. Fletcher, 7th October, 42 Elizabeth, 1600.
Repertory 25, fol. 157B.

Clement Edmonds, Gentleman, admitted as colleague and assistant to Dr. Fletcher, 5th May, 43 Elizabeth, 1601.
Repertory 25, fol. 228.

Clement Edmonds admitted and sworn as colleague and assistant to Dr. Fletcher, he to receive half the fee and duty due, 1st October, 43 Elizabeth, 1601.
Repertory 25, fol. 282.

1605. Clement Edmonds, Gentleman, admitted and sworn 2nd July, 3 James I., 1605. Salary, 100l.
Repertory 27, fol. 41.

Resigned 27th July, 1609, on being admitted and sworn one of the Clerks of the Privy Council. The Chamberlain directed to pay him 40 angels for a velvet cloak as a gratuity.
Repertory 29, fol. 66.
For biographical note, see page 47.

1609. William Dyos, Gentleman, admitted and sworn 27th July, 7 James I., 1609.
Repertory 29, fol. 66.

1619. The place and employment commonly called Remembrancer found to be no office, but a service and employment, devised of late years for the making of indexes and the performance of some other services then necessary, but long since wholly out of use. Upon Mr. Dyos discontinuing or being discharged from the service, no person or persons to be thereafter returned or admitted to that or the like service or employment, 24th April, 17 James I., 1619.
Repertory 34, fol. 129.
Mr. Dyos surrendered 16th December, 1619.
Repertory 34, fol. 286B.

A debt of 700l., due by Mr. Dyos to the City, remitted, and a sum of 300l. given to him.

The salary of Remembrancer fixed at 20l. per annum and a livery gown, the employment not being so much as formerly, 23rd December, 17 James I., 1619.
Repertory 34, fol. 296B.
For biographical note, see page 188.

1619. Robert Bacon, Esq., admitted and sworn 23rd December, 17 James I., 1619, and ordered to be admitted to freedom of the City in the Skinners' Company.
Repertory 34, fol. 296B–297.
Deceased, 1633.

1633. Thomas Wiseman, Citizen and —, admitted and sworn 12th September, 9 Charles I., 1633.
Repertory 47, fol. 356.

Discharged of his place by the Court of Common Council, it being conceived an unnecessary charge to the City. He was ordered to bring in all books and writings remaining in his custody, and his closet and trunk in the gallery within the Council Chamber were directed to be sealed up, 18th February, 1642.
Journal 40, fol. 48B.
See note, page 307.

1646. Thomas Skinner, Gentleman, admitted, loco Wiseman, 1st August, 22 Charles, I., 1646.
Repertory 58, fol. 173B.

Sworn 7th August, 1646.
Repertory 58, fol. 174.

Resigned 27th October, 1647.
Repertory 59, fol. 20B.

1647. William Pullen, Gentleman, admitted, loco Skinner, 7th December, 23 Charles I., 1647.
Repertory 59, fol. 69.

Sworn 11th January, 1647–8.
Repertory 59, fol. 82.

1657. John Hind, Citizen and Draper, admitted and sworn, loco Pullen, deceased, 11th May, 1657.
Repertory 65, fol. 105B.

1659. John Topham, Citizen and Haberdasher, admitted and sworn, loco Hind, deceased, 11th October, 1659.
Repertory 66, fol. 320B.

Surrendered 23rd October, 1660.
Repertory 67, fol. 153B–154.

1660. John Wright, Gentleman, admitted and sworn 23rd October, 12 Charles II., 1660.
Repertory 67, fol. 153B–154.

Surrendered 23rd January, 1661. (fn. 2)
Repertory 68, fol. 42.

1661. Richard Lightfoot, Esq., City Solicitor, admitted and sworn 23rd January, 13 Charles II., 1661.
Repertory 68, fol. 42.

Surrendered 31st July, 1662.
Repertory 68, fol. 174.

1662. John Lightfoot, Gentleman, admitted and sworn 31st July, 15 Charles II., 1662.
Repertory 68, fol. 174.

Surrendered 18th May, 1664.
Repertory 68, fol. 326.

1664. George Dalton, Gentleman, admitted and sworn 18th May, 16 Charles II., 1664
. Repertory 69, fol. 326.
Deceased 1665.

1665. John Burrowes, Citizen and Stationer, admitted and sworn 28th September, 17 Charles II., 1665.
Repertory 70, fol. 154.B.

1665. Edward Manning admitted, loco Burrowes [June, 1666], 18 Charles II.

His bill from 29th June to the 13th of October, 1666, was laid before the Court of Aldermen 17th October, 1666.
Repertory 71, fol. 183.

In this Repertory, on fol. 66B, under date of 3rd April, is inserted a Memorandum that the documents for the months of April, May, and June are not entered, having been destroyed in the late dreadful fire. The entry of Manning's admission is therefore wanting, but reference to it appears in Old Index.

Resigned 17th September, 1667. Repertory 72, fol. 183.

1667. Richard Brawne, Gentleman, admitted and ordered to be admitted to the Freedom in the Merchant Taylors' Company, 17th September, 19 Charles II., 1667.
Repertory 72, fol. 183.

Surrendered 21st October, 1673. Repertory 78, fol. 310B.

1673. George Doe, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn, admitted and sworn 21st October, 25 Charles II., 1673.
Repertory 78, fol. 310B.

Surrendered 1st March, 1676.
Repertory 82, fol. 103B.

1676. Richard Dearam, Esq., admitted and sworn 1st March, 29 Charles II., 1676.
Repertory 82, fol. 103B.

Sir Richard Dearam or Dearham, (fn. 3) Knight, surrendered 11th January, 1680.
Repertory 86, fol 45B.

