GOSSEN, Gerard or Garrett

Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640 Database. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, London, 2004.

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Gerard or Garrett GOSSEN


Gender Male
Primary occupation medical physician (MD) (Physician. Almanack maker 1571)
Period of medical practice 1560-1603
Place of birth Brabant
Date of death 1603
Address St Olave Hart St 1603
Other notes Charged 1570. Archbishop of Canterbury's Lic 1582. Dutch church. ?Reln of William G d.1591?

Known London address

St Olave Hart Street
Parish St Olave Hart Street
Ward Tower (Street)
Date 1603

Censorial hearings

4 March 1570
Entry 'On 4 March Gerard Gossemius of Brabant, Doctor of Louvain (so he declared, for his letters testimonial with other evidence had been lost in a storm at sea during his flight from the Duke of Alva - according to his story) was asked by the Censors why he was practising medicine in Britain without a licence: his reply was that he did not know our laws, but it was decided that he should return to his own country within a few days. Therefore he was sent away on the condition that he should not practise medicine either in the City or anywhere in England.'
Attitude of the accused made an excuse
Action taken Warned and dismissed on promise to leave the country.
Verdict guilty
Sentence Warned and dismissed on promise to leave the country