Index of subjects: Henry V

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Memorials of London and London Life in the 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries. Originally published by Longmans, Green, London, 1868.

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HENRY V. A.D. 1413–22.

Exemption of Carts employed upon the New Work at the Guildhall 592
Punishment for cursing and slandering an Alderman 592
Letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury, enjoining that the Barbers of London shall close their shops on Sundays 593
Imprisonment for assaulting a Sheriff and Alderman 595
Barrels burnt, as being deficient in measure, and made of unsound wood 596
The freedom of the City withdrawn, as having been fraudulently obtained 597
Inquisition as to the boundaries and limits of Oldefisshestret 598
Inquisition as to the boundaries and limits of the Butchers' Market in Estchepe 599
Punishment of the Pillory, for fraud 599
Royal order for the removal of certain Halpaces at St. Martin's le Grand 600
Punishment of the Pillory, for counterfeiting genuine cuppebondes 601
Imprisonment of John Gedeney, for refusing the office of Alderman 601
Speech of King Henry on the contemplated invasion of France; and the seat of honour accorded to the Mayor, in presence of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the King's Brothers 603
Sentence of imprisonment, for insulting an Alderman 605
Masters appointed for the supervision of the Barbers of London, practising the art of Surgery; and proceedings thereupon 606
The Journeymen Tailors forbidden to occupy dwelling-houses apart, or to wear an especial suit, or livery, without the supervision and permission of the Masters and Wardens of the Trade 609
Ordinance that in future no Officer of the City shall receive livery or vestment from any other Craft or Fraternity than his own 612
Deposit with the Mayor and Commonalty of a Collar of gold, as security for a sum of money lent to the King 613
Order made for the rebuilding of the Little Postern in the City Wall; the laying out of the City Moor; the piling of the banks of the Foss of Walbrooke; and the improvement of the Water-course at Oystergate 614
Ordinance as to the use of the Pipes of the Great Conduit in Chepe 617
Letter from the Mayor and Aldermen to the King, giving an account of the conviction of John Cleydone, a Lollard, accused of heresy 617
Letter from King Henry the Fifth, announcing the capture of Harfleur 619
Procession on foot by the Mayor and citizens, to Westminster, to return thanks for the Victory gained at Agincourt 620
Inquisition held, and sentence of the Pillory pronounced, for swindling; the punishment being remitted for a fine, payable to the New Work at the Guildhall 622
Exchange of the Craft and Livery of the Ironmongers for that of the Fishmongers, by Richard Merlawe, Alderman 624
Ordinances of the Brasiers 624
Proclamation enjoining attendance upon the King, at Lambhithe 627
Proclamation enjoining attendance upon the King 627
Proclamation for ensuring a supply of stores and merchandize at Harfleur 628
Proclamation made on the 8th day of June 628
Proclamation that Shipmen and Soldiers shall be in readiness to sail for Southampton 628
Proclamation made on the 29th day of June 629
Repudiation by a Master of the acts and deeds of a runaway Apprentice 629
Sentence of the Pillory for slandering an Alderman, and flight of the Offender to the Sanctuary at Westminster; and Confession finally made by him 630
Petition of the Stringers, and Order made thereon 634
Proclamation enjoining attendance upon the King at Dover 635
Enactment that no one shall hold meetings, or form parties, in order to avoid serving the office of Mayor or Sheriff 635
Order made that the Court of Husting shall no longer be closed for the month ensuing after the Feast of St. Botolph 637
Inquisition upon charges of Treason and Felony; and final Judgment thereon 638
Inquisition held as to an Accomplice in the treason of Sir John Oldecastelle; and Trial and Sentence thereon 641
Women committed to prison, for selling game contrary to the Mayor's Ordinance 643
Regulations for the sale of Rushes, and of Geese, within the City 643
Presentment made by the Searchers of wines 644
Loaves of certain qualities forbidden to be made in Lent 644
Proclamation made on the 9th day of February 645
Punishment of the Pillory, for fraudulently pretending to be one of the King's purveyors 645
Acknowledgment of receipt of certain articles by a Serjeant of the City 646
Ordinance made for the abolition of Stews within the City 647
Ordinance forbidding the exclusion of the common people from certain Wharves and Stairs on the banks of the Thames 648
Ordinance that no Landlord shall harbour as his Tenant any person of evil and vicious life 649
Appointment of John Courteney as Common Hunt 650
Security given by a Surgeon, to ensure due care of his Patients 651
The highest rank among the Rectors of the City, in the Procession on Whit Monday, conceded to the Rector of the Church of St. Peter, Cornhille 651
Application made to the Mayor and Aldermen by the Fraternity of the Yeomen Tailors 653
Letter from the King, announcing the surrender of the Castle of Touque 654
Royal Mandate, enjoining that the Aldermen shall reside within the City 654
Inquest held on the bank of the Thames at Lymhostes, as to the death of Thomas Frank 655
Attestation by the Mayor and Aldermen as to the good harnessing of Girdles 656
Letter from the King, announcing the capture of the Town and Castle of Caen 657
Agreement as to the redemption of articles pledged for a sum of money 657
Confession of a false accusation of Lollardy 658
Regulations made for the ensuing Feast of Christmas 658
Letter sent to the King by the Mayor and Aldermen 658
Present of a Gown yearly to the Chaplain of the Chapel on the Bones of the Dead, in St. Paul's Churchyard 660
An Alderman dismissed for deafness 661
Mainprise of William Welyngtone, taken as being a Scot and a spy 661
Confession made by a common Cheat 661
Mainprise of John Cokkow, a Pedlar 662
False charge of oppression, made against Richard Whityngton 662
Directions as to keeping watch in certain Wards, and as to the safe custody of William Fouchere 662
Punishment for insulting certain Aldermen 663
Proclamations for speeding men and supplies to the English Army in Normandy 664
Letter from the King to the Mayor and Aldermen, requesting supplies of provisions for the Army besieging Rouen 664
Proclamation for speeding men to the English Army in Normandy 665
Assessment of the prices to be paid for the ale and beer supplied to the English army besieging Rouen 665
Mainprise of a Citizen imprisoned on suspicion of Lollardy 666
Enactment as to the prices of mussels, oysters, salt, and whiting 666
Caps forfeited for being fulled at mills 667
Proclamation made at the Pillory, upon punishment for forgery 668
Proclamation at Christmas, against Mumming, Plays, Interludes, and Visors; and that a Lantern shall be kept burning before each house 669
Proclamation made at the Pillory, upon punishment for selling charcoal in sacks of deficient measure 669
Regulation made that the Serjeants and other officers of the Mayor, Sheriffs, or City, shall not beg for Christmas gifts 670
Proclamation against the adulteration and the mixing of wines 670
Proclamation made at the Pillory, on punishment for adulterating wines 672
Proclamation made at the Pillory, upon punishment for selling charcoal in sacks, deficient in measure 673
Ordinance for the abolition of the Debtors' Prison at Ludgate 673
Enactment as to funds for the support of the New Work at the Guildhall 674
Duplicate Copy of a Letter from King Henry to the Corporation of the City of London, the original Letter having been captured by the enemy 674
Order given to the Chamberlain, to seize the Rushboats 675
Election of Richard Whityngton to his third Mayoralty 676
Confession of a false accusation 676
Ordinance for the re-establishment of the Debtors' Prison at Ludgate 677