1680. Abraham, Clerke, Gentleman, admitted and sworn 11th January, 32 Charles II., 1680.
Repertory 86, fol. 45B.

Resworn after the restoration of the City's charters, 11th October, 1688.
Repertory 94, fol. 12.

John Clerke, Esq., (fn. 4) surrendered 28th October, 8 William III., 1696.
Repertory 100, fol. 204B.

1696. John Sandsford, Esq., of Gray's Inn, admitted and sworn 28th October, 1696.
Repertory 100, fol. 204B.

Surrendered 15th December, 1698.
Repertory 103, fol. 75B-76.

1698. William Bellamy, of the Inner Temple, Gentleman, admitted and sworn 15th December, 10th William III., 1698.
Repertory 103, fol. 75B-76.

Surrendered 13th July, 1708.
Repertory 112, page 340.

1708. John Johnson, Gentleman, admitted, and sworn 13th July, 7 Anne, 1708.
Repertory 112, page 340.

Surrendered 16th June, 1719.
Repertory 123, page 413.

1719. John Preston, Gentleman, admitted and sworn 16th June, 5 George I., 1719.
Repertory 123, pages 413–4.

Surrendered 10th January, 1726.
Repertory 131, page 93.

1726. John Lethieullier, Esq., admitted and sworn 10th January, 13 George I., 1726.
Repertory 131, page 93.

Surrendered 15th November, 1743.
Repertory 148, page 12.

1743. William Hamilton admitted and sworn 15th November, 17 George II., 1743.
Repertory 148, page 13.

Surrendered 24th September, 1745.
Repertory 149, page 412.

1745. Richard Cheslyn, Esq., admitted and sworn 24th September, 19 George II., 1745.
Repertory 149, page 415.

Surrendered 17th June, 1760.
Repertory 164, pages 238–9.

1760. Brass Crosby. Citizen and Musician, admitted and sworn 29th July, 33 George II., 1760.
Repertory 164, fol. 290–1.

Surrendered 27th January, 1761.
Repertory 165, page 89.

Subsequently was elected Alderman, Sheriff, and Lord Mayor. See Memoir of him, published 1829; a copy is in the Guildhall Library.

1761. Peter Roberts (Comptroller of the Works at London Bridge) elected by the Common Council 9th June, I George III., 1761.
Journal 62, fol. 234B–235.

Admitted and sworn by Court of Aldermen 30th June, 1761.
Repertory 165, page 268.
Deceased 1793.

Petition of Thomas Roberts, son of the above, to officiate during the vacancy. His father had been in the City's service for nearly half a century, his grandfather likewise in City's service, and his uncle City's solicitor.

Roberts ordered to officiate during vacancy, 31st October, 1793.
Journal 73, fol. 386.

1793. Timothy Tyrrell., Esq., Citizen and Upholder, Attorney-atLaw, elected by the Common Council 12th December, 34 George III., 1793.
Journal 74, fol. 23B.

Admitted and sworn by Court of Aldermen 18th February,1794.
Repertory 198, pages 126–7.

Edward Tyrrell, Esq., appointed Deputy Remembrancer 21st June, 1827.
Decease of Timothy Tyrrell, Esq., reported 14th July, 1832.

1832. Edward Tyrrell, Esq., Citizen and Upholder, Attorney-atLaw, Elected by the Court of Common Council 26th October, 3 William IV., 1832.
Journal 107, fol. 141.

Admitted and sworn by Court of Aldermen 30th October, 1832.
Repertory 236, page 602.

Resigned 2nd July, 1863.
Journal 141, fol. 277B.

1864. William Corrie, Esq., Citizen and Spectacle Maker, Barristerat-Law, elected by the Court of Common Council 14th January, 27 Victoria, 1864.
Journal 142, fol. 47.

Admitted and sworn by Court of Aldermen 19th January, 1864.
Repertory 268, pages 46–7.
Resigned 6th June, 1878.

1878. Charles Henry Robarts, Esq., Citizen and Spectacle Maker, Barrister-at-Law, elected by the Court of Common Council 31st October, 43 Victoria, 1878.

Admitted and sworn by Court of Aldermen 12th November, 1878.


  • 1. For a biographical account of this learned and distinguished diplomatist, author, poet, and traveller, and notices of his no less famous sons and nephew, poets and dramatists, vide his 'Russe Commonwealth; or, an Account of Russia at the close of the Sixteenth Century,' published by the Haklnyt Society in 1856, edited by Edward A. Bond, Esq., now Principal Librarian of the British Museum, who in the introduction has furnished many interesting particulars with regard to him. These have since been augmented by the Rev. Alexander B. Grosart, in his introduction to Dr. Fletcher's Poems, published in the "Fuller Worthies Library," Vol. III. (1871). See also 'Original Letters of Eminent Literary Men, with Notes and Illustrations by Sir Henry Ellis,' published by the Camden Society in 1843. Mr. Bond suggests that Dr. Fletcher's appointment as Remembrancer was made upon his return from his embassy to Russia, which is stated to have taken place in 1588, and in this date Mr. Grosart follows him. These Records, however, show that he was appointed at the Queen's request, on the 19th January, 1586. (Vide Letter 573, Vol. I. page 282.) His resignation of the office is dated 2nd July, 1605.
  • 2. It appears by this entry that at the Restoration of King Charles II., Thomas Wiseman, some time Remembrancer, and John Wright made a formal surrender of office.
  • 3. Knighted at Whitehall, 3rd or 15th April, 1680.
  • 4. This is evidently an error for Abraham Clerke.