WISDAM, Gregory

Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640 Database. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, London, 2004.

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Gregory WISDAM


Gender Male
Primary occupation medical physician (MD) (Physician to Barts 1555)
Period of medical practice 1555-1599
Place of birth England (?Burford, Oxon)
Date of death 1599
Address ?Barts 1555. S Mich Bassishaw 1599 (& Savoy?) will
Other notes Accused 1570. LRCP 1582. [Cf 829 John WYSDAM.] Brother of Robert W, early reformer. Overseer of will 1566 (?bro Robert's admon 1568).

Known London address

Tower (in prison)
Parish Tower Liberty = St Peter ad Vincula (in the Bailey)
Ward Tower (Street)
Date 1553
Barts (?)
Parish St Bartholomew the Less (the Hospital)
Ward Faringdon Without
Date c1555
St Michael Bassishaw
Parish St Michael Bassishaw
Ward Basinghill
Date 1599
Savoy, Middlesex
Date pre-1599

College membership

Date became Licentiate 04/12/1582
In trouble before membership Yes
Other notes Lic on his humble petition
Date of death 1599

Censorial hearings

28 June 1570
Entry 'On 28 June the President and censors decided that Gregory Wisdam should pay a fine of £6 if Hector Nones could prove the charge of wicked and ignorant conduct in administering a clyster to a certain Antony Pylbrogh. If the case were proved and he refused to pay the fine, then he would be put in prison to stay there until he paid the fine.'
Initiator of the complaint college member
Action taken To be fined £6 if charge was proved; deferred till next meeting.
Number of crimes 1
15 July 1570
Entry 'On 15 July it was agreed that Dr. Hector should produce witnesses to prove the charge against Wisdam, but he could not do so.'
Initiator of the complaint college member
Action taken Presum charge dropped.
Verdict not proven
Number of crimes 1
6 July 1582
Entry 'It was also agreed that the humble petition of Gregory Wisedom to be admitted as a Licentiate should be allowed and that he should pay annually to the College £8 and in addition a gift according to his generosity towards the building of our College.'
Action taken LRCP. £8 p.a. + gift.
27 Nov 1582
Entry 'It was decided that Gregory Wisedom should be admitted a Licentiate and that he should pay the College £5 in cash and for the rest of his life he should pay annually £4 in quarterly instalments. This he willingly promised to do.'
Action taken LRCP. £4 p.a. + £5.
4 Dec 1582
Entry W's letters patent were prepared. They described him as a 'worthy man who had for long practised medicine'.
Action taken LRCP.