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Calendar of Early Mayor's Court Rolls: 1298-1307. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1924.

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Account, action of,
-, - - against Collectors, guardians, merchants, apprentices,
-, - juries and wager of law in,
-, - removed to the Court of Husting,
-, - on writs of Monstravit, n.,
-, - in the Husting and Mayor's Court, xxii

Acquittance, action of,
-, - made in Court,

Acton Burnel, Statute of, concerning Recognizances, n.

Aethelred, the Laws of, xxxv

Affrays, inquests on,
-, - - by writ,

Alderman, assault upon an,

Almaine, see Hanse

Appeal of Felony, xxviii xxix xxxi, xxxii

Apprentices, enrolment of, in the Paper of Guildhall, n.
-, - Ordinance of the Spurriers relating to,

Apprenticeship, actions relating to, in the Chamberlain's Court,
-, - - for ejecting an apprentice,
-, - - against an apprentice's surety,
-, - - failing to provide for an apprentice,
-, - - enticing away an apprentice,
-, - - harbouring a fugitive apprentice,
-, - - an apprentice summoned to render account,
-, - - unjust dismissal,
-, - - non-enrolment,
-, - - quitclaiming term after one year's service,
-, - - leaving a master's service,
-, - - marriage during apprenticeship,


Arogañn , meaning of, n.

Arrest, of stolen money in the hands of bankers,
-, - action for unjust, of boats by Sheriff's orders, of a debtor at Calais, of goods at Abbeville,

Assault, common,
-, - on City officers, beadles, the Watch, on an alderman, on a landlord's agents, on an impounder of stray sheep,
-, - and asportation of goods, and damage, and ejection,
-, - with wounding, personal injury,
-, - by beating doors and windows, by opprobrious words, see Defamation
-, - in Guildhall,
-, - by the Watch,
-, - harbouring persons guilty of,

Assembly, charge of unlawful, against the brewhouse-keepers, Smiths, Spurriers, Fruiterers,

Assize of Bread, prosecutions under,
-, - of Candles,
-, - of Cloth,
-, - of Wine, n.

Attachment, hindering and resisting,
-, - charges of unjust, against Sheriff's officers,
-, - action for unjust, of a ship and goods,
-, - actions for unjust delivery of,
-, - for debt, procedure in,
-, - foreign, custom of, n.
-, - per corpus, where distraint impossible,

Attorney, appointments of, under the Mayoralty Seal, by writ,
-, - - discussion as to the continuance of,
-, - letters of, of the Fair of Champenoise Brie,

Auditors, in actions of accounts,

Avowry, of the goods of non-freemen, actions relating to,

Bakers, forbidden to buy grain on credit,
-, - list of those hiring bakehouses,
-, - punishment of fraudulent, xx
-, - seals for bread,

Bankers, Lumbard,

Bardi, Society of the, of Florence, n.

Batours, complaints of the Girdlers against the Mistery of,

Beam, charge of breaking the King's,
-, - action by the weigher of the King's,
-, - charge of weighing with a private,

Bequest, for construction of pavement of Bishopsgate Within,

Bermen (porters), Society of the,

Billingsgate, Wardenship of,

Bishopsgate, Hanse merchants charged with the repair of, n.
-, - bequest for pavement of,

Black Book of the Admiralty, n. n.

Blackfriars, murage taken for rebuilding the Wall by, n.

Bladers, acquitted of a charge of selling dearer after the Proclamation about Pollards,

Bonus system, among the cordwainers,

Bread, price of, actions relating to,

Breadstreet Ward, brewhousekeepers of,

Bridge Ward, Collectors of,

Brokers, the Sworn,
-, - persons charged with acting as unlicensed, n.

Buckler-play, forbidden, n.

