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Name William THACKARY
Gender Male
Primary occupation medical surgeon (Surgeon. Quack)
Period of medical practice 1612-1632
Address In the Fleet 1622!
Other notes Accused 1622. In legal action elsewhere. College sent them the evidence.

Censorial hearings

15 Nov 1622
Entry Samuel LEMM (480, qv) accused T, surgeon and quack, of causing the death of L's father-in-law, Christopher Brabham. B had had a hernia. T had applied foments to it and had then purged B with diarydium B had died in a week.
Initiator of the complaint relative of the patient
Action taken Deferred.
Number of crimes 1
22 Nov 1622
Entry T claimed to be a surgeon, favoured by the Earl of Leicester and by Dr Atkins, Dr Giffard and Dr Moore. He confessed giving purges to Mrs Babsam (Rp pulveris sancto, Hollandici, ana XIs, foenicilli dulcio, seminum cumini, seminum petroselini ana XIi, made at the Plough, Holborn). He said that LEMM had given him (T) medicine. T was now a prisoner of the Star Chamber in the Fleet.
Attitude of the accused confessed
Action taken Sent back to prison.
Number of crimes 1
6 Dec 1622
Entry The judgement of the Censors was sent to the Judges of England. They found T utterly ignorant in medicine, and decided that he had given medicines without knowing the ingredients.
Action taken Censor's judgement was sent to the Judges of England.
Verdict guilty
Sentence Referred to law courts
19 Dec 1622
Entry T had given two medicines in ignorance. (Accused by HIDE 390, qv ?)
Action taken ?
Verdict case not completed