Marriage Duty Act 1695, Cheap ward: St Mary le Bow

London Marriage Duty Assessment 1695. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, London, 2011.

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St Mary le Bow

Prop No Forename Surname Rel'ship/Status Burials Baptisms Marriages Bach/widowers Notes
1 John Peters £1 4s 12s
1 Martha Peters his wife 14s
1 Richard Peters his eldest son 14s
1 Martha Peters dau 14s
1 Frances Peters dau 14s
1 Edward Harris his clarke 14s
1 Anne Lillistone his maidservant 4s
1 John Whitwham his fool boy 4s
2 William Ramsey 4s 2s
2 Margaret Ramsey his wife 4s
2 Sarah Ramsey dau 4s
2 Elizabeth Ramsey dau 4s
3 Susannah Weston 4s
4 John Harris 4s 2s
4 Elizabeth Harris his wife 4s
4 Mary Harris his dau 4s
4 Daniel Littleford his appr 4s
4 Margaret Potter an inmate 4s
4 Thomas Potter her child 4s
5 James Anderson 4s 2s
5 Honor Anderson wife 4s
6 William Scrimshire £5 4s £1 2s
6 Elizabeth Scrimshire his wife £5 4s
6 John Scrimshire his 2nd son £1 4s
6 Benjamin Scrimshire his youngest son £1 4s
6 John Maskall only son of a merchant 14s
6 Elizabeth Maskall his sister 14s
6 Elizabeth Colebanck maidservant 4s
6 Elizabeth Rodd maidservant 4s
6 Margaret Keene a nurse 4s
7 Thomas Gyde [widower] 4s 2s 6d 1s
7 James Gyde his 3 sons 4s
7 John Gyde his 3 sons 4s
7 Peter Gyde his 3 sons 4s
7 Rachel Gyde his dau 4s
7 Anne Luker his maidservant 4s
8 George Bodington 4s 2s
8 Anne Bodington his wife 4s
8 John Bodington his son 4s
8 Mary Bodington his daughter 4s
8 Mary Walton a poor inmate 4s
8 Richard Williams a pensioner of sd par 4s
8 Anne le Bow a parish child 4s
9 Charles Bringhurst 4s 2s
9 Anne Bringhurst his wife 4s
9 Charles Bringhurst his 2 sons 4s
9 James Bringhurst his 2 sons 4s
9 Jane Bringhurst his dau 4s
10 Nicholas Cooke 4s 2s
10 Jane Cooke his wife 4s
10 Anne Bradley a poor inmate 4s
11 Edmund Greene 4s 2s
11 Mary Greene his wife 4s
11 Elizabeth Clifford widow; an inmate 4s
11 Geoffrey Browne appr 4s
12 William Hardman a servant 4s 2s
12 Margaret Hardman his wife 4s
12 Mary Hardman his dau 4s
12 Mary Ray an inmate 4s
12 Mary Bowen an inmate 4s
12 Mary Bowen her dau 4s
12 Eleanor Kendrick a poor widow 4s
12 Mary Price 4s
12 Henry Kendrick two children 4s
12 William Kendrick two children 4s
12 William Le Bow parish child 4s
12 Mary Le Bow parish child 4s
12 William Mart parish child 4s
13 Robert Johnson 4s 2s
13 Sarah Johnson his wife 4s
13 Edward Row inmate £1 4s 12s
13 Frances Row his wife 14s
14 Mary Hill a poor woman 4s
14 George Hill her four children 4s
14 Hannah Hill her four children 4s
14 Mary Hill her four children 4s
14 Sarah Hill her four children 4s
14 Thomas Abbey 4s 2s
14 Anne Abbey his wife [?]
14 Morgan Abbey his son [?]
15 John Abrahall 4s 2s
15 Abigail Abrahall his wife 4s
16 John Bakewell 4s 2s
16 Elizabeth Bakewell his wife 4s
16 Mary Bakewell his three daus 4s
16 Susannah Bakewell his three daus 4s
16 Elizabeth Bakewell his three daus 4s
16 Joseph Lawrenson 4s 2s
16 Mary Lawrenson his wife 4s
16 Joseph Lawrenson his son 4s
16 James Clarke his app 4s
16 Martha Birch maidservt 4s
16 James Rawlins widower £1 4s £1 2s 6d 6s
16 Mary Bland a nurse 4s
16 Mary Bland her dau 4s
16 Elizabeth Howard a pencioner 4s
17 Thomas Spencer widower 4s 2s 6d 1s
17 Benjamin Spencer his son 4s
17 Bridget Spencer his dau 4s
17 Sarah Nicholson a servt; widow 4s
17 Richard Pardon bach 4s 2s 6d 1s
18 Job Edwards 4s 2s
18 Mary Edwards his wife 4s
18 Elizabeth Edwards his dau 4s
18 Anne Bradford maidservant 4s
18 Thomas Sharpe appr 4s
19 Samuel Blanckley 4s 2s
19 Katherine Blanckley his wife 4s
19 Samuel Blanckley his son 4s
19 Elizabeth Wood apprentice 4s
19 Mary Dracott apprentice 4s
19 John Peddyham apprentice 4s
19 John Norton 4s 2s
19 Katherine Norton his wife 4s
19 Jacob Mold 4s 2s
19 Letitia Mold his wife 4s
19 Mary Cole maidservant 4s
20 John Howell £1 4s 12s
20 Mary Howell his wife 14s
20 Gilbert Howell his son 14s
20 Samuel Pollett his son in law £1 4s 12s
20 Mary Pollett his wife 14s
20 Mary Gilbert widow 4s
20 Elizabeth Dunkin maidservant 4s
21 Sarah Gilbert widow 4s
21 John Gilbert her son 4s
21 Richard Lane journeyman 4s
21 Margaret Evins maidservt 4s
22 John Sheffeild 4s 2s
22 Mary Sheffeild his wife 4s
22 Godfrey Wethered app 4s
22 George Children app 4s
22 Katherine Sumner maidservant 4s
22 William Weston bach £1 4s £1 2s 6d [?]
22 Mary White widow 4s
22 Mary White her dau 4s
23 Eleanor Tomlins widow 14s
23 Samuel Tomlins eldest son 14s 12s 6d 6s value is probably erroneous: should be 14s burial, 12s 6d marriages and 3s 6d for bach/widower
