Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640 Database. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, London, 2004.

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Name John CARTER
Gender Male
Primary occupation medical physician (university education) (Physician)
Period of medical practice 1579-1610
Other notes ?Ca 1573 BA 1577 MA 1580 MD 1586? Trouble 1589, 1597, 1599, 1600.

Censorial hearings

7 Nov 1589
Entry C fined £3 6s 8d on account of his previous practice.
Action taken Fined £3 6s 8d.
Verdict guilty
Sentence Fined £3 6s 8d
3 June 1597
Entry To be imprisoned.
Action taken Imprisoned (?)
Verdict guilty
Sentence Imprisoned (?)
2 April 1599
Entry The wife of Robert Ball complained about C.
Initiator of the complaint spouse of the patient
Attitude of the accused absent
Action taken C was summoned.
Number of crimes 1
2 Nov 1599
Entry C appeared. 'Pollicetur se discessurum ex haec Civitate ante Festum Nativitatis Christi proximum nec unquam in posterum huc reversurum ad practicandum in hac urbe. Interim petit ut mitius secum agamus per Conniventiam.' (He promised to leave this city before next Christmas and not to practise again in this city after that. He asked to be tolerated until then.)
Action taken ?Connived at pro temp.?
7 March 1600
Entry C, an MA of 20 years from Cambridge, was warned about the College's rights.
Action taken Warned.
Verdict guilty
Sentence Warned