Burellers, complaints of, against the Weavers,
-, - action of, against the Weavers for ceasing work,

Burglary, man caught in, committed to Newgate,

Butchers, enhancing of prices by,
-, - ordinance as to cash-payment by,

Candles, Assize of,

Carmelite Friars, the robbery at the,

Carpenters, alleged confederacy of, to disobey an ordinance touching their craft and wages,

Chamber of the Guildhall,

Chamberlain, Pleas in the Court of the,

Champerty, charge of taking a house unlawfully in, n. see Maintenance

Chandlers, charged with enhancing prices,
-, - Craft of the,

Cheap, presentment by the Ward of,

"City Law", description of the Mayor's Court in, xxvi-xxvii

City officers, charge of resistance to,

Clergy, Writ of Delivery in favour of a clerk unlawfully imprisoned in Newgate,

Cloth, Assize of,
-, - prices for weaving,

Coal, Sea-Coal, bought at Retheresgate,
-, - price of,
-, - sent from Newcastle-on-Tyne,
-, - unhealthiness of,

Coal Meter, the,

Cobblers, accused of bad work,

Cocket, meaning of, n.

Coin, base and counterfeit, cases relating to,

Cokedonii, cokedeni, cocodones, base money,

Collision at Sea, action relating to, n.

Colognese, Guildhall of, n., n.

Commission, sales by,

Commonalty, prosecutions by, for unlawful brokerage, forestalling and harbouring foreigners, retail trading by foreigners, avowry of foreign bargains, unlawful confederacies, forestalling, unlawful ordinances by the Weavers, refusing pollards, neglecting to repair the bridge over Walbrook, assault on City officers,

Compurgation, see Law, Wager of

Conduit, gift for building the,

Confederacy, charge of unlawful, against the Coopers,

Carpenters, Fruiterers, Skinners, Smiths,

Contempt of the King, by defiant words against him,
-, - by breaking the King's Beam,

Contract, breach of, for tiling houses, for roofing a chapel,
-, - - to acknowledge and confirm the sale of a house, to sell a house,
-, - - decisory oath of plaintiff in, n.

Coopers, charged with suing a cooper in the Court Christian,
-, - - making an ordinance enhancing prices,
-, - fines paid by, on conviction,

Cordwainers, ordinances relating to apprentices, n.
-, - accused of bad work,
-, - charged with enhancing prices,
-, - complaints of journeymen against masters,
-, - and cobblers, Scrutiny of,

Corn, metage of, at Queenhithe,

Coroner, of the City of London, xviii

Court Christian, charges of impleading in,
-, - King's prohibition against,
-, - Mayor's precept against,
-, - action in 1292 relating to, xx

Courtesy-gift, to the King, Queen and other magnates,

Covenant, actions relating to,

Curfew, prohibition of nightwalking after,

Curriers, charged with enhancing prices,
-, - complaints of the Skinners against,

Custom of the City, in essoins,
-, - foreign attachment, n.
-, - gavelet, n.

Customs, actions relating to the collection of, n.
-, - the King's,
-, - of wools and hides in Ireland, Rolls of,

Customs, for metage of corn at Queenhithe sanctioned by Mayor, Aldermen, and four men of each Ward,

Customs and Services, writ of, in action of Gavelet, n.
-, - pleas of, in the Husting, xiv Custumals, of the City of London, viii

Damage, caused by interference with a tiler, action relating to,
-, - charges of wilful,

Damages, complaint that a jury taxed,
-, - a day given for defendant to pay, if he thought fit,
-, - mitigation of,
-, - taxed by Court,
-, - taxed by jury, increased by Court,
-, - taxed in Sheriff's Court, action for payment of,

De aresto facto, writ of,

Debt, actions of,
-, - against executors,
-, - by writ,
-, - removed into the Sheriff's Court,
-, - submitted to arbitration,
-, - against an official for allowing a debtor to escape,
-, - in the Sheriff's Court,
-, - by writ in the Sheriff's Court,
-, - against Sheriff for refusing to execute a judgment,
-, - against a foreigner who makes his law with the seventh hand,
-, - Court of the Weavers allowed in,
-, - for detinue of a horse,
-, - against a father as debtor for his son,
-, - for detinue of money recovered in the Sheriff's Court,
-, - in the Husting and Mayor's Court, xxii

