Index of subjects: Edward III

Memorials of London and London Life in the 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries. Originally published by Longmans, Green, London, 1868.

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'Index of subjects: Edward III', in Memorials of London and London Life in the 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries, ed. H T Riley( London, 1868), British History Online [accessed 20 July 2024].

'Index of subjects: Edward III', in Memorials of London and London Life in the 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries. Edited by H T Riley( London, 1868), British History Online, accessed July 20, 2024,

"Index of subjects: Edward III". Memorials of London and London Life in the 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries. Ed. H T Riley(London, 1868), , British History Online. Web. 20 July 2024.

EDWARD III. A.D. 1327–77.

Charter granted to the Pellipers, or Skinners, of London 153
Charter granted to the Girdlers of London 154
Agreement made between the men of the trade of the Saddlers of London, of the one part, and the men of the trades of the Joiners, Painters, and Lorimers in copper and iron, of the same city, of the other part 156
Stealing dough by making holes in the Bakers' moulding-boards 162
Petition of the Hostelers and Haymongers of London, and Ordinance made thereon 166
Imprisonment of the Provost of Welles, and fine made for him by one of the Sheriffs of London 167
Delivery by the Mayor and Aldermen of coffers and books lately belonging to Robert de Baldoke 168
A Coverlet valued to Richard de Betoyne, in part payment of his expenses as Representative of the City in Parliament 169
Wardship granted of John, son of Robert Fitz-Walter 170
Account of moneys disbursed in the purchase of presents sent to the King and Queen 170
Fine inflicted upon Robert le Bret, Goldsmith; and reconciliation of him with John de Castelacre 171
Unlawful Nets condemned to be burnt 171
Proclamation made in the City, on the King's departure for France 172
Proceedings against Hugh de Hecham, lime-burner, for extortion and intimidation 174
Acquittance of the Executors of Andrew Horn, Chamberlain 176
Increase of the salary of Gregory de Nortone, the Recorder 177
Ordinances of the Tapicers 178
Petition of the Butchers of Stokkes Market 179
Ordinance against the Bakers and Taverners; and resistance of the Taverners thereto 180
Deposit of a Box in the safe-keeping of the Chamberlain, by Richard and William de la Pole 183
Conveyance of a Dwelling-house in Bradestrete 183
Exemption of William de Rameseye, Master-mason of the works at St. Paul's, from serving on Assizes, or Juries 185
Account of moneys expended by the Chamberlain, for the City 185
Further account of moneys expended by the City 186
Collection of 1200 marks, for sending one hundred horsemen and as many foot-soldiers into Scotland 187
Punishment of William de Mordone for breach of sequestration, and for rebellious conduct against the authorities 190
Proclamation made for the safe-keeping of the City 192
Inquisition held as to property in St. Martin's, Ludgate; and Inventory of a Brewer's implements 193
Letter of Geoffrey de Say, Admiral, granted to John Pope, mariner 194
Removal of timber and stone at the Guildhall 195
Trial and punishment for burglary, by hanging 195
Trial and punishment for theft, by hanging 196
Expenditure of moneys by the City Chamberlain 196
Extract from the Account of the Expenditure of the City Chamberlain 197
Expenditure of moneys raised by loan for presents made to the King and Queen, and certain nobles, at the Parliament holden on the Monday after the Feast of St. Matthew the Apostle [21 September] 198
Inventory of goods and chattels belonging to Hugh le Bevere, a felon 199
Complaint as to waste of the water at the Conduit in Chepe; and order made thereon 200
Account of the Keepers of the Conduit; and Complaint thereupon 201
Payments made to the men sent by the City to aid the King in his war with France 202
Royal mandate for fortifying the City against an expected attack by the French 202
Royal Letter in behalf of Robert Flambard, mace-bearer of the City 203
Indenture as to a sale of Jewels, and Inventory thereof 203
Overseers of the trade of Pouchmakers appointed 204
Inventory of munitions of war, provided by the City 204
Trial and punishment for theft, by hanging 206
Expenditure of Thomas de Maryns, Chamberlain of the Guildhall, to the 7th day of September, 1339 206
