Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640 Database. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, London, 2004.

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Name Jacob DOMINGO
Gender Male
Primary occupation medical physician (MD) (Physician)
Period of medical practice 1595-1623
Place of birth sounds foreign - Spanish? Portuguese?
Other notes Imprisoned 1605. LRCP 1606 (apparently ELRCP 1605). Belligerent & bad payer => trouble till 1613.

College membership

Date of MD not known
Date became Licentiate 01/10/1606
In trouble before membership Yes
In trouble after membership Yes
Other notes MD where? when?

Censorial hearings

4 March 1605
Entry D had recently been imprisoned for practising and for rudeness to and 'shameful slanders' on the College. Now he confessed his fault of sudden passion and was freed on condition that he paid the fees of the Keeper and abstained from practice in future.
Action taken Freed and prohibited from practice in future.
Verdict guilty
Sentence Imprisoned, then freed and prohibited from practice
6 Dec 1605
Entry D appeared and said he thought he had gained a licence.
Action taken Decided that D had a licence for country practice only.
25 June 1606
Entry 'Everyone considered that D should be sent to prison for contempt.'
Action taken ?D imprisoned for contempt.
Verdict guilty
Sentence Imprisoned
5 Sep 1606
Entry D was examined and accepted as a Licentiate, on condition that he paid his fees to the College and its officers as prescribed.
Action taken LRCP if he paid. See next.
1 Oct 1606
Entry D, having paid his fees, was admitted as a Licentiate.
Action taken LRCP.
1 Dec 1609
Entry D failed to appear on a charge of non-payment of arrears (fees).
Action taken Failed to appear.
19 Jan 1611
Entry D appeared and was urged to pay the £6 he owed. He was then charged with ignorance of the composition of a poison antidote he got from an Italian and had administered - he claimed that he had seen it work on a poisoned dog (according to Dr Forster & Dr Argent). Dr Moundeford said that D had given this antidote to Lady Drury, which killed her (stomach illness). D said she had died of lung inflammn. He was warned not to use unknown medicines, or he would be severely punished; also to wash & cauterize his lapis lazuli preparations thoroughly, & not to use 'Alchemies Confection' in ignorance of it.
Initiator of the complaint college member
Second initiator of the complaint college member
Third initiator of the complaint college member
Action taken Warned not to use unknown medicines, or wd be severely punished.
Number of crimes 1
13 Aug 1613
Entry D was warned to be polite.
Action taken Warned to be polite.