Defamation, action of, in the King's and local Courts, n.
-, - - for opprobrious words to a citizen, an employer,
-, - - for defaming the Earl of Athol, the Forest Justiciar, the Mayor, the Sheriff, an Alderman, the Mayor, Aldermen and Bailiffs, the Mayor and Court, the Mayor's Serjeant, the Sheriff's Serjeants, the Clerk of the Chamber, a jury, the Collectors, a plaintiff in Court,

Defamation, action of, by a jury against a defendant, against a fellow-juror,

Detinue, actions of, of chattels, deeds, pledges after payment, recognizances,
-, - by bailees,
-, - in the Husting and Mayor's Court, xxii

Disrespect to the Mayor, charges of,

Distraint, actions for resisting,
-, - actions against officials for unjust,
-, - actions against creditors for unjust,
-, - method of, in the City, n.
-, - by removing doors and windows,

Divorce, action relating to,
-, - definition of, n.

Dower, action of, in the Husting, xiv

Dubbing, forfeiture of fishbaskets for, n.

Easterlings, merchants of Almaine, n.

Edward II, Articles of, with regard to the Mayor's Court in xvii

Edward III, Charter of, to London, xii

Eloignment of a deed, action relating to,

Equitable jurisdiction of the Mayor's Court, n.; see Petitions

Error, actions of,
-, - - by writ in the Sheriff's Court,

Error, actions of, by writ in the Husting, x, xx
-, - - Mayor's Court jurisdiction in, xx
-, - - by plaint in the Mayor's Court, xxiv

Essoin, definition of,
-, - cannot purge previous default, lain.
-, - de communi,
-, - de servicio regis,
-, - warrant for,
-, - not admissible for witnesses of a foreigner,
-, - separate, disallowed where plaintiffs prosecuted jointly,
-, - two essoins not allowed without intervening appearance,
-, - invalid owing to subsequent presence in Court,

Estrepement, action of,

Exceptions, that plaintiffs in separate suits against the same defendant, should not call each other to witness (not allowed),
-, - that the action was pending in another court (resisted as dilatory),

Exchequer, mainprise taken at the,
-, - writ of, in an action of trespass,

Export, prohibition of,
-, - action relating to unlawful,

Fairs, Champenoise Brie, Luton, St Botulph's, n. Thoraud, Turruk, Westminster,

False Imprisonment, see Monstravit, writ of

Felony, appeal of, xxviii, xxix, xxxi, xxxii; mainprise in, xxviii- xxix; Great Law in, xxx-xxxi; Middle Law in, xxxi-xxxii; Third Law in, xxxii-xxxiii; punishment of, xi-xiii; jury in, xxxi n. n. xxxix-xl

Feme Sole , Custom of the City relating to, n.

Fish, foreigner charged with selling retail,
-, - rules as to the purchase of,
-, - charge of selling putrid,
-, - action for unjust forfeiture of,

Fishmongers, charged with enhancing prices,
-, - - - forestalling,

Fishmongers, Ordinances of, relating to dubbing,
-, - ordered to allow freedom of trade to fishmongers of the Stalls,
-, - complain of forestalling,
-, - their Ordinances of n.

Fixtures, action relating to,

Flemish and Brabantine lodging-house keepers,

Flemish tiles,

Flotsam, allegation of delaying a journey for,

Folkmoot, the, x, xiv, xxxii

Foreign Attachment, custom of, n.
-, - jury in,

Foreigners, Sheriff's Court for,
-, - required to produce witnesses incontinenti,
-, - unlawful sale of their goods after departure,
-, - prosecuted for buying and selling retail,
-, - - trading with other foreigners, keeping lodging-houses for foreigners,
-, - provisions of for hearing pleas of, xx

Forestalling, prosecutions for, against a broker, a broker of carts, a butcher, cooks, corrimongers, fishmongers, fruiterers, freemen, ironmongers, the keeper of the Winchester Seld, pepperers, poulterers, timber-merchants, woodmongers,

Forfeiture, actions against the Sheriffs for unjust,

Frankpledge, system of, in the City, n., xxx

Fraud, actions of,

Freedom of the City, action relating to,
-, - offenders deprived of,
-, - foreign poulterers admitted to,
-, - purchase of,
-, - methods of obtaining, n.

