BESSE, William

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William BESSE


Name William BESSE (BEST)
Gender Male
Primary occupation medical apothecary (Apothecary)
Period of medical practice 1590-1634
Date of death c.1634
Address [Poultry 1640 cannot be him! There is another in the SA.]
Other notes Luke affair 1600. Charter member SA 1614 1617. Treacle man.

Censorial hearings

2 May 1600
Entry Apothecary. Accused of dispensing 'nuper Mag. Luke propinatu' (=as/to a drinking companion of the late Mr. Luke?).
Action taken ?
26 June 1600
Entry Accused by JENKINSON 436, who was himself accused.
Initiator of the complaint patient
Action taken ?None (nothing proved).
Number of crimes 1
5 July 1600
Entry B was accused of implication in the death of LUKE, who had died in his house. PIERS had prescribed a vomitory potion of 4 grains of antimony, and B had prepared it. He denied administering it, however.
Action taken B was fined 40s. for unlawful practice.
Verdict guilty
Sentence Fined 40s. for unlawful practice
Number of crimes 1