23 Anne Colebourne widow 4s
23 Sarah Woodrough maidservt 4s
24 James Lever £1 4s 12s
24 Anne Lever his wife 14s
24 Edward Maskall appr 14s
24 Agnes Tull maidservant 4s
24 Anne Harris maidservant 4s
24 George Adams fooleboy 4s
25 Joshua Gearing junior £1 4s 12s £1 2s 6d bachelor' deleted, and 'lately married' added
25 Judith 0 his wife 14s inserted later
25 Joshua Gearing senior; widower £1 4s £1 2s 6d 6s
25 Sarah Hooper widow 14s
25 Pheobe Gearing spinster 14s
25 Ruth Poplett maidservt 4s
26 John Webb widr 4s 2s 6d 1s
26 Anne Oseland maidservt 4s
26 Anne Cleveland sempstrisses 4s
26 Elizabeth Cleveland sempstrisses 4s
26 James Barnes bach £1 4s £1 2s 6d 6s
27 Robert Doughty £1 4s 12s
27 Anne Doughty his wife 14s
27 Edmund Doughty his eldest son 14s
27 Anne Doughty his dau 14s
27 Edmund Doughty bachelor £1 4s £1 2s 6d 6s
27 Charles Carter app 14s
27 Mary Jones maidservant 4s
27 Alice Allen maidservant 4s
27 Elizabeth Hughes maidservant 4s
28 John Lofting £1 4s 12s
28 Hester Lofting his wife 14s
28 Mary Lofting his dau 14s
28 John Lofting eldest son 14s
28 William Lofting youngest son 14s
28 Simon Tuniman bach £1 4s £1 2s 6d 6s
28 Mary Barkslid widow 14s
28 Abraham Jesson bach £1 4s £1 2s 6d 6s
28 Elizabeth Jesson spinster 14s
28 Mary Waters maidservant 4s
28 Anne Slycett maidservant 4s
Elizabeth 0 deleted
28 Francis Luneck 4s 2s 6d 1s
29 Samuel Bayly £1 4s 12s
29 Mary Bayly his wife 14s
29 Edmund Bayly widower £1 4s £1 2s 6d [?]
29 0 Bayly sons of Edmond 14s
29 Samuel Bayly sons of Edmond 14s
29 Thomas Britridge journeymand and bach 4s 2s 6d 1s
29 Samuel Baker app 14s
29 Mary Beverton maidservant 4s
29 Sarah Pensack maidservant 4s
29 Mary Ambrous maidservant 4s
30 Mathew Howard £1 4s 12s
30 Elizabeth Howard his wife 14s
30 Elizabeth Howard his dau 14s
30 Robert Anesworth manservt; bach 4s 2s 6d 1s
30 Sarah Sheppard maidservant 4s
30 Dorothy Plaskett maidservant 4s
31 Henry Carter £1 4s 12s
31 Sarah Carter his wife 14s
31 George Carter his son 14s
31 William Coleman bach £1 4s £1 2s 6d 6s
31 Edward Feilden app 14s
31 Lister Tigh app; 2nd son of a phys £1 4s
31 Mary Carnell maidservants 4s
31 Eleanor James maidservants 4s
32 Thomas Acreman 4s 2s
32 Ellen Acreman his wife 4s
32 Anne Acreman his daughter 4s
32 Henry Bowman app 4s
32 Elizabeth Bayly spinster 4s
33 Timothy Langley bachelor £1 4s £1 2s 6d 6s
33 Henry Randall app; eldest son of Henry Randall gent £1 4s
33 Edmund Pike app; eldest son of John Pike esq £1 4s
33 Anne Fleck maidservant 4s
34 Samuel Palmer £1 4s 12s
34 Grizell 0 his wife 14s
34 Charles Beckingham journeyman 4s
34 James Child app; 2nd son of Henry Child gent £1 4s
34 Magdalene Menham maidservant 4s
34 Katherine Scott maidservant 4s
34 Martha Busfeild wife to gent of ordinance 14s
35 John Slone £1 4s 12s