Election of Andrew Aubrey as Mayor; and charges made by Gerard Corpe against the late Mayor, and then withdrawn 207
Negotiations for a loan from the City to King Edward the Third 208
Letter from King Edward the Third, commending Andrew Aubrey, the Mayor, for his prompt execution of two offenders, in Chepe 210
Trial and punishment for theft, by hanging 211
False blankets ordered to be burnt on Cornhulle 212
Death of John de Oxenford, Mayor, and election of Simon Fraunceys, on the same day 212
Ordinance made as to the sale of wines within the City 213
Lease made to the Butchers of St. Nicholas Shambles, on annual payment of a boar's head 214
Inquisition as to the use of unlawful Nets 214
Articles of the Girdlers 216
Articles of the Cutlers 217
Inspectors of Nets appointed; and unlawful nets condemned 219
Unlawful nets condemned to be burnt 220
Regulations for the sale of Poultry, at the Leaden Hall and elsewhere 220
Further Regulations for the sale of Poultry 221
Trial and punishment for theft, by hanging 221
Regulations for the sale of butchers' meat and fish in the vicinity of the Stokkes and the Conduit in Chepe; and for cleansing the dock at Douuegate 222
Letter to the Dean and Chapter, complaining of the deficiency of Chaplains in the Church of St. Paul 224
Ordinance that Brewers shall not waste the water of the Conduit in Chepe 225
Meat forfeited by Butchers, for obstructing the street of the Poultry 226
Articles of the Spurriers 226
Petition of the Gardeners, and Order made thereon 228
Trial and punishment for highway robbery; and claim of Benefit of Clergy 229
Royal Mandate, enjoining the Exclusion of Leprous persons from the City 230
Ordinances of the Trade called "Whittawyers" 232
Enactment as to marking liquid measures made by the Turners 234
Imprisonment for fraudulently enhancing the price of wheat 235
Loss by the Lord Fitz-Walter of his asserted liberties and privileges within the City 236
Articles of the Heaumers 237
Articles of the Hatters 239
Punishment of the Pillory, for selling carrion 240
Ordinances of the Pewterers 241
False nets ordered to be burnt 244
Ordinances of the Glovers 245
Ordinances of the Shearmen 247
Wardship of Isabel de Hakeneye; with Inventory of her plate and jewels 248
False gloves, braels, and pouches, burnt in Chepe 249
Petition of the Master Shearmen, as to the scale of wages 250
Petition addressed to Pope Clement the Sixth by the Mayor and Aldermen, that Brother John de Worthyn, and he only, may be empowered to grant absolution within the City 251
Letter of recommendation of Richard Cleaungre, a kinsman of Andrew Aubrey, then on a visit to Rome 252
Regulations as to wages and prices in the City 253
Articles of the Furbishers 258
False saltcellars and potels of pewter forfeited 259
False cushions, coverlet, and bankers, forfeited 260
Proclamation against bathing in the Fosses, or the Thames, near the Tower, on pain of death 260
Inventory and valuation of stores belonging to the works at London Bridge, delivered to the Wardens thereof by the outgoing Wardens 261
Inventory of articles in the Chapel on London Bridge, delivered to the Wardens thereof by the outgoing Wardens 263
Account of the Keepers of the Conduit in Chepe 264
Punishment of the Pillory, for selling a putrid capon 266
Proclamations as to the dress of common women within the City; and as to the sale of fish 267
Royal proclamation as to the wearing of arms in the City, and at Westminster; and as to playing at games in the Palace at Westminster 268
Presentation to a Chantry at St. Paul's, founded by Sir John de Pulteneye 269
Royal injunction, in favour of two Genoese, keeping tavern in the City 270
Punishment of the Pillory, for selling carrion 270
Royal mandate, as to workmen who have withdrawn from the works at the Palace of Westminster 271
Proclamation for keeping the peace within the City 272
Letter Testimonial from the Mayor, Aldermen, and Commonalty, to the Pope, in behalf of Cesario, Bishop of Sancta Maria de Rosis 273
Inquisition by Surgeons as to the treatment of a wound 273
Enactment that the Aldermen and other Citizens shall be fined, if not punctual in their attendance at the Guildhall 274
Request by King Edward that the name of Robert de Thame, an offender, may be removed from a tablet in the Guildhall 274
Process against Roger Torold, for abusing the Mayor 275
Ordinances of the Braelers 277
Writ enjoining Inquisition to be made as to obstructions in the Foss surrounding the Prison of Flete 279
