Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640 Database. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, London, 2004.

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Gender Female
Marital status Married 1626 (Wife of Robert Murray. Falsely claimed widow 1626. Husband: medical barber-surgeon, BSC 1612-36 & S to Barts)
Primary occupation non-medical (Wife of Robert M (BSC 1612-36 & Surgeon to Barts))
Period of medical practice 1616-1636
Other notes Accused 1626. Husband Guider Southwark Leper Hosp 1618/Lithotomist 1612.

Censorial hearings

7 April 1626
Entry M, wife of Robert M, surgeon, but falsely claiming widowhood, said that she had practised by the advice of one Blackwell of St Thomas's Hospital. Isabella Hutchinson, Scot, wife of the King's perfumer, complained that M had treated her son William Rankin with an excessive purge, which had killed him. M confessed to giving pulvis sanctus from Rives, apothecary. John Brocas said M thought R had been constipated for 1 year.
Initiator of the complaint relative of the patient
Action taken M to reappear with the doctor's bill.
Number of crimes 1
2 June 1626
Entry M and Mrs Hutchinson and goodwife Pin 'made a great dispute here to no purpose'.
Attitude of the accused denied
Action taken ?
7 July 1626
Entry Mrs Hutchinson made an obscure reference to M.
Attitude of the accused absent
Action taken ?
Verdict case not completed