Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640 Database. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, London, 2004.

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Name Frances BENDWELL
Gender Female
Period of medical practice 1606-1626
Address Of St Martins [Lane?] 1616
Other notes Trouble 1616. Old then.

Known London address

St Martins [Lane?]
Date 1616

Censorial hearings

22 March 1616
Entry Thomas Audley said B offered him a drink for hectic ague, felt his pulse, said she could cure him where doctors had failed, and purged him to 'exceeding weakness'. Cost was 10s. A's laundress Katharin Harbert was to pawn linen to B for medicine.
Initiator of the complaint patient
Action taken Deferred. See below.
Number of crimes 1
3 May 1616
Entry B appeared & was charged by William & Katherin Harbert with selling 4 quarts of 'e senna polypod. glyc. etc.' which failed to purge.
Initiator of the complaint patient
Second initiator of the complaint patient
Action taken Fined 40s. but prison suspended as she was old. Ordered to reappear
Verdict guilty
Sentence Fined 40s., but to reappear
Number of crimes 1
7 June 1616
Entry Accused again by Katherin Harbert of supplying 'lign. glycr. senna et with Coloquintida'.
Initiator of the complaint patient
Action taken Ordered to hand back [H's] linen. Fined 13s 4d. Prohibited.
Number of crimes 1