Freshforce, Assize of, xviii n. see Novel Disseisin

Frairs Preachers, Order of,

Fruiterers, charged with making an unlawful confederacy to enhance prices,

Furs, Article on, in Notes and Queries, n.

Galley, the King's,

Gallows, the City, xii

Gaol Delivery, Justices of, xi, xii

Garnishee, oath of, with third hand,

Gavelet, action of, n.

German lodging-house keepers,

Gift to King, Queen and other Magnates,

Girdlers, complaints of the Mistery of, against the Batours,

God's Penny,

Gotland Sea Law, on collisions, n.

Grain-Measures, seizure of false,

Grossores , Hanse Merchants charged with acting as,

Guardians, of orphans, appointed by Mayor and Aldermen, see Wardship

Guildhall, actions for assault committed in,
-, - account rendered at, bread weighed at, acknowledgment of receipt at, horse valued at,
-, - jury of the people living round, of servants and attorneys of,
-, - Chamber of, enrolment in, payment made in,
-, - New Chapel of,
-, - the Paper of the, n. n.
-, - of the Hanse, and Colognese, n., n.

Hand-Looms, destruction of, by weavers,

Hand-Mills, price of,

Hanse of Almaine, Merchants of the, n.
-, - Thetard le Estreys, Alderman of,
-, - Court of, claimed,
-, - Guildhall of, n., n.

Harbouring, of foreigners forbidden to brokers,
-, - of prostitutes, prosecutions for,

Henry I, miskenning forbidden in Charter of, n. x
-, - right of withernam granted by, n.

Horse-slaughtering, forbidden in the City,

Hue and Cry,

Husting, origin of the Court of, xiii-xiv
-, - delegation of pleas from, xvixviii
-, - pepoudrous merchants sue in, xvi
-, - distinction between the Mayor's Court and, xxi

Husting, Court of, action for execution of a judgment given in,
-, - - non-enrolment of a deed in,
-, - judgment in an action for impleading a citizen against the liberty, to be given in,
-, - - in an action of forestalling, to be given in,
-, - fine to be levied in,
-, - City's claim to the probate of wills in, n.
-, - distress for rent delivered in,
-, - unlicensed broker deprived of the freedom in,
-, - verdict and judgment in action for assault given in,

Husting of Common Pleas, good men of Portsokne Ward summoned to,
-, - action of gavelet in,
-, - action of account removed to,
-, - action of replegiare in, n.
-, - actions in Mayor's Court for malicious suit by monstravit in,
-, - writs in the Bag of,

Husting of Pleas of Land, action in, for unjust forfeiture of fish,
-, - verdict and judgment removed to the Mayor's Court,

Imprisonment, see False Imprisonment, Monstravit, writ of

Infangenthef And Outfangenthef, in the City, xi-xiii

Intimidation, actions for,

Intrusion, pleas of, xviii

Italian Merchants, presentment of jury against,

Ininerant Justices, their sessions at the Tower, viii, xi

Itinerant Justices, their sessions at the Tower, in, xvi
-, - - in 1226, xxviii, xxx
-, - - in 1244, xiii, xv, xxxii, xxxix
-, - - in 1276, xxxi
-, - - in 1321, viii, xxv, xxix, xxxi, xxxiii, n.

Judicia Civitatis Lundonie, ix n.

