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'SAPORANUS, Francis', in Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640 Database, (London, 2004) pp. . British History Online [accessed 22 April 2024]

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Name Francis SAPORANUS
Gender Male
Period of medical practice 1598-1618
Place of birth Italian
Other notes Accused (with BERNARDINUS 78 & FLEMING 273, qqv) 1608.

Censorial hearings

25 July 1608
Entry S, an Italian, appeared with BERNARDINUS (78, qv), FLEMING (273, qv) 'etc.' in the 'anti-catharticum' affair (B had been caught selling it and said he was only the agent for F and S, merchants). S's excuse was accepted and he was released from his bond.
Action taken Exonerated and released from his bond.
Verdict innocent
5 Aug 1608
Entry S and FLEMING ('the Italian merchants') appeared with 41 doses of anti-catharticum and some charms, but BERNARDINUS was not with them so the case was postponed.
Action taken Deferred until BERNARDINUS should be present.
12 Aug 1608
Entry S appeared with BERNARDINUS '&c.' and they confessed to selling the cathartic, in particular to a man from Tower Hill. B said the patient had greatly benefited from the dose, and he could have sold not only the original 50 doses, but also a thousand or two more.
Action taken ? (BERNARDINUS was fined £20 and imprisoned till he paid.)