Addenda and corrigenda

The Aldermen of the City of London Temp. Henry III - 1912. Originally published by Corporation of the City of London, London, 1908.

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Alfred P Beaven, 'Addenda and corrigenda', The Aldermen of the City of London Temp. Henry III - 1912, (London, 1908), pp. xx-xxi. British History Online [accessed 17 June 2024].

Alfred P Beaven. "Addenda and corrigenda", in The Aldermen of the City of London Temp. Henry III - 1912, (London, 1908) xx-xxi. British History Online, accessed June 17, 2024,

Beaven, Alfred P. "Addenda and corrigenda", The Aldermen of the City of London Temp. Henry III - 1912, (London, 1908). xx-xxi. British History Online. Web. 17 June 2024,

Additions during Printing.

[The Ward Lists having been printed some years ago, several alterations have occurred in the interim in the representation of the Wards and in the designations of the then representatives; these are printed below].


Page 8 Sir J. Renals, add died November 1. 1907.

1907, November 14, Charles Johnston, Innholder.

[Sworn December 3]


" 15 J. Pound, add M. 1904-5; created Baronet, July, 1905.


" 32 Sir R. Hanson, add died April 19, 1905.

1905, May 4, Francis Stanhope Hanson, Merchant Taylor; [Sworn May 16]

Sheriff-elect, June, 1908.

[Elected by 474 votes to 141 for George Edwards (Girdler)]


" 43 Sir H. D. Davies, add vacated his seat (pursuant to 12 and 13 Vict. c 94, s 9), October 30, 1906.

1906, November 15 (December 4) Sir Horatio David Davies, K.C.M.G. (re-elected).


" 54 F. P. Alliston, add discharged June 2, 1908.

1908, June 11, Charles Cheers Wakefield, Haberdasher (Sheriff), S. 1907-8; [Sworn June 24]

Knighted June, 1908.


" 87 D. Burnett, add S. 1907-8; Knighted June, 1908.


" 97 Sir D. Evans, add died August 14, 1907.

1907, August 28, Sir Thomas Vansittart Bowater, Girdler, S. 1905-6.

[Sworn September 17]

[Elected by 152 votes to 77 for Henry O'Brien (Ironmonger), and 37 for ex-Sheriff Sir William Henry Dunn (Wheelwright)]


" 106 H. G. Smallman, add S. 1905-6; Knighted June, 1906.


" 112 Sir J. C. Bell, add M. 1907-8, translated to the Haberdashers, May 14, 1907; created Baronet July, 1908.


" 120 W. V. Morgan, add M. 1905-6; created Baronet, July, 1906.


" 165 Sir W. P. Treloar, add M. 1906-7; created Baronet, July, 1907.


" 172 T. B. Crosby, add S. 1906-7; Knighted June, 1907.


" 196 T. V. Strong, add S. 1904-5; Knighted June, 1905.


" 224 H. C. Morris, add died May 15, 1906.

May 28, 1906, Francis Howse, Glass-seller.

[Sworn June 19]

Elected by 232 votes to 179 for ex-Sheriff Sir Thomas Henry Brooke-Hitching (Playingcard Maker)]

Page 98, Note B.—The Commission dated August 24, 1687, transferring Hawkins to Castle Baynard and Parsons to Portsoken which is referred to in this note as missing has been found at Guildhall a few hours after the last proof sheets of this work had been returned to the printer, having accidentally been separated from the other Commissions of a similar kind and so lost sight of. It fully confirms the suggestion made in the note as to the exchange of Wards between Parsons and Hawkins and the date at which it took place.