Corrigenda et Addenda

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The Inhabitants of London in 1638. Originally published by Society of Genealogists, London, 1931.

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N.B.-The references are to the pages of the MS. and not to those of the book.
p. 2. Name 11 from top for Wolton read Wotton.
p. 26. Name 14 from top, for James Butler read John Butler.
p. 41. Name 7 from bottom for Howell read Nowell.
p. 73a. Name 7 from bottom for Lucy read Lacy.
p. 96a. First name for Mr. Stephenson read Matthew Stephenson.
p. 103. Name 10 from bottom Hidgby add, or Hidgly.
p. 112. First name top add "MS. has Pettyn in margin against, Mr. Alderman Gourney."
p. 139. Name 6 from top for Shipp read Skipp.,
p. 150a. Name 6 from top for Crone read Crosse.
pp. 189a. Name 13 from bottom for Sontby read Sontly. Add at top of printed page 112, MS. p. 197.
p. 277. Name 9 from top for Guire read Guise.
p. 287. Name 17 from top for Edw. Whiting read Edmund Whiting.
p. 304a. Name 4 from bottom for, Mr Hopkins read William Hopkins.
p. 308. Name 11 from top for Vanbrush read Vanbush.
p. 313. At bottom of printed page after, Mr. Mervin, freemason, add
                 Mr. Barker, clothworker       £ 14
                 Mr. Berry, drawer of cloth       10
                 Mr. Swinnerton, pewterer        10
p. 356. Name 11 from top for Stadnton read Stanton.
p. 364. Name 2 from top for Louellyer read Loveije.
p. 365a. Name 3 from top for Veanewe read, more probably Veanowe.
p. 373a. Name 1 from top for MR. Wallm read William Wallin.
p. 384. Name 15 from top for Whatley read Whateley.
p. 396. Name 20 from top for Weterhose read Waterhouse.