Regulations for the trade of Masons 280
Appraisement of the goods and chattels of Stephen le Northerne 282
Committal to Neugate for rebellious conduct to the Masters of the King's works 285
Letter of Edward, Prince of Wales, announcing his victory at Peytiers 285
Endowment of a Chantry in the Chapel of St. Mary, near the Guildhall 288
Receipt of the ransom of a Knight of Burgundy, by a Citizen of London, on behalf of an English Knight 290
Order for the collection of moneys at the City Gates, for the repair of the Roads 291
Ordinances of the Farriers 292
Exemption of Writers of court-hand and text-letters, Limners, and Barbers, from being placed on Inquisitions in the Sheriffs' Courts 295
Royal order for cleansing the streets of the City, and the banks of the Thames 295
Narrative by the Mayor and Sheriffs as to proceedings consequent upon the theft of property belonging to a German Knight 296
Proclamation for the preservation of order and cleanliness in the City; and for the regulation of the Poultry-market at Leadenhall 298
Ordinance of the Waxchandlers 300
Inquisition as to a murderous attack upon certain Lombards, in the Old Jewry 302
Royal mandate for Inquisition as to a theft at the House of the Crutched Friars; and Inquisition held thereon 303
Proclamation made against Vagrants within the City 304
Account of William Sunnyngge, Carpenter, as to moneys expended by him, as Trustee, on the repairs of a house in the Parish of St. Michael, Cornhulle 305
Inquisition as to access to the Thames through the Temple 305
Regulations for the trade of the Alien Weavers in London 306
Royal Order that materials for roofing, and the wages of Tilers, shall not be enhanced, by reason of the damage done by the late Tempest 308
Regulations for checking the malpractices of the Dyers 309
Release given by William Olneye to the Executors of Richard de Hakeneye 310
Payment of several sums of money for the good of the Soul of John de Oxenford, by Adam Fraunceys, his devisee 310
Proclamation as to the prices of Victuals 312
Sale of Jewels to Master John Caumbrugge, executor of Michael de Northburghe, late Bishop of London 313
Punishment of the Pillory, for enhancing the price of wheat 314
Presents made by the Citizens to the Kings of England and France 314
False charge of Conspiracy against the chief men of the City; and punishment of the Pillory inflicted for the perjury 315
Punishment of the Pillory, for enhancing the price of wheat 317
A seller of unsound wine punished by being made to drink it 318
Punishment of the Thewe, for thickening the bottom of a quart measure with pitch 319
Enactment as to future punishment in the City for perjury 319
Proclamation ordered for the safe-keeping of a beast belonging to the King, called an "Oure" 320
Punishment of the Pillory, for pretending to be a Summoner from the King and the Archbishop of Canterbury 320
Ordinances of the Plumbers 321
Ordinances as to the sale by Hostelers and Herbergeours of bread and horse-bread; and as to the sale of old furs and clothes within the City 323
Inquisition as to a murderous assault by certain Fishmongers upon Giles Pykeman, Fishmonger 325
Letter from Johanna, Princess of Wales, announcing the birth of a Son 325
Transfer of debts and property belonging to Giles de Molyn, deceased, with the custody of his children 326
Royal order for taking surety to ensure Giles Pykeman from further molestation 327
Punishment of the Pillory, for selling putrid Pigeons 328
Ordinances of the Pelterers, or Pellipers 328
Ordinances of the Tawyers 330
Articles of the Flemish Weavers in London 331
Punishment of the Pillory, for fraudulent sale of oats 332
Punishment of the Pillory, for forging a Deed of Entail 333
Enactment as to the sale of Charcoal within the City 335
Election of William Walworthe as Alderman of Bridge Ward 336
Delivery of a copper-gilt cup, by the Chamberlain 337
Master Surgeons of the City admitted and sworn 337
Punishment of the Pillory, for selling rings of latten for gold and silver 337
Extract from the Will of Robert Jober, citizen of London 338
Proclamation that laystalls shall not be placed near the City Wall, adjoining the Tower 338
Meters of sea-coal appointed 338
Evechepynges upon Cornhulle forbidden 339
Royal order for the removal of Bochersbrigge, and the prevention of the slaughtering of beasts at St. Nicholas Shambles 339
