SORE, Fraunce

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Fraunce SORE


Name Fraunce SORE (SOARE)
Gender Male
Primary occupation medical barber-surgeon (Barber-surgeon. BSC 1621-40)
Period of medical practice 1611-1643
Date of birth ?c.1600
Address St Botolph Bishopsgate 1621
Other notes Accused 1633. Servant of John SCOTT 657.

Known London address

St Botolph Bishopsgate
Parish St Botolph without Bishopsgate
Ward Bishopsgate (Within & Without)
Date 1621

Censorial hearings

5 June 1618
Entry Edward Sheldon complained of John Scott, surgeon, for successfully taking him to law for a fee of 18s. when Sheldon had evidence that Scott had only asked for 12s. 6d. for physic originally. Scott said that, although the matter had been in his name, his servant [SORE] had done the actual work and had sworn that Sheldon promised to pay the additional money for additional treatment, for a swollen leg &c.
Initiator of the complaint patient
Action taken All concerned to appear on the first Friday of next month.
3 July 1618
Entry S [not actually named in this entry] was to be summoned for 'the Friday of next week' as one of those concerned in the Scott case.
5 Sep 1618
Entry 'Franciscus Sore, John Scott's man, brought in a note as he sayd of Dr. Fiberyes dated 6o July 1618 whereas he was here accused for it Junij 5o 1618. But for his Master and ye accusers were away it is putt of.'
Attitude of the accused denied
Action taken Deferred.
9 Oct 1618
Entry It was decided that John Scott the surgeon together with his servant should be summoned.
Attitude of the accused absent
Action taken To be summoned.
Verdict case not completed
1 March 1633
Entry S was accused of 'ill demeanour' to the College in general. Dr FOXE accused him of practice on a gentleman in Mr Lant's house who had nearly died. S said he'd had Dr READ's directions.
Initiator of the complaint college member
Action taken See next.
Number of crimes 1
5 April 1633
Entry S was accused of practice on Mr Lants for gout. He admitted giving a clyster and pleaded poverty - but for the rest he said he was directed by Read, 'whoe out of his love to the Chirurgions will not take their patients out of their hands'.
Action taken ?
Verdict case not completed
Number of crimes 1