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Name Thomas JOHNSON
Gender Male
Primary occupation medical apothecary (Apothecary. Servant to Darnell (Apothecary) 1626. Herbalist. Author. Translator. Soldier (Royalist).)
Period of medical practice 1626-1643
Place of birth England (Hull, Yorkshire)
Date of death 1643
Address Friday Street, St Margaret Moses, 1622-37. Snow Hill (shop?) 16**.
Other notes In trouble 1626, 1627, 1630. Freed SA 1628.

Known London address

Sprigd Eagle, Friday Street, St Margaret Moses
Parish St Margaret Moses, Friday Street
Ward Bread Street
Date 1622-37
Snow Hill (?)
Parish St Sepulchre without Newgate
Ward Faringdon Without
Date 1628

Censorial hearings

1 Dec 1626
Entry J, apothecary and the servant of Darnell, denied wrongly pricing oil and mace.
Attitude of the accused denied
Action taken Warned and dismissed.
Verdict case not completed
Number of crimes 1
2 April 1627
Entry The President informed the College that Mr. Johnson in Friday Street ... [and other apothecaries] ... had in their shops compounds, substances either of the worst quality or of no value.
Action taken ?
Verdict case not completed
26 Nov 1630
Entry Cecily Smith accused Mr. Johnson an apothecary of giving medicine to John Stranger of the parish of St Nicholas Cole Abbey for seven days. The patient had died. G confessed that he'd had no physician's advice.
Initiator of the complaint person unconnected with the patient or the case
Attitude of the accused confessed
Action taken ?
Number of crimes 1
3 Dec 1630
Entry Mr. Johnson an apothecary appeared; acknowledging his fault, he asked forgiveness. He was deferred until another time.
Action taken Deferred.
Verdict guilty
Sentence None