Inhabitants of London in 1638: St. Faith's

The Inhabitants of London in 1638. Originally published by Society of Genealogists, London, 1931.

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T C Dale, 'Inhabitants of London in 1638: St. Faith's', The Inhabitants of London in 1638, (London, 1931), pp. 57-59. British History Online [accessed 13 June 2024].

T C Dale. "Inhabitants of London in 1638: St. Faith's", in The Inhabitants of London in 1638, (London, 1931) 57-59. British History Online, accessed June 13, 2024,

Dale, T C. "Inhabitants of London in 1638: St. Faith's", The Inhabitants of London in 1638, (London, 1931). 57-59. British History Online. Web. 13 June 2024,


MS. p. 107. £
Paules Churchyard.
Mr. Lathum's house 24
Mr. Bostock's house 16
Mr. Dolman's house 16
Mr. Blackmore's house 16
Mr. Addam's house 24
Mr. William's house 16
Mr. Aspley's shop 6
Mr. Blackmore's shop 6
Mr. Chitwin's house 22
Mr. Crooke's house 6
Mr. Tompson's house 24
Mr. Pulline's
Mr. Alcorne's house 16
Mr. Robinson's house 16
Mr. Barrett's house 24
Mr. Rothwell junior, shop
Mr Parker's house with a shop let out 32
Mr. Manne's house 16
Stevens' house 25
Barrett's shop
Mr. Waterson's house 24
Mr. Freeman's house 48
Mr. Bemboe's and 12
Mr. Greene's house
Mr. Egglefeild's house 16
Mr. Rothwell, sen., house 16
Mr. Aspley's house 16
Mr. Clever's house 4
Dr. Gill's house 32
Mr Hunlocke's house with with 3 tents. 24
Mr. Whittacue's house 44
Mr. Mirman's and 12
Mr. Scandrett's house
Mr Fenton's, Mr. Sharpe's, and 24
Mr. Cooper's house
Mr. Stuckey's house 32
Mr. Butter's house 20
Paternoster Row.
Mr. Coppinger's house 16
Mr. Clarke's 2 houses 32
MS. p. 107a.
Mr. Walker's house 16
Mr. Danbavin's and 24
Mr. Witherington's house
Mr. Mason's house 16
Mr. Marshall's house 32
Mr. Ellis's house 32
Mr. Foukes' house 32
Mr. Summer's and 24
Mr. Gill's house
Mr. Adlye's house 12
Mr Richard's house 12
Mr. Ward's house 20
Mr. Boulton's house 20
Mr. Dawson's house 20
Mr. Nicholas's house 20
Robert Taylor's house with a shop let out 20
Mr. Bennitt's house 20
Mr. Halye's and 12
Mr. Sherman's shops
Mr. William Taylor's shops 16
Mr. Barnes' house 16
Mr. Edward Trussell's house 32
Mr. Manne's house 40
Mr. John Trussell's house 24
Mr Blower's house 16
Mr. Nevill, house & shop with a shop also let out 24
Mr. Taylor's and 36
Mr. Cotterill's house
Mr. Gravener's house 32
Mr. Thomas
Mr. Danvers' house 20
Mr. Harrison's house 20
Mr. Coles' house 32
Mr. Sheathe's house 16
Mr. Harrigate's house 16
Mr. Saunders' house 20
Mr. Smithe's house 20
Mrs. Row, widow, house 20
Mr. Roberts'
Mr. Haley's house 16
Mr. Major's house 16
Mr. Winch's house 10
Mr Wilkinson's house 16
Mr Addams' house 16
Mr Cooper's house 16
MS. p. 108.
Mr. Golding's house 16
Mr Merriton's house 24
Mr. Morrett shop 10
Mr. Asknorth
Mr. Richards' house that was 16
Mr. Carye's house 20
Mr. Easte's house that was 20
Mr. Jonson's house 16
Mr. Wheeler's
Mr. Weston's house 16
Mr. Nicholls' house 16
Mr. Diston's shop 10
Mr. Billings' house 12
Mr. Quarterman's house 44
A warehouse let out 6
Mr. Isemonger house 10
Mr. Jonson
Mr. Woodrouffe's house 16
Mr. Kingston house 32
Mr Paris
Mr. Bucke's house 16
Mr. Kent's shop 8
Ivy Lane
Mr. Phenix's shop 14
Mr. Smithe's house 6
Mr. Hull's house 20
Sir Peter Osborne's 2 houses with the office 80
Mr. Clungion's house 16
Mr. Nevill's house 20
Mr. Stanton's house 16
Mr. Smeton's house 20
Mr. Pratt, house and 4 tenements 40
Mr. Conawaye's house 8
Mr. Smithe's house 16
Mr. Murrey's house with a a shop let out 10
Mr. Royston's house 16
Mr Whetston's house 14
Mr. Laiton's house 12
Mr. Bywater's house 12
MS. p. 108a.
Mr. Hygate's house 16
Mr. Smither's house 20
Mr. Dixon's house 16
Mr. Grimes' house 8
Lovell's Inn.
Mrs. Bancroft, widow, house 24
Mr. Weaver's house 12
Mr. Mainston's house 10
Dr. Grent's house 24
Mr. Clarke's house that was 12
Mr. Kendall's house 12
Mr. Clarke house 6
Mr. Taylor
Warwick Lane.
Mr. Dormer's house 10
Mr. Bainbridge's house 16
Mrs. Hudson, widow, house 16
Mr. Thomas' house 8
Mr. Jolly's house 6
Mr. Wheeler's house 6
Mr. Wood's house 6
Mrs. West, widow, house 8
Mr. Downe's house 10
Mr. Woodale, house and office 48
Mr. Southern house 32
Mr. Tucker
Mr. Tatum's house 8
Mr. Chipps' house 16
Mr. Phillipps for 21 tenements in Warwick Lane which he lets by the year for £150 120
The sum of Tithes paid to this value £358 10 6
The sum of present Tithes received is 73 18 1
MS. p. 109.
The present value of my living.
My tithes except the necessary charges of gathering & common loss per ann. are about 70 0 0
The Easter book & casualties per ann. about 10 0 0
Deductions and Decrements:
Tenths, Visitations and other annuall charges are about 3 0 0
A Pension to the Deane of Paules & the acquittance 13 0 8
For every buriall in the Chancel I pay to Paules 13 0 4[sic]

I have no parsonage house and though when they pay tithes they reckon houses to me at £4 per ann. rent, yet when I come to hire them I cannot have the same for £30 per ann

My Curat's allowance

The weddings of my church which they value at a high rate are no profit at all to me. They are neither my parishioners nor Citizens but strangers that the Surrogate brings thither to be married and hath all the profit of them.

Jonat. Brown, Rector.