Index of places

Pages 68-71

The Inhabitants of London in 1638. Originally published by Society of Genealogists, London, 1931.

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Acorn Alley

Adlin Hill a.

Angell Alley a, Court

Anker Lane

Armorers Rents

Ave Maria Lane

Back Alley

Ball Alley a.

Barbican a.

Bare Key

Barrs Precinct a.

Beech Lane a.

Beer Lane a.

Bell Alley a, a, Lane a, a; Yard

Bere Alley a.

Bethlehem Hospital

Biliter Lane a.

Birchen Lane

Bishopsgate St. a.

Blackboy Alley

Blackdog Alley

Blackhorse Alley

Black Raven Alley Court

Blackwell Hall

Blanchchapelton Ct.

Blue Anchor Alley a.

Boar's Head Alley

Bond's Rents

Boss Alley a.

Bow Church Yard a; Lane a.

Bowling Alley

Bread St. a; Ward a.

Brickhill Lane

Bridewell Precinct

Bridgehouse Rents, a, a.

Broad Lane

Brooke's Wharf

Brush Alley a.

Bull Rents and Wharf a.

Bullen's Rents

Butler's Alley

Candleweek St.

Canning St.

Carter Lane a,

Cateaton St. Precinct a, a.

Ceremonie Lane a.

Chancery Lane a.

Chappel Alley

Cheapside a.

Cheker Alley

Chesters Key

Chickly Alley

Christ's Hospital Warehouse a.

Church Hill Lane

Churchyard Alley

City of London Almshouses

Cliffords Inn

Cloister, The,

Clothworkers' Rents

Cock Alley a, a. Yard

Cock and Key Yard a.

Cold Harbour a.

Coopers Alley a.

Coppin Yard a.

Copt Hall a.

Cordwayners Ward a.

Coven Garden

Cradocke Lane

Creed Lane

Crooked Lane a, a.

Crosby House

Crown Court a.

Crutched Friars

Culver Alley

Cursitors Alley

Customhouse Key a.

Dayes Court

Devonshire Hall

Dibles Alley

Doelittle Lane

Dragon Yard a.

Drapers' Rents a.

Dunge Wharfe

Dyce Key

East India Co. Warehouses

East Smithfield

Elbow Lane a.

Emperor Head Lane a.

Exchange, The,

Fanchurch St. a, a.

Fetter Lane a.

Fides Alley a.

Finch Lane a.

Fish St. a.

Fishmongers' Rents a.

Fleet Street a.

Flore de Luce Alley House

Flushing Yard a.

Fore St. a.

Fourth Precinct

Freeman's Alley

Friday St.

Frying Pan Ally

Gally Key a.

Garland Alley

Garlick Hill

Garter Place a.

George Alley a.

Gerrards Hall

Gloucester Hall

Golding Lane

Goldsmith's Alley ; Rents Row a.

Goose Lane

Gracious St.

Gravel Lane

Green Arbour

Green Boy Alley a

Green Dragon Court a.

Green Wax Office

Gresham College

Griffin Alley

Grub St.


Gunn Alley

Gutter Lane a.

Half Moon Alley

-, Bakers
-, Barber-Chirugeons a.
-, Blacksmiths
-, Carpenters
-, Chaundlers a.
-, Clothworkers a.
-, Cooks a.
-, Coopers a.
-, Cordwayners
-, Cutlers
-, Embrotherers a.
-, Founders a.
-, Girdlers
-, Glasiers
-, Goldsmiths a.
-, Haberdashers
-, Innholders
-, Ironmongers a.
-, Joiners a.
-, Leathersellers
-, Loriners a.
-, Masons
-, Painters
-, Parish Clerks a.
-, Pewterers
-, Playsterers
-, Plummers
-, Sadlers
-, Scriveners
-, Skinners a.
-, Staplers a.
-, Stationers a.
-, Vintners
-, Waterbearers
-, Watermans a.
-, Wax Chandlers a.
-, Weavers a.
-, Woodmongers

Hampe and Bi House

Hand Alley

Harp Alley a; Lane

Harrow Alley a.

Hartshorne Alley Key a.

Hatchett Alley a.

Heralds Office

Hermitage Alley

High St. Precinct a.