Jurisdiction of Mayor's Court, in equity,
-, - in trespasses,
-, - does not extend to offences committed in France,
-, See Husting, Sheriff's Court

Jury, in the Mayor's Court, xxxixxliii
-, - as witnesses, xli, n.
-, - amerced for repudiating verdict,
-, - sues for slander,
-, - accused of lying,
-, - two juries summoned for one issue,
-, - arbitrators chosen to examine challenge against,
-, - of persons attending Guildhall, of persons living round Guildhall, of merchants and masters of ships, of sailors and merchants, of sailors, travellers and good men of Billingsgate, of native and foreign merchants, travellers and sailors, of physicians and surgeons, of word-merchants and dyers, of butchers, of foreign merchants and of Billingsgate,
-, - no skinners to be summoned on a,

Justiciar of London, x
-, - trials for murder before the xxx

King's Court, prohibition of actions between citizens in,

Kissers, charged with selling dearer after the Proclamation about Pollards,

Law, Wager of, by the Great Law, xxx-xxxi
-, - by the Middle Law, xxxi-xxxii
-, - by the Third Law, xxxii-xxxiii
-, - - in trespass, xxxiii-xxxv
-, - in civil actions, xxxv-xxxvii
-, - of twelve oath-helpers, xxxii

Law, Wager of, in conspiracy, xxxv
-, - by single hand, in foreign attachment, n.; in verification of goods,
-, - third hand in foreign attachment, in verification of goods attached,
-, - seventh hand by foreigner in action of debt,
-, - decisory oath of plaintiff in breach of contract, n., in detinue, in trespass,
-, - - of defendant in detinue, in covenant,
-, - plaintiff ordered to make, on allegation of defendant,
-, - admitted in actions of account, assault, n., breach of contract, covenant, debt, defamation, detinue, disrespect to the Mayor, enhancing prices, prohibition,
-, - in trespass, Statute law as to, n.
-, - not admitted in actions of assault on the King's bailiffs, forestalling, fraud, where witnesses could be called, where a bond was produced,
-, - pleadings against, in an action of account, in an action involving imprisonment,

Law Merchant,
-, - arbitration according to,
-, - on agreement of witnesses,
-, - wager of law in, xxxv
-, - in foreigners' pleas, xvi

Leathersellers charged with selling dearer after the Proclamation about Pollards,

Letters Testimonial,

Liability for servant's losses, action relating to,

Libertas Londoniensis, date of, xiv

Liberty, of the Abbot of St Albans,

Liberty of London, actions for infringement of,

Lombard and Provencal lodginghouse keepers,

Ludgate, murage taken for rebuilding the Wall by, n.

Magnus Liber de Chartis et Libertatibus Civitatis, xxv-xxvi

Mainpernor, judgment on,

Mainpernors: one, for payment, to render account, to keep the peace,
-, - two, to come up for judgment, for return of a mazer when repaired, to pay amercements, to make a law, to render account, to restore goods,
-, - three, to come up for judgment for assault,
-, - four, to come up for judgment for assault, forestalling, contempt of court, to pay a fine for breach of sequestration,
-, - five, to answer in an action of debt,
-, - six, to answer for threats, for breaking a sequestration, to hear judgment on assault, to pay a fine to the King, to hear judgment in maintenance, for good behaviour,
-, - twelve, to hear judgment on assault, to keep the peace,
-, - fifteen, to keep the peace,

Mainprise and Bail, City customs relating to, xxviii-xxx

Maintenance, actions relating to,

Malice, allegation of, in leasing houses,

Malicious error, issue as to,

Malicious prosecution,

Maritime actions,

Marlborough, the Statute of, relating to false judgment, xx

St Martin's, Soke of, xiii n.

Masons and Carpenters, the Four Sworn, n.
-, - the King's, intimidated by City masons,

Mayhem, payment for,
-, - the Middle Law in, xxxi

Mayor, defamation of,
-, - disrespect to,
-, - deriding the,

Mayor's Court, action adjourned owing to absence of Aldermen in,
-, - jurisdiction of, in trespass, covenant, debt, over foreigners, n.
-, - equitable jurisdiction of, n.; see Petitions, actions by
-, - the Files of the, vii
-, - later importance of the, ix
-, - Edward II's articles relating to, xvii
-, - first recorded actions in, xix-xx
-, - distinction between the Husting and, xxi
-, - relation between the Sheriff's Court and, xxiii-xxv
-, - described in Ricart's Kalendar, xxv-xxvii
-, - treatises on the practice of the, xxvii n.

