TAYLIOR, Richard

Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640 Database. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, London, 2004.

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Gender Male
Primary occupation medical physician (MD) (Physician. ?Vicar of Thorney, Notts 1579-91)
Period of medical practice 1580-1615
Place of birth London (b London)
Date of birth c. 1555
Date of death 1615
Address St Gabriel Fenchurch 1615.S Helens Bpsgate 1584-07
Other notes Summoned 1581. LRCP 1582. FRCP 1588. Expelled 1590. Reinstated 1591. MD where? Not Venn (BA 1576??).

Known London address

Fanchurch Street, St Gabriel Fenchurch
Parish St Gabriel Fenchurch Street
Ward Langborne
Date 1615
St Helens Bishopsgate
Parish St Helen Bishopsgate
Ward Bishopsgate (Within & Without)
Date 1584-1607

College membership

Date of BA 1576
Medical education (university) Basel
Medical education (years) 6
Date of MD not known
Date became Licentiate 09/04/1582
Date became Candidate 22/12/1585
Date became Fellow 08/03/1588
Date of Candidacy 1585-1588
Date of Fellowship 1588-1615
Offices held Expelled 08/05/1590, reinstated 30/09/1591
In trouble before membership Yes
Other notes MD Basel. ?Not Venn. Perhaps never really CRCP, just "AS IF" CRCP?
Date of birth c.1555
Date of death 1615

Censorial hearings

1 Dec 1581
Entry 'It was decided that the Comitia should be held in that place on the fifteenth day of the same month when the following should be summoned to appear: Dr. Taylior, ...'
Attitude of the accused absent
Action taken To be summoned for 15 December.
Verdict case not completed
28 Feb 1588
Entry The College reaffirmed that T was required to pay 40s. p.a. for 4 years, like any CRCP.
Action taken Status quo reaffirmed.
8 March 1588
Entry FRCP.
Action taken FRCP.
16 Feb 1590
Entry T had frequently been summoned to bring in his notes, and those of Smith in his possession, about the Pharmacopoeia. He had refused, with insolence. To be fined 40s. and asked for a public recantation and to be imprisoned if he refused.
Action taken To be fined 40s. + public recantation on pain of prison.
13 April 1590
Entry T to be summoned.
Action taken To be summoned.
27 April 1590
Entry T made some concession. But the College still insisted on fining him and having him appear in May to apologise.
Action taken To be fined and to appear at May meeting to apologise.
8 May 1590
Entry T did not appear to apologise.
Action taken Expelled as FRCP and deprived of his privileges.
30 Sep 1590
Entry T was re-summoned for a reconsideration of his case.
Action taken Summoned.
9 Oct 1590
Entry T's case was discussed, but the matter was deferred.
Action taken Deferred.
25 Sep 1591
Entry T to be summoned to a feast and to pay fine of 40s.
Action taken Fined 40s. and summoned to a feast.
28 Sep 1591
Entry T did not appear or repent. Now expelled for ever.
Action taken T to be expelled for ever.
9 April 1582
Entry 'Dr. Richard Taylior appeared and was examined.'
Action taken Examined.
30 Sep 1591
Entry T made a complete recantation and was restored as FRCP.
Action taken Restored as FRCP.
2 Dec 1596
Entry [Collbiz.]
8 May 1598
Entry [Collbiz.]
25 June 1599
Entry [Collbiz.]
13 July 1599
Entry [Collbiz.]
21 July 1583
Entry T was asked for £4.
Action taken To pay £4.
12 Feb 1585
Entry T owed arrears of £4. It was decided that he should pay the £4 till admitted FRCP or CRCP. If not, to pay fine of £20.
Action taken To pay his arrears, or £20 fine.
5 March 1585
Entry T accepted the conditions decided at the last meeting.
Action taken None.
27 Nov 1585
Entry T appeared and was accused of using gum ammoniac and also of having an unjust attitude towards the College. He was handed over to the custody of the sergeant at arms, but was freed upon entreaty of full humility, and fined £5. He promised to pay more attention to the judgement of the College in future.
Action taken Imprisoned, begged for mercy, released, fined £5.
Verdict guilty
Sentence Imprisoned, begged for mercy, released, fined £5
Number of crimes 1
22 Dec 1585
Entry T was to pay the fees according to the rules for CRCPs, i.e. 40s. p.a.
Action taken To pay 40s. p.a.
31 Jan 1586
Entry To be forbidden to practise within 40 days unless he paid his arrears.
Action taken To pay arrears within 40 days, or be forbidden to practise.
10 April 1587
Entry T appeared and refused to pay 40s. p.a., but the College insisted.
Action taken Status quo enforced.