35 Sarah Slone his wife 14s
35 Samuel Slone his son 14s
35 Sarah Slone his dau 14s
35 Nicholas Crispe £1 4s 12s
35 Anne Crispe his wife 14s
35 Anne Crispe his daus 14s
35 Mary Crispe his daus 14s
35 John Russell app 4s
35 Sherington Hodges app 4s
35 Mary Tompson maidservant 4s
35 Bridget Mason maidservant 4s
35 Richard Hooker app 4s poss inserted later?
36 Charles Bainton £1 4s 12s
36 Elizabeth Bainton his wife 14s
36 Sarah Bainton his daus 14s
36 Rebecca Bainton his daus 14s
36 John Hankinson app 4s
36 Mary White maidservant 4s
37 William Cornewell £1 4s 12s
37 Eleanor Cornewell his wife 14s
37 Hannah Elletson two Jamaica gerles 4s
37 Anne Elletson two Jamaica gerles 4s
37 William Tulley app 4s
37 Henry Powell app 4s
37 Humphrey Cornewell £1 4s 12s wife & family in ye country' in margin
37 Elizabeth Preest servt maid 4s
37 Mary Fourcke widow 14s
37 Mary Fourcke her dau 14s
38 John Smart 4s 2s
38 Elizabeth Smart his wife 4s
38 Daniel Smith app 4s
38 Katherine Lynton maidservt 4s
38 Joan Smart spinster 4s
38 Elizabeth Foster widow 14s
38 Basil Foster her son 14s
39 John Smith 4s 2s
39 Bridget Smith his wife 4s
39 William Barrell a boy 4s
39 John Smith his 2 sons 4s
39 Joseph Smith his 2 sons 4s
39 Edward Chifney app 4s
39 Henry Ely a boy 4s
39 Mary Renshaw maidservant 4s
39 Elizabeth Gaskoine maidservant 4s
39 Mary Tompson inmate 4s
40 John Burrard 4s 2s
40 Mary Burrard his wife 4s
40 Mary Forrester maidservant 4s
41 Alexander Pope £1 4s 12s
41 Mary Pope his wife 14s
41 Jonathan Pope his son 14s
41 Mary Pope his dau 14s
41 Elizabeth Croxford maidservant 4s
42 Francis Taylor £1 4s 12s
42 Mary Taylor his wife 14s
42 Elizabeth James maidservt 4s
42 John Hitch bach 4s 2s 6d 1s
42 William Danke appr 4s
43 Thomas Coles 4s 2s
43 Elizabeth Coles his wife 4s
43 Samuel Coles his son 4s
43 Alice Coles his dau 4s
43 Henry Dunn a poor boy 4s
43 Mary Smith widow; inmate 4s
43 Thomas Ange inmate; widr 4s 2s 6d 1s
43 John Outon his appr 4s
44 Dorothy Curtis widow 4s
44 Timothy Curtis her son 4s
44 Henry Baker widr 4s 2s 6d
44 John Baker his sons 4s
44 Henry Baker his sons 4s
45 John Browne £1 4s 12s
45 Anne Browne his wife 14s
45 Susannah Browne his dau 14s
45 John Browne his app 4s
45 Alice Burrow maidservant 4s
46 Marmaduke Iles 4s 2s
46 Mary Iles his wife [?]
47 William Steward £1 4s 12s
47 Mary Steward his wife 14s
47 William Steward his sons 14s
47 Luke Steward his sons 14s
47 Rachel de Rumfaldy maidservant 4s
48 William Smith 4s 2s
48 Anne Smith his wife 4s
48 Mary Smith his daus 4s
48 Sarah Smith his daus 4s
48 Sarah Curtis maidservant 4s
48 John Simons app 4s
48 Thomas Brookehouse app 4s
48 Gerard Townesend lodger; bach £1 4s £1 2s 6d 6s
48 Susan Paroclett spinster 4s
48 Ellen Huckle spinster 4s
48 Anne Orgett maidservant 4s
49 William Nuell 4s 2s
