Chronicles of the Mayors and Sheriffs: 1251-2

Pages 19-20

Chronicles of the Mayors and Sheriffs of London 1188-1274. Originally published by Trübner, London, 1863.

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A.D. 1251. Sheriffs.: Nicholas Bat, again,; Laurence de Frowyk, again,

In this year, there were Pleas of the Crown held at the Tower of London on the morrow of Saint Michael; at which pleas, Alexander de Minynes, John Duraunte, Andrew le (fn. 1) Pepperer, and William Duraunte, made the (fn. 2) Great Law; and in like manner, Thomas de Faleyse and Iseuda de Tateshall, who had (fn. 3) waged the Great Law in the pleas that were last pleaded at the Tower, then fulfilled the same. Also, John, le Clerc by name, failed in making his law, and was therefore condemned to death.

In the same year, at the Feast of the Translation of Saint Edward [13 October], the citizens of London, at the request of his lordship the King, offered large tapers at the altar of Saint Edward, namely, at every (fn. 4) Office, one square taper of wax. In this year, Adam de Basing was made Mayor, on the Feast of Symon and Jude [28 October]. In this year, on the Feast of Saint Stephen [26 December] (fn. 5) during the Nativity, his lordship the King gave Margaret, his eldest daughter, in marriage to the King of Scotland. This year, on the morrow of Saint John the Baptist [24 June], there was intense heat, which lasted five days.


  • 1. Dealer in pepper and spices.
  • 2. I. e. proved their innocence on the oath of thirty-six compurgators or jurors.
  • 3. I. e. had given pledge to take their trial in this form. As to the case of Iseuda de Tateshall, see the Liber Albus, folio 38 a.
  • 4. Portion, or fresh division, of the service of the Roman Church.
  • 5. I.e. in Christmas week.