Memorials: 1313

Pages 107-108

Memorials of London and London Life in the 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries. Originally published by Longmans, Green, London, 1868.

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An unlawful kidel, or net, ordered to be burnt.

6 Edward II. A.D. 1313. Letter-Book A. fol. xci. (Latin.)

Be it remembered, that a certain kidel belonging to the Abbot of Lesnes, (fn. 1) found in the course of the banks of the Thames, opposite to the Abbey of Lesnes, was brought before the Mayor, John de Gisorz, and William de Leire, John de Wyndesore, and Stephen de Abyndone, Aldermen, on the Thursday next after the Feast of St. Mark the Evangelist [25 April], in the sixth year of the reign of King Edward, son of King Edward, in the Guildhall of London, and adjudged [to be burnt]; because it was found, upon the oath of John de Mockinge, Henry Lombard, Laurence Aubyn, Oliver Brounyng, John de Garton, William Scot, John Fresfisshe, Robert de Mockyng, Richard Swote, Geoffrey Scot the Younger, and Alex ander Pike, fishmongers, that the said net, which is called a "kidel," is too narrow [in the meshes], and insufficient for fishing, to the undoing of the banks of the said river, and to the loss of the whole city, and of the people resorting thereto.

And they say moreover, that in the Great Charter of the Liberties of the people of England it is contained, that all kidels and such embankment (fn. 2) as aforesaid shall be removed.

And it was therefore awarded, that the said kidel should be burnt in the street of Chepe.

Charge of selling French bread of light weight.

6 Edward II. A.D. 1313. Letter-Book D. fol. clxxx. (Latin.)

On the Wednesday next before the Feast of St. Dunstan [19 May] in the 6th year of the reign of King Edward, son of King Edward, the loaf of French bread of John de Bledelow was found to weigh 29s. 2d.; (fn. 3) and it was said that such loaf ought to weigh the same as the halfpenny loaf of wastel bread, (fn. 4) whereas the said loaf was less in weight than the wastel loaf by 12s. 10d.

And the same John appeared, and said that he did not make that loaf for sale, nor had he been accustomed to do so: for he said that he served divers merchants of Lombardy and other foreign countries, and made that bread of their own wheat, etc.; and as to this, he put himself upon the country. Therefore a jury was summoned from the venue of Austin Friars, on the Saturday etc. And the same John was mainprised by Chuccone the Lombard, and William Reynere, then to be here etc. (fn. 5)


  • 1. A small Abbey near Erith, in Kent.
  • 2. Thrown up, to make a dam in the river, for receiving the kidel.
  • 3. The shilling being three-fifths of an ounce.
  • 4. A bread of middling quality.
  • 5. The sequel is not stated.