49 Sarah Nuell his wife 4s
49 Elizabeth Deane maidservants 4s
49 Katherine Watley maidservants 4s
49 Arnold Ambrous a poore boy 4s
50 Robert Gibons 4s 2s
50 Mary Gibons his wife 4s
50 Sarah Heath 4s
50 Thomas Pattison 4s
50 Margaret Pattison his wife 4s
50 Daniel Pattison his son 4s
51 Mary Browning spinster 4s
51 Anne Hudson maidservt 4s
52 Richard Farmer £1 4s 12s
52 Elizabeth Farmer his wife 14s
52 Stephen Sadgrove manservant 4s 2s 6d 1s
52 Thomas Bull apps 4s
52 John Somes apps 4s
52 Alice Bree maidservt 4s
53 William Harrison widr 4s 2s 6d
53 William Harrison his son 4s
53 Thomas Soones app 4s
53 Christian Megson maidservant 4s
53 Soloman Wheately bach 4s 2s 6d
54 Judah Hinchman 4s 2s
54 Dorothy Hinchman his wife 4s
54 Elizabeth Hinchman his dau 4s
54 Thomas Hinchman his son 4s
54 Anne Kingsbury maidservt 4s
55 John Stubbs £1 4s 12s
55 Mary Stubbs his wife 14s
55 John Hunt bacheler; servant 4s 2s 6d 1s
55 William Kinner bacheler; servant 4s 2s 6d 1s
55 Rebecca Walton maidservant 4s
56 Peter Goray £1 4s 12s
56 Rebecca Goray his wife 14s
56 Peter Goray his son 14s
56 Rebecca Goray his dau 14s
56 Henry Bradford manservt 4s
56 Frances Stevenson maidservants 4s
56 Anne Lewis maidservants 4s
57 Christopher Betsworth £1 4s 12s
57 Sarah Betsworth his wife 14s
57 Thomas Betsworth his sons 14s
57 Christopher Betsworth his sons 14s
57 Anne Betsworth his dau 14s
57 Sarah Martin maidservant 4s
57 Margaret Burrows maidservant 4s
58 John Berrisford £1 4s 12s
58 Sarah Berrisford his wife 14s
58 Sansbury Berrisford his son 14s
58 Mary Berrisford his dau 14s
58 Mary Gurne his granddaughter 4s
58 Elizabeth Luse a nurse 4s
58 Jane Noles maidservt 4s
58 Mary Richardson maidservt 4s
58 Henry Prockter app 4s
58 Thomas Marshall journeyman; bach 4s 2s 6d 1s
59 Robert Batt 4s 2s
59 Sarah Batt his wife 4s
59 Robert Batt his 2 sons 4s
59 Joseph Batt his 2 sons 4s
59 Hannah Batt his dau 4s
59 William Adams his appr 4s
60 Thomas Gradwell 4s 2s
60 Mary Gradwell his wife 4s
60 Margaret Gardiner spinster 4s
60 Rebecca Gardiner spinster 4s
60 Anne Gardiner spinster 4s
60 Thomas Gradwell his son 4s
60 Hannah Rouse maidservant 4s
60 Anne Wiltsheire maidservant 4s
60 Sarah Field maidservant 4s
61 Abraham Daubrian £1 4s 12s
61 Hester Daubrian his wife 14s
61 James Daubrian bach £1 4s £1 2s 6d 6s
61 Abraham Daubrian two children 14s
61 John Daubrian two children 14s
61 Susan Daubrian a child 14s
61 Anne Wetheridge maidservant 4s
62 William Walker 4s 2s
62 Margaret Walker his wife 4s
63 Thomas Pennat widower 4s 2s 6d 1s
63 Anne Wollenger maidservant 4s
64 Arthur Astley 4s 2s
64 Judith Astley his wife 4s
64 Martha Freeman maidservant 4s
65 Robert Hunter 4s 2s
65 Elizabeth Hunter his wife 4s
65 Elizabeth Hunter his daus 4s
65 Mary Hunter his daus 4s
65 Robert Raudon app 4s
