Additions to the Chronicles: Names of the mayors

Pages 193-194

Chronicles of the Mayors and Sheriffs of London 1188-1274. Originally published by Trübner, London, 1863.

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Names of the mayors

Names of the Mayors of London.

Henry Fitz-Eylwin of (fn. 1) Londonestane was the first Mayor of London, being so made in the first year of the reign of King Richard; and continued to be Mayor until his death, a period of nearly fiveand-twenty years.

Roger Fitz-Alan, for one year.

Serlo le Mercer, for one year.

William Hardel, for one year.

Jacob Alderman from Easter until Pentecost; Saloman de Basinges for the remainder of the year.

Serlo le Mercer was made Mayor on the Feast of Simon and Jude in the year of Grace 1216, and so continued for five years.

A.D. 1221. Richard Reinger, Mayor for (fn. 2) five years.

Roger le Duc, Mayor for four years.

In the year of Grace 1230, Andrew Bukerel, Mayor for seven years.

Richard Reinger again, for one year.

William Joyenier, for one year.

Gerard Bat, for one year.

A.D. 1240. Reiner de Bungeye, for one year.

Ralph Eswy, for three years.

Michael Tovy, for one year.

The same person being also elected in the following year and not admitted, the City was without a Mayor until the Feast of Saint Hilary [13 January], when John de Gizors was made Mayor until the Feast of Simon and Jude [28 October].

Peter Fitz-Alan, for one year.

Michael Tovy again, for two years.

Roger Fitz-Roger, for one year.

A.D 1250. John Norman, for one year.

Adam de Basinges, for one year.

John de Tuleshan, for one year.

Nicholas Bat, for one year.

Ralph Hardel, for three years.

The same until the Ides of February [13 February] in another year, and then, William Fitz-Richard for the remainder of that year.

John de Gizors again, for one year.

William Fitz-Richard again, for two years.

A.D. 1261. Thomas Fitz-Thomas, for two years.

The same person was elected for a third year, and presented at the Exchequer, but not admitted, though he still continued Mayor for one year.

The same was again elected Mayor, and admitted for one year. This was the (fn. 3) last Mayor of London, being so made on the Feast of Simon and Jude A.D. 1264.


  • 1. London Stone.
  • 2. These numbers, it will be found, do not exactly agree with those given in the preceding Chronicle.
  • 3. This shews the early date of the present insertion, and that it is of prior composition to the latter part of the preceding Chronicle.