Roll 1196: 47 Henry III

Pages 122-123

Lancashire Assize Rolls: 4 John - 13 Edward I. Originally published by Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society, s.l, 1903.

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Assize Roll 1196. Dibers Counties.

47 Henry III.

m. 5.

Pleas of Divers Counties [taken at Gildeford in the County of Surrey before Gilbert de Preston] on the Morrow of the Purification of the Blessed Mary [in the forty-seventh year of the reign of King Henry son of King John]. [3 February 1262–3.]


Trespass—Robert de Ferrers v. Robert son of Roger Sonky, William son of Richard de Appelton, Hugh Dydo, Thomas Stot, William Gegge, Adam son of Basill, Eneas Chaplain, Roger de Wullouere, Pymme de Crusceby, William Berkerhare, Roger de Staneworth, Gilbert de la Falle, Adam Chaplain, Simon his brother, Adecok Chaplain, Henry de Houton, Henry Spe, John le Scalled, Richard Curteys, Richard de Abburgham of Houton, Richard Chaplain of Gerstan and Robert de Prestecote re entering his forest between Ribble and Merse and taking game.

Plaintiff by his attorney complains that the defendants entered his said forest and took and carried away his wild animals (feras) without his leave and wish and against the peace. Defendants come not and have made many defaults: the Sheriff was ordered to distrain on their lands, etc., and to have them here this day, but has done nothing in the matter nor sent the writ. Sheriff again ordered to distrain and to have the defendants at Winchester on the Quinzaine of Easter [15 April 1263], and also the Sheriff to hear his Judgment.

m. 5 dorso.; Lancastre.

Trespass—Robert de Ferrers v. Juliana de Assarto re receiving wrongdoers.

Plaintiff says that Juliana received at her house Richard Barun and Richard de Blake son of Adam de Knuesle who, at the Nativity of S. John Baptist ao 45 [24 June 1261], entered his forest between Ryble and Merse and took therein many wild animals which they carried away to her house: and he claims for loss and damage 100 pounds.

Juliana denies (defendit) the injury and whatever is against the peace, and says that never since Robert had seisin has she received any wrongdoers in the said forest: and she asks a trial, and Robert likewise. The Sheriff is ordered to enquire, and to have the Inquisition at Winchester on the Quinzaine of Easter. Juliana puts in her place William son of Adam or Walter Hok.

Later, at that day, the Sheriff sends the Inquisition, which says that Juliana never, after that the said Earl [Robert de Ferrers] had seisin of his lands, received any wrongdoers with game (venacione) taken in the forest of the said Earl between Ribbel and Merse without leave and wish of the said Earl. Judgment for defendant.