Metage, of coal at Retheresgate,
-, - of corn at Queenhithe,
-, - and Porterage of corn at Queenhithe,

Military Service, action relating to losses during,

Miskenning, n.

Monstravit, writ of, in the Court of Husting, n.,xxi, xxii, xxii n.
-, - - actions for unjust imprisonment by,

Mort d' Ancestor, Rolls of, viii n.
-, - Assizes of,

Murage, history of, in the City, n.
-, - payment of, by foreign poulterers,

Nightwalkers, actions against,
-, - inquest relating to,
-, - King's Articles against, n.
-, - measures against, xx

Northampton, arrest by bailiffs of,

Notes and Queries, Article on furs, n.

Novel Disseisin, Rolls of, viii n.
-, - Assizes of, xiii, xviii

Nuisance, action of,

Oath, decisory, peremptory, in the Mayor's Court, xxxvi-xxxvii; see Law, Wager of

Oath-Helpers, proof by, xxx- xxxvii; see Law, Wager of

Obstructing, the Sheriff's Serjeants, charge of,

Official of the Archdeacon of London, defendant committed to,
-, - executor appointed by, See Court Christian

Oleron, Law of, on collisions, n.
-, - on cost of pilotage and stores, n. n.

Ordinactionum, Liber, evidence of, as regards debtors, xvii
-, - - date of, xvii n.

Orphanage, see Wardship

Oxford, Charter to, xi

Paper of the Guildhall, n., n.

Parisian Livre, value of, n. n., n.

Parliament, prisoners remanded to appear before,
-, - carpenters charged with making a,
-, - smiths charged with making a,

Partitioning of tenement held by co-parceners,

Patria, meaning of, n.

Peace, the King's, xxxiii
-, - breach of,
-, - - at night,
-, - justice of,
-, - guardians of,
-, - six mainpernors for keeping,
-, - twelve mainpernors for keeping, See Assaults, Affrays, Watch

Pesage, taken at London Bridge, n.

Petitions, actions by, n.
-, - description of, xxvii-xxviii See Equitable jurisdiction of the Mayor's Court

Piepowder, Courts of, xvi
-, - - wager of law in, xxxv

Pilotage, cost of, n

Plaintiffs, committed to prison on charges in defendant's pleading,

Plaints, actions by, in the Husting and Mayor's Court, xviii-xx
-, - description of, xxvii-xxviii

Plea and Memoranda Rolls, vii, viii

Pleas of the Crown, x-xi

Pledges, for good behaviour, for payment for board and lodging, for payment of damages, for payment of rent,

Pledges, action of, in the Husting, n.
-, - actions for return of voluntary,
-, - actions for pledges unjustly taken for rent, for debt,

Pollards and Crocards, actions relating to,
-, - proclamation about n. 2
-, - value of,

Poulterers, charged with forestalling,
-, - foreign, at Cornhill, n.
-, - foreign, charged with exporting poultry,
-, - proclamation relating to,

Prices, enhancing of,
-, - of bread,
-, - by the batours, bladers, butchers, chandlers, cordwainers, curriers, fishmongers, foreigners, fruiterers, kissers, leathersellers, tanners, weavers, see Forestalling
-, - regulation of, by girdlers and batours,
-, - - unlawful, by the coopers,

Prisoners, actions on escape and wrongful delivery of,

Privies, common, of the City,

Proclamations, against bearing arms, nightwalking,
-, - relating to pollards and crocards, n.
-, - against stonebows,
-, - - defiling the streets,

Prohibition, writ of, n.
-, - actions of, see Court Christian

Prostitutes, assault by,
-, - charges of harbouring,
-, - Ward presentment relating to,

Protection, letters of,

Punishments, pleading that one offence should not incur two,

Purveyance, actions relating to,

Quays of citizens, payment by foreigners for discharging wines or woad upon,
-, - action for preventing merchants from unloading at,

Queen's Gold, the City's liability for the payment of, n.
-, - a Fifteenth taken for,
-, - actions relating to the collection of,

Recognizances, Rolls of, n.
-, - actions on,
-, - enrolled,
-, - in the Sheriff's Court,
-, See Statute Merchant

Recorder, the, xxv

Records, keeping of, in mediaeval London, vii
-, - loss of, during the Great Fire, vii

Refusal to quit,


Replegiare, action of, in the Husting of Common Pleas, n.