65 Mary Richardson maidservant 4s
66 John Slone 4s 2s
66 Sarah Slone his wife 4s
67 John Hubbock 4s 2s
67 Mary Hubbock his wife 4s
67 Samuel Poynatt a boy 4s
67 Sarah Durdant widow 4s
67 Lydia Fox maidservt 4s
68 James Levett £1 4s 12s
68 Ruth Levett his wife 14s
68 Francis Levett his 2 sons 14s
68 James Levett his 2 sons 14s
68 Ruth Levett his dau 14s
68 Thomas Stroud his app 4s
68 Sarah Mitchell maidservant 4s
69 William Hands 4s 2s
69 Elizabeth Hands his wife 4s
69 Elizabeth Hands his dau 4s
69 Jane Badger maidservt 4s
70 John Thompson 4s 2s
70 Ursula Thompson his wife 4s
71 Thomas Martin 4s 2s
71 Katherine Martin his wife 4s
71 Mary Rouers maidservant 4s
71 William Bonney 4s
71 Mary Bonney his wife 4s
71 Ruth Wintworth maidservt 4s
72 Thomas Gardiner £5 4s £1 2s
72 Elizabeth Gardiner his wife £1 4s
72 Mary Gardiner his dau £1 4s
72 Ralph Briscoe app 14s
72 Thomas Salmon app 14s
72 John Day 4s
72 Martha Say maidservant 4s
72 Elizabeth Selby maidservant 4s
72 Tobias 0 a blackboy 4s
73 John Chesmore 4s 2s
73 Mary Chesmore his wife 4s
73 John Dixon manservant 4s
73 Thomas Hicks manservant 4s
74 Paul Sindrey £1 4s 12s surname might be Sindery
74 Thomasine Sindrey his wife 14s
74 Edward Sindrey his son 14s
74 Margaret Sindrey his dau 14s
74 Thomasine Sindrey his dau 14s
74 Elizabeth Sindrey his dau 14s
74 Francis Fox app 14s
74 Hannah Johnson maidservant 4s
74 Elizabeth Oliver maidservant 4s
75 Robert Greene £1 4s 12s
75 Susannah Greene his wife 14s
75 Elizabeth Greene his daus 14s
75 Thomasine Greene his daus 14s
75 Amy Greene his daus 14s
75 John Bishop his partner £1 4s 12s
75 Elizabeth Bishop his wife 14s
75 Thomas Stone journeyman; bach 4s 2s 6d 1s
75 Mary Rogers maidservt 4s
75 Thomasine Norris spinster 4s
76 William Withers £1 4s 12s
76 Margaret Withers his wife 14s
76 William Withers his eldest son 14s
76 John Withers 2nd son 14s
76 Thomas Withers 3rd son 14s
76 Sarah Withers his dau 14s
76 John Stanly apps 14s
76 Benjamin Deboyce apps 14s
76 Thomas Bainbridge apps 14s
76 Mary Preston maidservt 4s
76 Martha Graner maidservt 4s
76 Hannah Payne maidservt 4s
76 Mary Rand maidservt 4s
76 John Cozens coachman 4s 2s 6d 1s
77 Joseph Webb £1 4s 12s
77 Sarah Webb his wife 14s
77 Alan Webb his son 14s
77 William Man app 4s
77 Joseph More app 4s
77 Jane Bond maidservant 4s
77 Margaret Gilpin maidservant 4s
77 Elizabeth Post maidservant 4s
78 George Vines £1 4s 12s
78 Sarah Vines his wife 14s
78 Robert Turpin journeyman; bach 4s
78 Roles Marquett app 14s
78 Sarah Marriott maidservant 4s
78 Anne Humphreys maidservant 4s
78 Richard Tapps warehouseman; bach £1 4s £1 2s 6d 6s
78 Joseph Tapps warehouseman; widr 4s 2s 6d 1s
78 0 Vines widow 14s unclear if part of this prop - bottom of page
79 William Adams bach £1 4s £1 2s 6d 6s
