Sheriffs' Court Roll, 1320: Membrane 9 (transcript pp.33-34)

Pages 33-34

London Sheriffs Court Roll 1320. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, London, 2010.

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Membrane 9

[m. 9] Court of John of Dallyngge, sheriff, held on Tuesday after the feast of St. Andrew, 12 Edward II [5th December, 1318]
Jordan of Langele, citizen and mercer, pl., appears v. John of Praers, executor of the will of Thomas of Praers, Ralph Giffard and Egidia, his wife, co-executors of the will of the said John, in a plea of debt. Ralph and Egidia came, by the attachment of their goods and chattels, but John does not. The serjeant testifies that he has nothing in London whereby he can be attached; and it is therefore ordered that Ralph and Egidia answer. The pl. sues them for £11. 7. 8 owed to him by the late Thomas for divers merchandise bought from him in London on Sunday before Ascension day, 7 Edward II [12th May, 1314], and repayable by instalments over a period of years, as appears in a bond produced in court. He-
[p. 34]

-complains that after the death of the said Thomas, his executors, the defs., refused payment, to his damage 100s. The defs. come by T. of Beri, their attorney, and cannot deny that the bond is the deed of the said Thomas of Praers, or show reason why they should be quit of the debt aforesaid. Therefore it is adjudged that the pl. recover the £11. 7. 8 and that the defs. be in mercy.
[m. 9d.] [m. 9d. is blank.]