Petition of the Fullers, that those who buy cloths with patent defects, shall do so at their own peril 341
Regulations for the Taverners 341
Petition of the Owner of the Tanners' Seld in Frydaystrete, and order made thereupon 343
Punishment of the Pillory, inflicted upon a Cutpurse 344
Preparations made for an expected attack upon the City 344
Election of William Walworth and Robert Gaytone as Sheriffs 345
Petition of the Weavers Flemings, and Ordinance made thereupon 345
False measures, called "chopyns," ordered to be burnt in Chepe 347
Proclamation as to the sale of victuals within the City 347
Articles of the Bowyers and the Fletchers 348
Particulars of Plate, bought as a present from the City to the Prince of Wales 350
Punishment of the Pillory and Whetstone, for circulating lies 352
Articles of the Haberdashers 354
Complaint as to a melting-furnace leased by Plumbers in Estchepe, and decision given thereon 355
Royal order for the prevention of the slaughtering of beasts within the City 356
Articles for the regulation of the Trade of the Waxchandlers 358
New Articles of the Pouchmakers 360
Articles of the Blacksmiths 361
Letter of thanks, for an intended gift, from the Princess of Aquitaine and Wales 362
Punishment of the Pillory, for selling circlets of inferior metal for silver 363
Articles for the Leathersellers and Pouchmakers; and for the Dyers serving those trades 364
John Mayn, a Leper, expelled from the City 365
Ordinance for the cleansing of Smythfelde 366
Punishment of the Thewe, for selling putrid soles 367
Royal Proclamation against the pollution of the Thames 367
Punishment of the Thewe, for stealing a child 368
Delivery of a Barge, provided by the City to serve under the King, together with the rigging and tackle thereof, to William Martlesham, its master 368
Sentence of Imprisonment, for assault in presence of the Mayor 371
Ordinances of the Court-hand Writers, or Scriveners 372
Further requisitions as to the equipment of the Barge built by the City for the King's service 373
Inundation of the vicinity of St. Mary's Hospital without Bisshopesgate, from a defective watercourse 374
Judgment given as to tapestry made of false work 375
Royal order to stay proceedings against the Prior of St. John of Jerusalem, as to access to the Thames through the Temple 376
Lease to Geoffrey Chaucer of the dwelling-house at Algate 377
Account of a Guardian, as to moneys expended upon his Ward 378
Lease of the Moor for seven years, with provision for cleansing the Watercouse of Wallebrok 379
Freight paid on wines given to the City for the services of its Barge 380
Punishment of the Pillory, for stealing pork and fowls 381
Lease of a moveable Stall, beneath the Gate of Ludgate 382
Lease of a Garden in Tower Ward, near the City Wall 382
Indenture made between the Woodmongers of London and John Baddeby 383
The Porters of the City Gates sworn that they will prevent Lepers from entering the City 384
Money given for cleansing the Fosses, in return for Masses for the soul of Thomas Legge 384
Punishment of the Thewe, inflicted upon a Common Scold 385
Terms of reconciliation between the Parishioners of St. Iwayn and St. Nicholas and John Hoklee, spicer 386
Ordinance restricting the length of the Alestakes of Taverns 386
Grant of the dwelling-house over the Gate of Crepulgate 387
Punishment for forestalling geese, in Holborne 387
Grant of the dwelling-house over the Gate of Aldrichesgate 388
Ordinances as to Poulterers; the Thames and the Fosses; and common Beggars 388
Delivery unto John Costantyn by the Chamberlain of 438 documents under seal 390
Punishment of the Pillory, for frauds upon Hucksters of ale 390
Articles of the Cordwainers, or Tawyers 391
Acquittance given by William de Beauchaumpe, on sale of his prisoner, Berard de la Bret 392
Ordinances of the Barbers 393
Punishment of the Pillory, for cheating with false tables and dice 395
Imprisonment of a Scrivener, for making false indentures of apprenticeship 397
Imprisonment for silvering buttons and circlets of inferior metal 397
Prohibition of a Latoner from interfering with the trade of the Goldsmiths 398
Penalty inflicted upon a Girdler, for harnessing a girdle with silver 399
Addition made to the Common Seal of the City 400
Ordinances of the Fullers, and proceedings thereupon 400
Royal Order for the arrest of William de Wyndesore 402
Ordinances of the Hurers, as to fulling at Water-mills 402
Punishment of a Lombard by the Pillory, for forging a bond 404
Ordinances of the Cheesemongers 405