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Gender Female
Marital status Married 1581 (Wife of Thomas Thumwood or Tholmewood (BSC) 1581. Husband: medical barber-surgeon)
Primary occupation non-medical (Wife of Thomas Thumwood or Tholmewood BSC)
Period of medical practice 1571-1591
Other notes Accused 1581. Husband gave bond that she would not practise in future.
Medical specialities Children & infants

Censorial hearings

1 Dec 1581
Entry 'It was decided that the Comitia should be held in that place on the fifteenth day of the same month when the following should be summoned to appear: ... the wife of Thumwood and the wife of Backstar.'
Attitude of the accused absent
Action taken To be summoned for 15 December.
22 Dec 1581
Entry 'Joan Thumwood, the wife of Thomas Thumwood, appeared on a charge of practising medicine which she confessed to be true but that it was only in respect of children and infants: she promised that she would not do so in future and for this reason sought our mercy. But the matter was held over for the next Comitia when she was ordered to be present and told that either her husband or some other reliable person should become bail for her.'
Action taken T was ordered to reappear with surety.
Verdict guilty
Sentence Bond of £20 to abstain (surety), reduced to £10 on appeal
12 Jan 1582
Entry 'The wife of Thomas Thumwood appeared with her husband who promised to give his bond of security to the College within three days that under pain of a penalty of £20 his wife would not practise medicine in future: thus she was permitted to take her leave in peace.'
Action taken Husband gave bond of £20 against T's future practice.
25 Jan 1582
Entry 'In this Comitia Thomas Thumwood appeared again with certain members of the Company of Barber Surgeons, namely Swaine, [blank] Bowby, Rankin and several others whom he had brought with him to plead for more merciful treatment for his wife. In their presence the aforesaid Thumwood freely and willingly gave an assurance under penalty of ten pounds that his wife would not practise medicine in future. As a result of their urgent pleading the College accepted this condition and he was permitted to depart.'
Action taken Bond reduced to £10 from £20.