Reprisal, actions of,
-, - - by writ, See Withernam

Retail, foreigners charged with selling,

Ricart's Kalendar, xxv-xxvi

St Laudus, patron of the Smiths,

St Martin's le Grand, Curfew at,
-, - Commissioners of Error at, xxv

St Paul's, Court of, allowed,

St Paul's Soke, composition between the City and the Bishop of London with regard to thieves taken in, xii n.
-, - claim of jurisdiction in, xiii n.

Salvage, payment to men of Sandwich and Margate for,

Sanitation, Chamberlain responsible for public, n.
-, - offences relating to,

Schertford, tenements recovered as, n.

Scrutiny, the Sworn, of cordwainery,
-, - - saltery and vinegar,
-, - - wine,

Sea, see Maritime actions, Oleron

Sequestration, method of, in the City, n.
-, - actions for breach of,
-, - - for resistance to,
-, - - for unjust,
-, - - for allowing lapse of,
-, - - for unjust delivery of,

Servants, liability of master for losses of,

Serviens, general use of term, n.

Sheriffs, as servants of the Mayor's Court, n.
-, - as plaintiffs and defendants in the Mayor's Court, xxiii-xxiv
-, - action against, for returning an attachment,
-, - - for not producing a desendant,

Sheriffs' Court, origin of, xiv-xv
-, - the Rolls of, viii
-, - held in the Sheriffs' houses in the 13th century, xv
-, - action for assault in,
-, - execution of debt granted by, sued in Mayor's Court,
-, - for foreigners,
-, - jurisdiction of in account, n.; covenant, debt, foreign obligation, trespasses,
-, - jury of persons frequenting,

Sheriffs' Customs, see Customs

Sheriff's Tourn, xiv

Ships, see Maritime actions, Oleron

Skinners, alleged confederacy of journeymen,
-, - complaint of, against the Curriers for enhancing prices,
-, - a currier charged with dealing in peltry against the ordinances of the,

Smiths, unlawful confederacy of the,

Sokes, of the Bishop of London,
-, - proceedings in the Court of the Soke of the Prior of St Bartholomew,
-, - their claims at the Quo Warranto enquiry, xiii n.

Spurriers, unlawful confederacy and ordinance of,

Statute Merchant, n.,
-, - a judgment in itself,

Statutes, Acton Burnel, n., n.
-, - Marlborough, xx
-, - Quo Warranto,
-, - Wales, n., xxxv
-, - Westminster,
-, - de Falsa Moneta, n. See Westminster, Provisions of

Steelyard, the, n.

Steward and Marshal,
-, - Court of, n.,
-, - action for unlawful prosecution in Court of,

Stocks Market, Fishmongers of, n.

Stonebows, offence against the proclamation concerning,

Streets, actions relating to defilement of,

Summons, evidence of, required in Court,
-, - refusal to receive,

Tallages, 2000 marks for renewing liberties of the City,
-, - 18d. in the pound,
-, - £1000,
-, - £1100,
-, - for gift to Prince of Wales,
-, - to acquit purprestures and Sheriff's debts,
-, - of a Twentieth,
-, - actions relating to,

Tawyers, n.

Threats, action for intimidating the King's masons by,
-, - actions relating to,
-, - imprisonment for,
-, - demanding money by,

Tilers, action for preventing an employer from obtaining,

Tournois, value of the Livre, n.

