Roll 1210: 55-56 Henry III

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Lancashire Assize Rolls: 4 John - 13 Edward I. Originally published by Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society, s.l, 1903.

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Assize Roll 1210. Divers Counties.

55 Henry III.

m. 7.

Assizes taken at Lancastre on Sunday in the vigils of S. Matthew the Apostle in the fifty-fifth year [of the reign of King Henry son of King John] [20th September 1271] before John de Cokefeld.

Novel disseisin—John de Burgh junior v. John de Burgh senior and Walter de Rocheford re the manors of Mellinges and Horneby &c. and lands there and in Wra, Wraton, Wenigton, Ergum, Lochawe, Estrodes, Tunstall and Cancefeud.

John de Burgh senior by Peter de Huntingefeud his bailiff, for himself and Walter, says that no action lies: for Hubert de Burgh, his father, acquired the manors etc. with one Margaret his wife, to hold to them and the heirs of their bodies; and after the death of Hubert Margaret held them all her life; and after her death the said John entered as son and heir of Hubert, in right of inheritance, and ever hitherto has held the manor etc.; and John de Burgh junior was never in seisin so that he could be disseised. And . . .

[Case ends abruptly].

56 Henry III.

Assizes taken at Lancaster on the morrow of the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin in the year of Grace 1271 [3 February 1271–2, 56 Henry III] before Peter de Chester and his fellow Justices in Eyre.

No Roll is now know to exist. There is a direct reference to this Eyre on Assize Roll 1265, m. 4, which see.