Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640 Database. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, London, 2004.

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Gender Male
Primary occupation medical physician (MD) (Physician)
Period of medical practice 1603-1638
Place of birth England (Anglus-Occidentalis [=of the West of England])
Date of death 1638
Address Great St Helen's Bishopsgate parish 1621-38
Other notes Warned 1613. Accused 1615 1617. Rejected as CRCP 1617 but CRCP 1620. ?MD Leyden? <NB: can Anglus-Occidentalis mean IRISH?>

Known London address

Great St Helen's Bishopsgate
Parish St Helen Bishopsgate
Ward Bishopsgate (Within & Without)
Date 1621-38

College membership

Medical education (university) Leiden
Date of MD not known
Date became Candidate 30/09/1620
Date of Candidacy 1620-1638
In trouble before membership Yes
Other notes ?MD Leyden (Munk: Franeker)
Date of death 1638

Censorial hearings

10 Sep 1613
Entry S had studied medicine for 10 years, though he'd only been in university for 2 months. He 'practised among friends only'.
Action taken Warned.
Verdict guilty
Sentence Warned to abstain
23 Sep 1631
Entry S accused George BUTLER (135, qv) of giving 8-10 mineral pills to Mr Askue of Bridwell dock.
Action taken ?
1 Dec 1615
Entry S was charged by Moundeford with giving a clyster and letting blood in Crooked Lane.
Initiator of the complaint college member
Action taken To reappear.
Verdict case not completed
Number of crimes 1
25 Nov 1617
Entry S failed to appear.
Attitude of the accused absent
Action taken Failed to appear.
5 Dec 1617
Entry S presented himself for examination. He had no degree, though he had 'passed a while' at Christ Church, Oxford. He had practised in London for 4 years, following Polish and German ('quacks') methods. He had read some Galen & gave several replies to anatomical questions (details in Annals). But though 'not without learning' he refused to give his sources. He was advised to study medicine more carefully.
Action taken Not approved, though not unlearned. Prohibited from practice.
Verdict guilty
Sentence Prohibited from practice. Not licensed
2 June 1620
Entry S, now MD Franeker (28 Aug 1619), had been incorporated at Oxford on 2 Dec 1619. He was examined and approved for the first time.
Action taken Approved on first examination.
7 July 1620
Entry S was examined and approved for the second time.
Action taken Approved on second examination.
1 Sep 1620
Entry S was examined and approved for the third time.
Action taken Approved on third examination.
Michaelmas 1620
Entry S was examined and approved for the fourth time.
Action taken Approved on fourth examination and elected CRCP.
28 Jan 1631
Entry S accused George BUTLER (135, qv) of giving mercury pills to the wife of Captain Paparelli of Redriff, causing severe salivation. (Goulston knew about the case.)
Action taken ?