Sheriffs' Court Roll, 1320: Membrane 15 (transcript pp.58-60)

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London Sheriffs Court Roll 1320. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, London, 2010.

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Membrane 15

[m. 15]

A jury of the venue of Bisshopesgate without is summoned to recognize whether Thomas of Borham, jun., on Sunday after the feast of St. James the Apostle, 14 Edward II [27th July, 1320] assaulted John of Excestre outside Bisshopesgate with force and arms, to his damage 40s. John is mainprised by John of Borham, Thomas of Borham, sen., John Wiseman, pellipar, and Reginald Wolleward. Afterwards the parties come and the jury
returns a verdict of not guilty. Def. sine die, and pl. in mercy.
[This jury report is omitted from transcript CL/025/CT/01/002]
A jury of the venue of the Roperie is summoned to the next court to recognize upon their oath whether John Clerk of the church of All Hallows Hay, London, on Friday next before the feast of St Margaret the virgin, 14 Edward II [18th July, 1320], at the host ['ad hostum'] of the said church, assaulted Warin le White, and in so doing, wounded him with a certain lute ['lutea'] and inflicted other enormities upon him contrary to the peace and to the damage of the said Warin to the value of £40, as claimed by Warin. John denies this and they both put themselves upon the inquisition etc. Later, on Thursday next before the feast of St Matthew the evangelist [18th September, 1320] the parties and a jury come, and the jury returns the verdict that John is culpable of the aforesaid trespass and assess the damages of Warin le White at 40s. Therefore, it is decided that John is to be imprisoned until he makes satisfaction concerning these damages, and he is also to make fine to the lord king.
A jury of the venue of Lombardestrete is summoned to recognize whether Richard le Cordewaner and Denise his wife, on Monday after the feast of St. James the Apostle, 14 Edward II [28th July, 1320], assaulted Maude of Berkyng, beating her, throwing her on to the pavement, and [tearing] her clothes and hair, and carrying off two veils, to her damage 40s. The defs. are mainprised by Richard Hotgo and Simon le Fourbour. Afterwards the parties came and the jury returned a verdict of guilty. Damages 2m. The defs are committed to prison until etc.
A jury of the venue of Aldgate Without is summoned to recognize whether Geoffrey de la Lee, carter, on Sunday after the feast of St. James the Apostle, 14 Edward II [27th July, 1320], assaulted Henry Andrew with force and arms, pursuing him inside the gate etc., to his damage 40s. Geoffrey is mainprised by William of Manhale, Godfrey le Webbe, and William Godefreye.
Benet of Feribi, chaplain, Henry of Farenbergh and Bartholomew le Cotiller were attached to answer Hugh of Worcester in a plea of trespass. The pl. complains that on Thursday before the feast of St. Margaret the Virgin, 14 Edward II [18th July, 1320], came to his house in the parish of St Mildred in Poultry and carried off against his will, two escaped swans ['dues cignos evrarios'] worth 10m., to his damage £10. 0. 0. The defs. come and say that one Saloman le Cotiller devised in his will 10m. for the maintenance of two chaplains to celebrate for his soul in the church of St. Mildred; the said 10m. to be provided from the issues of the houses now belonging to the pl. in the said par. They say, further, that it was by reason of arrears of the said 10m. that they entered the house of the pl., and took the two swans, as they were legally entitled to do, and thereupon they put-
[p. 59] -themselves upon their country. A jury of the venue of Poultry is summoned etc.
[m 15d.]

Roger of Mymmes, 'chaundeler', was attached to answer John of Draytone in a plea of trespass. The pl. complains that on Monday after the feast of St. Peter in Chains, 14 Edward II [4th August, 1320], the said Roger, arrogating to himself the office of bailiff of the lord king, seized the pl.'s cart and horses in the par. of St. Alphege beside Creplegate, and detained them under arrest from the first hour on Monday until midday, to the pl.'s damage 20s. The def. comes and denies his guilt, and thereupon puts himself upon his country. Afterwards there comes a jury of the venue of Creplegate within, which returns a verdict for the def. Pl. in mercy.

finis contra
Reginald of Thurstone was attached to answer William of Hedersete in a plea of trespass. The pl. complains that on Wednesday before Easter, 13 Edward II [26th March, 1320], the def. came to his house near Aldermanberi, and took cups of [blank] and silver worth 100s., to his damage 10m. The def. comes and acknowledges the trespass and puts himself in the grace of the court and of the aforesaid William, who at once remits to him all his action and the trespass, while the sheriff remits the fine.
Margery, relict of Peter of Bolyngtone, and John of Stanstede, executors of the will of the aforesaid Peter, were summoned to answer John of Zemeseie in a plea of debt. The pl. complains that, whereas the said Peter bought fish from him at Eldefisshstrete at diverse times between Easter, 8 Edward II [1315], and Palm Sunday, to the value of £4. 4. 8, and when they accounted together on Good Friday, 9 Edward II [1316], undertook to pay the same within the
quindene, his executors refuse payment. The defs come etc. [Entry incomplete]
fecit legem

lex ad quindenam
William le Chaundeler waged his law v. John of Doftone, shoemaker,
concerning the charge that the said John did not pay him the 21d. in which he
was bound to him for the rent of a house in the par. of St. Michael, Wodestret
from Michaelmas 13 Edward II to the Michaelmas next following. Afterwards the said William came and made his law and it was adjudged that he recover the said 21d. against the said John, who was amerced for unjust detention etc.
Edward etc. to the sheriffs of London. Order to take pledges from Robert of Osprenge and Isabella his wife, Roger Chauntecler and William le Neue, 'fourbour', to appear coram Rege to show cause why they took and imprisoned Walter son of Martin of Aumesbery. By the king himself at York, 26th January, 13 Edward II [1320]
[p. 60] Pleas Coram Rege, Trinity Term, 13 Edward II.
Robert of Osprengge and Isabella his wife and Roger Chauntecler in mercy for default of pledges.
The same Robert, Isabella and Roger were attached to answer Walter, son of Martin of Aumbesbery concerning the charge that they took and imprisoned the said Walter etc. The pl., in his proper person, complains that on Monday after the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, 11 Edward II [22nd August, 1317], the defs. took him with force and arms in Bredstrete Ward and imprisoned him, detaining him for twelve days etc., to his damage £100.; and thereupon he produces his [blank]. The defs. come by Robert of Torkeseie, their attorney, and deny the charge. Thereupon comes William of Burgh, attorney of the mayor and commonalty of the City of London and claims the liberty etc., which is granted him because it had frequently been allowed in like cases. He then appointed a day for the parties at Gildhall, viz. Wednesday after the feast of St. Peter ad Vincula; and the court ordered that speedy justice be done, otherwise etc.