Inhabitants of London in 1638: St. Olaves, Old Jewry

The Inhabitants of London in 1638. Originally published by Society of Genealogists, London, 1931.

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T C Dale, 'Inhabitants of London in 1638: St. Olaves, Old Jewry', The Inhabitants of London in 1638, (London, 1931), pp. 171-172. British History Online [accessed 20 June 2024].

T C Dale. "Inhabitants of London in 1638: St. Olaves, Old Jewry", in The Inhabitants of London in 1638, (London, 1931) 171-172. British History Online, accessed June 20, 2024,

Dale, T C. "Inhabitants of London in 1638: St. Olaves, Old Jewry", The Inhabitants of London in 1638, (London, 1931). 171-172. British History Online. Web. 20 June 2024,


MS. p. 293.

Ann. Dom. 1638.

The Vicarage of St. Olaves, Old Jewry within London, is in Tithes, Easter offer., Mar. Church. Bur. and rents yearly now worth clearly to the Vicar (as will after appear) Seventy five pounds, eight shillings, three pence farthing, deducendis deductis. Presented by me Thos. Tuke the now incumbent.

May 15, 1638.

Vivat Rex

MS. p. 293a.

The value of the houses and things Tithable moderately rated in their rents by the year.

Thos. Dutton 8
Edw. Boon 12
John Halsted 8
*Dame Francisca Weld, widow 80
John Rumbold 24
Eustace Brock 3
Thos. Hungate 8
James Cockrey 8
Cristofer Frederique 8
Anthony Edmunds 16
John Starky 12
Wm Blake 10
Mr. Moses Tryon 50
MS. p. 294.
Mr. Oliver Neve 30
Robert Robotham 12
John Strugnall 10
John Dockrey 6
Robert Wren 8
Wm. Tomson 12
Mr. Wm. Fitzherbert 24
John Wright 26
Ann Wilson, widow 26
Mr Wm. Vaghan 24
John Skinner 16
Mr. John Knight 24
Mr. Edmond Wright, alder. 40
Simon Hobuck 24
Mr. George Almerey 20
Jeffrey Wadeson 20
MS. p. 294a.
Robt. Broadhead 8
Patient Wallyn 10
Priscilla White, widow 10
Rob. Rollston
James Moulins 0
Jos. Alport 4
The 5 stables 14
Rich. Core 14
John Law 8
John Mills 10
Godfrey Cordwell 12
Rafe Hartley 12
Rich. White 10
Thos. Liddall 18
Nicholas Herrick 16
Mt. Hiller 12
MS. p. 295.
Thos Brisco 12
Andrew Dributter 14
Mr. Wm. Nubould 12
Mr. John Frederique 50
Ellis Day 12
Ellis Day [again] 14
Ellis Papworth 8
Thos. Salmon's warehouse 2
Mr. John Green 50
John Davis 24
Thos. Price 14
Thos. White 10
Mr. Richd. Smith 12
Mr. Richd. Byron 28
Mrs Sarah Harvey, wid. 45
MS. p. 295a.
Mrs. Margaret Bowyer, wid. 60
Mr. John du Cane 30

Ald. Gurny kept's shrievalry in her house, paid £200 rent for it, told me it was richly worth an £100 a year and that he would have been tenant of it for 21 years and have paid an £100 yearly, but could not obtain his desire Yet this said Alderman Gurny does owe me tithes for 3 quarters unless I will take half a crown for a quarter.

Total sum of yearly rents amounts to £1,142.

Whole sum of yearly tithes as they be now paid arises to £53/1/10.

Casualties, Burials, Weddings, Churchings, Easter offerings, etc., do in the year come to much about ten or twelve pounds.

To the Vicarage belongs a dwelling house (the Vicar's house) worth £8 or £10 a year, as houses go now, situate at the west end of the churchyard, of which the vicar present lets a piece for a while which yields him 12 pence a week and has so done since the first of October last.

To the said Vicarage appertains a tenement situated the east end of the churchyard which yields the Vicar for the present nine pounds per annum.

MS. p. 296.

Out of this benefice the King receives yearly for Tenth £1/1/10¾ and the Collector /4 for his acquittance.

Also to the Archdeacon yearly 3/4 for Procuration.

The full sum of present tithes, Easter offerings and other casualties and rents now received for the whole year comes to £76 13s. 10d.

The whole sum of that which goes constantly out of this Vicarage in the year, due to his Majesty and to the Archdeacon is £1/5/6¾.

£1/5/6¾ taken out of £76/13/10, there remains to the Vicar £75/8/3¼ of yearly incomings to the now incumbent. Thos. Tuke.