Master of Surgery: Honours and Higher Degrees: External Students

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University of London: the Historical Record (1836-1926). Originally published by University of London Press, London, 1926.

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July, 1912.



  • Buckley, John Phillip: University of Cambridge and Victoria University of Manchester.

None in December, 1912.

July, 1913.

  • Jefferson, Geoffrey ¶: Victoria University of Manchester.
  • Wade, James Owen David: University College Cardiff and Charing Cross H.

December, 1913.

  • Finch, Ernest Frederick: University of Sheffield.

July, 1914.

  • Lake, Norman Claudius, M.D., B.Sc.: Charing Cross Hospital.
  • Wilson, John Black Ferguson: University of Leeds.

None in December, 1914.

None in July and December, 1915.

None in July, 1916.

December, 1916.

  • Marshall, Charles Jennings, M.D. ¶: Charing Cross Hospital.

July, 1917.

  • Banting, Cecil: University College Hospital.

None in December, 1917.

None in July and December, 1918.

None in July and December, 1919.

July, 1920.

  • Cooper, Rustam Nusserwanji: Grant Medical College and St. Bartholomew's Hospital.

December, 1920.

  • Griffiths, Hugh Ernest: St. Bart's Hosp.
  • Reader, Norbert Leo Maxwell: Guy's H.
  • Smythe, Henry James Drew: University of Bristol and London Hosp.
  • Tasker, Douglas George Clutsam: University of Bristol and London Hosp.

July, 1921.

  • Adam, Arthur Wilfrid: University of Bristol and London Hospital.

December, 1921.

  • Salisbury, Walter, M.D.: University of Bristol and London Hospital.

None in July, 1922.

December, 1922.

  • Williams, Leslie Herbert Worthy, M.D.: University College Cardiff and University College Hospital

None in July 1923.

December, 1923.

  • McCurrich, Hugh James: University of Bristol and St. Bartholomew's Hospital.

July and December, 1924, 1925 and 1926.

  • None.