Traylebaston, Justices of,

Trespass, see Assault, Defamation, Detinue, Distraint, Fraud, Intimidation, Maintenance, Monstravit, Threats
-, - Mayor's Court jurisdiction in,
-, - wager of law in, n., n.
-, - action by writ for housebreaking and theft,
-, - no damages below the value of 4d. in,
-, - abetting disorderly persons,
-, - carrying away grass,
-, - enticing away an apprentice,
-, - obtaining the sealing of a deed under duress,

Trespass, overcharge by officials,
-, - preventing merchants from using a citizen's quay,
-, - procuring unjust arrest at Calais,
-, - refusal to execute judgment,
-, - - by weavers to work,
-, - - to surrender a shop,
-, - - to leave a tenement on notice,
-, - by carrying away appurtenances from a house, fixtures, wine before payment, a horse and corn,
-, - the Sheriff's jurisdiction in, xv
-, - actions of, in the Husting, xxii- xxiii
-, - the Third Law in, xxxiii-;xxxv

Trone, the King's, see Beam, the King's

Unlawful Assembly, see Assembly, Parliament

Verification, of goods attached,
-, - - by single hand,
-, - - third hand,
-, - - six witnesses,
-, - - in the Mayor's Court, xxxvi

Victuals, prosecutions for selling putrid,

Viewers, the Sworn, n.

Villeins, legal position of, n. 1

Wages, intimidation of King's masons in a matter relating to,
-, - regulation by cordwainers,

Walbrook, oath-helpers chosen from either side of, xxx

Wales, King's expedition to,

War, between England and France,

Wardmote, presentment in, for harbouring prostitutes,

Wardrobe, Dividend of the King's, n.
-, - the Prince's,

Wards, four from each of the, summoned to set up customs for Queenhithe,

Wardship, Custom of London in, n.
-, - actions relating to,
-, - Husting and Mayor's Court jurisdiction in, xxii

Warranto, Statute de Quo,

Warranty of a horse, case relating to,

Watch, Ordinances relating to the, n.
-, - assault upon the,
-, - charge of assault by the,

Weapons, unlawful carrying of,

Weavers, bailiffs of the,
-, - Charter of Henry II to,
-, - Court of, n.
-, - disputes between burellers and,
-, - complaint of the Guild of, against foreign weavers,
-, - ordinances relating to the, n.,

Westminster, the provisions of, relating to false judgment, xx

William I, Charter of, ix

Wills, action for execution of,
-, - - for production of,
-, - City's claim to the probate of, n.

Winchester Seld, the keeper of, xx-xxi

Wine, allowance for gauging,
-, - Assize of, n.
-, - Scrutiny of,
-, - foreigners charged with selling retail,
-, - harbouring new among old,
-, - prices of,
-, - sale of unsound,

Wisbury, Law of, relating to collisions,

Withernam, action of, n.; see Reprisal

Witnesses, Trial by, xxxvii-xxxix
-, - calling of, passim
-, - oath not to suborn, etc., passim
-, - to be produced incontinenti by foreigners, n.,
-, - qualifications necessary for,
-, - examination of, by Aldermen, n.
-, - examination of, to be fully recorded,
-, - objection to two separate plaintiffs calling each other as,
-, - for payment not admitted against an uncancelled bond,
-, - required to testify as to origin of contract in action of debt,
-, - divergence in testimony of,

Woad, method of using, n.

Women defendants, not to answer without husbands, n. see Feme Sole

Woodmongers, complaint of, against foreigners,

Writs, actions by, in the Husting and Mayor's Court, xviii-xx
-, - of attorney,
-, - de computo inter mercatores,
-, - de debito in the Sheriff's Court,
-, - of delivery in favour of a clerk imprisoned for debt,

Writs, de execucione facienda in the Husting,
-, - of justicies in computo, n.
-, - of monstravit, n., xxi, xxii, xxii n.
-, - of reprisals,
-, - of right in the Husting, xiii
-, - of trespass,
-, - on behalf of a debtor who produced acquittances,
-, - to hold an inquest on an affray,
-, - charge against Sheriff of failing to obey,