79 Anne Adams widow 14s
79 Christian Jones widow 4s
79 Thomas Tomlins app 14s
79 Margaret Coals maidservt 4s
80 Edward Bannester £1 4s 12s
80 Hannah Bannester his wife 14s
80 Jane Bannester his dau 14s
80 Johanna Vincent maidservant 4s
80 Elizabeth Lawrence maidservant 4s
80 Martha Peeling maidservant 4s
80 Judith Charleton spinster 14s
81 Timothy Batt widr £1 4s £1 2s 6d
81 William Batt his son 14s at school in ye country
81 Joseph Barnes journeyman; batchelor 4s
81 Edward West app 14s
81 Judith Ware spinster 4s
81 Anne Berryhurst maidservant 4s
82 Obediah Grevell £1 4s 12s
82 Elizabeth Grevell his wife 14s
82 Damerons Smith inmate 4s
82 Henry Cole bach £1 4s £1 2s 6d 6s
83 Stephen Wilkinson 4s 2s
83 Margaret Wilkinson his wife 4s
83 Elizabeth Wilkinson his dau 4s
83 Rebecca Wilcox maidservt 4s
83 Margaret Revell maidservt 4s
83 Jane Stainesby maidservt 4s
83 Mary Faulckner widow deleted
83 Henry Finch warehouseman; bach 4s 2s 6d 1s
83 Nathaniel Finch warehouseman; bach 4s 2s 6d 1s
84 John Crompton £1 4s 12s £1 2s 6d married lately'
84 Mary Crompton his wife 14s
84 Richard Don app; eldest son of a gent £1 4s
84 Charles Grimmett app; eldest son of a gent £1 4s
84 Anne Ward servant maid 4s
84 Mary Mansfeild servant maid 4s
84 John Pickering widower £1 4s £1 2s 6d
84 George Dennis bach £1 4s £1 2s 6d 6s
84 John George journeyman; batchelor 4s 2s 6d 1s
85 Edward Towsey £1 4s 12s
85 Margaret Towsey his wife 14s
85 Lucy Nichols maidesrvant 4s
85 John Taylor a boy 4s
86 Thomas Codner 4s 2s
86 Margaret Codner his wife 4s
86 0 0 maidservant illeg
86 Stephen Burkett a boy 4s
86 Mary Woodhead a gerle 4s
86 Elizabeth Codner 2 children 4s
86 Mary Codner 2 children 4s
86 Elizabeth Greenurs maidservant 4s
87 William Thorneton 4s 2s
87 Sarah Thorneton his wife 4s
87 Rebecca Wood spinster 4s
88 Henry Worleech 4s 2s
88 Mary Worleech his wife 4s
88 Thomas Worleech his son 4s
88 Elizabeth Ginnett maidservt 4s
88 Mary Woodward maidservt 4s
88 Rebecca Holmes maidservt 4s
88 Edward Tapps appr 4s
88 John Singleton widower £1 4s £1 2s 6d
88 Charles Evins appr 14s
88 Rebecca Hawkins widow 4s
88 Mary Smith servt maid 4s >' mark next to name
88 Richard Evins bach £1 4s £1 2s 6d 6s >' mark next to name
89 John Thorne 4s 2s
89 Marion Thorne his wife 4s
89 Elizabeth Thorne his daus 4s
89 Anne Thorne his daus 4s
89 James Austin app 4s
89 John Wormseley app 4s
89 Anne Greene servt maid 4s
89 John Badger £5 4s £5 2s 6d £1 6s
90 John Bernard £1 4s 12s
90 Mary Bernard his wife 14s
90 Elizabeth Bernard his daus 14s
90 Mary Bernard his daus 14s
90 Anne Bernard his daus 14s
90 James Clarke app 4s
90 Elizabeth Coney maidservant 4s
90 Sarah Barker maidservant 4s
91 Robert Alexander 4s 2s
91 Susannah Alexander his wife 4s
91 William Machonesse a boy 4s
91 William Webb app 4s
