POPLE, Cecilia

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Cecilia POPLE


Name Cecilia POPLE (POPLAR)
Gender Female
Period of medical practice 1588-1609
Address Aldersgate Street 1598
Other notes Accused 1598 & 1599.

Known London address

Aldersgate Street
Parish St Botolph without Aldersgate
Ward Aldersgate (Within & Without)
Date 1598

Censorial hearings

2 June 1598
Entry P, of Aldersgate Street, was accused by Wood, Hynd & Cole (surgeons) of wrong and absurd practice on Dorothy Gatersby. P had used fumigation and G had died in 12 days. P had used similar treatment on Dorothy Underwood and Margaret Braine. She was ordered to appear at the next meeting with her husband and give a bond not to practise in future.
Action taken To appear and give bond against future abstention.
Number of crimes 3
26 June 1598
Entry P appeared, but the matter was postponed.
Action taken Deferred.
Number of crimes 3
30 June 1598
Entry P appeared and confessed. She was forbidden to practise and agreed not to.
Action taken Forbidden to practise. Promised not to.
Verdict guilty
Sentence Forbidden to practise, and promised not to. ?Bond taken
25 June 1599
Entry P appeared, but her accusers were absent; she was told to reappear at the next meeting.
Initiator of the complaint spouse of the patient
Action taken To reappear.
5 July 1599
Entry Henry Kennyck appeared and confirmed that he / his wife had received medicaments from a woman called Pople namely some pills and purgative potions. It had been arranged and agreed that P should receive a featherbed cover (*) after she had completed the treatment undertaken. P was not present although when so advised she had promised faithfully to attend the next Comitia.
Initiator of the complaint spouse of the patient
Attitude of the accused absent
Action taken ?
Verdict case not completed
Number of crimes 1