Honey Lane

Honeysuckle Court

Hoogin Lane

Horne Alley a.

Horshoe Alley

Houndsditch Precinct

Hubberstey's Rents

Hunter's Rents

Inns and Taverns-
-, Anchor
-, Bell
-, Boar's Head
-, Bolt and Tun
-, Case is Altered
-, Crown
-, Dagger
-, Green Dragon
-, Greyhound a.
-, King's Head
-, Lovell's a.
-, Mermayd,
-, Nagshead a.
-, Old Swan
-, Peacock
-, Red Lyon
-, Salutation
-, Starre a, a.
-, Sun a.
-, Swan
-, Vintage
-, Whopp (note).

Ivy Lane

Jacob's Well Yard

Kertnes House

Kinderlies Alley

King's Alley ; College House ; Head Alley ; a; Head Court a.

Knightrider St. a; a;

Lam Alley

Lambert Hill

Leadenhall a; Street a.

Lime St.

Little Morefields a.

Little Nonesuch

Lombard St.

Lorreners' Warehouses a.

Maiden Lane a.

Maydenhead Alley

Manchester Hall

Mark Lane

Masons Key

Mercers' Chapel

Merchant Taylor's School ; Almshouses a.

Middle Row

Milke St. Precinct a.

Minchion Lane

More Lane

Morer's Rents

Mouse Alley

New Rents a.

Nicholas Lane

North Cheape

Northerne Hall

Northumberland Avenue a.

Old Change a.

Old Fish St.

Old Swan

Pancras Lane

Parsonage Alley a.

Paternoster Row

Paul's Alley ; Chaine, a, West End,

Petit Wales,

Petticoat Lane

Pewterers' Alley a.

Philpot Lane

Physitians College a.

Picheare Alley a.

Pie Alley

Plough Lane a.

Pond Alley

Pope's Head Alley

Port Lane a.

Porters Key

Posterne, The, a.

Prene Alley

Preists Alley a.

Primrose Alley

Pudding Lane a.

Queenhithe a; Ward

Queen's Head Alley

Ram Alley a.

Rame's Head House

Raphes Key

Raven Court

Redcrosse Alley a, a, St.,

Redgate Yard

Red Lion Allie

Robin Hood Yard a.

Rood Lane a.

Rose Alley

Sabbs Dock

St. Austin's Gate a.

St. Clement's Lane a.

St. Giles Alley a.

St. John Baptist's Alley a.

St. Katherine's Lane a; Rents,

St. Lawrence Lane

St. Martins Lane

St. Matthews Ct. a.

St. Michael's Lane

St. Paul's Churchyard

St. Peters Hill

Salt Wharf

Salters' Almshouses

Scaffold Alley a.

Scalding Hall, The,

Scott's Alley a.

Sealers Warehouse a.

Sermon Lane

Seething Lane

Serjeants' Inn a.

Sheire Lane a.

Shepherds Alley a.

Ship Alley

Shrewsbury Hall

Six Clerks Office a

Skinners Co. Rents a; Warehouse, a.

Soper's Alley Lane

South Cheape

Squirrel Alley Rents a.

Staining Lane

Star Alley a.

Stocks, The, a.

Stone Cutters Alley a.

Storehouse, The, a.

Suger Loafe Court

Sunne Court

Swan Alley ; Gate Yard,

Sweeden Court a.

Symon's Inn a, a.

Tackell House, The,

Tennis Court Lane

Thames St. a, a, a,

Three Crane Lane a; Wharf

Three Herring Court

Three Kings Alley

Three Tun Alley a, a.

Tower Bank, ; Hill, a; St. a.

Tower Hill Precinct a.

Townsend Lane a.

Trig Lane

Trinity Lane

Trumpe Alley

Vine Court

Vintners' Lane a.

Vintry Ward

Wales, Petit,

Walnut Tree Yard

Wardrobe, The,

Warwick Lane a.

Water Lane a, a.

Water House, The, a.

Waxchandlers Co.

Well Alley a.

Westerhouse a.

White's Alley a.

Whitecrosse Alley a; Street,

Whithind Alley

Whitehorse Yard a.

White Lyon Court a.

Whor's Yard a.

Wiggins Key

Wiltshire Hall

Wood St.

Wooll Key a.