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Richard II and the English Royal Treasure: Inventory. Originally published by Boydell & Brewer, Woodbridge, 2012.

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(R) TNA: PRO, E101/411/9, inventory of jewels and plate of Richard II, after January 1398, before March 1399

(J) AN, J656, no. 17 and J643, no. 13 bis, jewels and plate from the trousseau of Isabelle of France, 1396, see Appendix, no. 3

(D) AN, J645/54, jewels and plate reclaimed after Isabelle's return to France in August 1401, see Appendix, no. 4

(W) Stafford, Staffordshire Record Office, D641/1/3/2, jewels and plate of Thomas of Woodstock, duke of Gloucester forfeited in 1397, see Appendix no. 5.

Concordance entries cited as page references are from TNA: PRO, E136/77/4, printed in ‘Inventory of the goods and chattels belonging to Thomas, duke of Gloucester ...’, ed. Viscount Dillon and St John Hope, Archaeological Journal, 54 (1897), pp. 274-308

(P) TNA: PRO, E101/335/5, inventory of jewels and plate delivered to Henry IV's chamber, 20 November 1399, printed and itemised in F. Palgrave, The antient kalendars and inventories of the treasury of his majesty's exchequer, 3 vols. (London, 1836), iii, pp. 313-58, see Appendix, no. 7

(V) London, TNA: PRO, E101/404/2, jewels and plate from Richard II's treasure pledged in London, 1400, see Appendix, no. 8