91 Martin Vandenanker app 4s
91 Anne Cooper maid 4s
91 Anne Whitmore maid 4s
91 John Walker 4s 2s
91 Christopher Walker his wife 4s
92 John Herne £1 4s 12s surname might be Hearne
92 Priscilla Herne his wife 14s surname might be Hearne
92 Hulin Herne his son 14s surname might be Hearne
92 John Ketcher journeyman; bach 4s 2s 6d 1s
92 Mathew Morton app 14s
92 Benjamin Spillman app 14s
92 Elizabeth Jeffreys a nurse 4s
92 Jane Edwards maidservant 4s
93 Richard Freestone £1 4s 12s
93 Susan Freestone his wife 14s
93 John Freestone his eldest son £1 4s 12s
93 Frances Freestone his wife 14s
93 Richard Freestone youngest son 14s
93 Ralph Crosse app £1 4s
93 William Richards footboy 4s
93 Anne Challener maid 4s
93 Jane Perriam maid 4s
93 Elizabeth Tompson maid 4s
93 Frances Clarke widow £1 4s
93 Katherine Hall her maid 4s
94 Sarah Berkett spinster 4s
94 Elizabeth Child servant maid 4s
95 William Trigg £1 4s 12s
95 Elizabeth Trigg his wife 14s
95 Benjamin Trigg his sons 14s
95 Hall Trigg his sons 14s
95 Mary Trigg his dau 14s
95 Anne Harvey maids 4s
95 Mary Carter maids 4s
96 Paul Carter 4s 2s
96 Mary Carter his wife 4s
96 Sarah Slapes maidservant 4s
96 John Dell a boy 4s
97 Thomas Parker bachelor 4s 2s 6d 1s
97 Samuel Parker his brother; bach 4s 2s 6d 1s
98 John Whiteing £1 4s
98 Elizabeth Whiteing his wife 14s
98 James Whiteing his son 14s
98 Elizabeth Whiteing daus 14s
98 Rebecca Whiteing daus 14s
98 Mary Whiteing daus 14s
98 Sarah Bainton maids 4s
98 Ellen Panmore maids 4s
98 Hester Chambers maids 4s
98 Benjamin Whiting inmate 4s
98 Moses Rapen bach £1 4s £1 2s 6d 6s
99 Sarah Middleton widow 4s
99 Johanna Smith maidservt 4s
99 Henry Carpenter journeyman; bach 4s 2s 6d 1s
99 William Strutton apps 4s
99 isaac Walton apps 4s
100 Christopher Tilliard bach £1 4s £1 2s 6d 6s
100 Henry Lewis bach £1 4s £1 2s 6d 6s
101 Henry Harvey £1 4s 12s
101 Hannah Harvey his wife [?]
101 Richard Ellett journeyman; bach 4s 2s 6d 1s
101 Sarah Ludd maidservant 4s
102 John Semer 4s 2s
102 Mary Semer his wife 4s
102 John Semer his son 4s
102 Deborah Clarke maidservt 4s
103 Thomas Hudson £1 4s 12s
103 Mary Hudson his wife 14s
103 Richard Springett bach £1 4s £1 2s 6d 6s
103 William Collett apps 4s
103 Henry Hearne apps 4s
103 Richard Meane apps 4s
103 Jane Spencer maidservt 4s
104 Robert Key £1 4s 12s
104 Elizabeth Key his wife 14s
104 Samuel Ellyatt app 4s
104 Elizabeth Hollingshead maidservt 4s
104 William Murray bach £1 4s £1 2s 6d 6s
104 Elizabeth Wilmore widow 4s
104 Sarah Wilmore her dau 4s
104 Elizabeth Batt maidservt 4s
104 George Prockter 4s 2s > symbol next to name
104 Katherine Prockter his wife 4s
105 John Wilcox £1 4s 12s
105 Martha Wilcox his wife 14s
105 Martha Wilcox his dau 14s
105 John Timbrell apps 4s
105 John Cooke apps 4s
105 Mary Alford maidservant 4s