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'KINGSTON, John (Dr)', in Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640 Database, (London, 2004) pp. . British History Online [accessed 13 April 2024]

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Name John (Dr) KINGSTON
Gender Male
Primary occupation medical physician (MD)
Period of medical practice 1629-1649
Place of birth London (St Faiths, London (son of Felix Kingston, stationer))
Date of birth 1607
Date of death 1666
Address St Katherine Cree, London (1666 - will).
Other notes Trouble 3 May 1639. Pembroke College, Cantab, 1623: BA 1626, MA 1630, MD 1637. First encounter hostile - thereafter 4 x COLLBIZ (examined for Collmem, passed 1, referred 2). Son John Ca 1658.

Censorial hearings

3 May 1639
Entry Dr K was to be summoned to appear in the next month at the Extraordinaria Comitia of the Censors.
Attitude of the accused absent
Action taken To appear next month.
25 June 1639
Entry Dr K appeared and was rebuked for remiss conduct towards the College. He promised to behave better in future, and to appear at the Censors' Comitia on 5 July.
Action taken Was rebuked and promised to amend & to appear at next.
Verdict guilty
Sentence Rebuked and to apply for Collmem
5 July 1639
Entry Dr K appeared and asked to be examined by the Censors. It was refused, because one of them (Dr Wright) was absent.
Action taken To return next Friday.
12 July 1639
Entry Dr K, of Pembroke College, Cantab, was examined for the first time.
Action taken ?Approved at first examination.
2 Aug 1639
Entry Dr K was examined for the second time and replied in such a way that he was advised to undertake further in medicine and then to return to the examination.
Action taken Failed, or referred, in second examination.