Memorials: 1335

Pages 193-194

Memorials of London and London Life in the 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries. Originally published by Longmans, Green, London, 1868.

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Inquisition held as to property in St. Martin's, Ludgate; and Inventory of a Brewer's implements.

8 Edward III. A.D. 1335. Letter-Book E. fol. ccxxvii. (Latin.)

Inquisition held before Reynald de Conduit, Mayor, Henry de Seccheford, Chamberlain, and the Aldermen, of the City of London, on the Saturday next before the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul [25 January] in the 8th year of the reign of King Edward, after the Conquest the Third, for enquiring what lands and tenements Richard, son of the late Laurence le Long, a child under age, has in the city aforesaid, or in the suburbs thereof; upon the oath of William de Toppesfeld, and eleven others. Who say upon their oath, that the said Richard has one brewhouse and three shops in the Parish of St. Martin, Ludgate, in London, which are worth yearly, in all the issues thereof, 4l. 11s. 8d.; from which are to be deducted, quit-rent, due yearly to the Church of St. Paul in London 22s. 6d., and quit-rent, due yearly to the Abbot of Westminster, 13s.; as also, for reprise (fn. 1) on the house and shops aforesaid yearly, 16s.; and so, the clear yearly value of the said house and shops is 40s. 2d.

They say also, that the said Richard has in the said brewhouse certain utensils; namely, two leaden vessels, one leaden cistern, one tappetroghe (fn. 2) of lead, one old chest, and one masshfat, (fn. 3) value 18d.; one raryngfat, (fn. 4) value 6d.; one heyr (fn. 5) for tuns, value 12d.; three sets of handmills, value 4s.; one piece of lead, value 2d.; one tun, and one half tun, value 8d.; one yelfat, (fn. 6) value 18d.; five kemelynes, (fn. 7) value 10d.; one clensingbecche, (fn. 8) value 4d.; also, one alegiste, (fn. 9) value 2d.

Which house, together with the shops and utensils aforesaid, was delivered by Reynald de Conduit, Gregory de Nortone, and certain others of the Aldermen, to Simon Marz, goldsmith, to hold the same for the benefit of the aforesaid Richard, until his lawful age etc. (fn. 10)


  • 1. Deduction for rent-charges, or annuities.
  • 2. Tap-trough.
  • 3. Mash-vat.
  • 4. Q. fining-vat.
  • 5. This perhaps means, a high (bey) stand.
  • 6. Qy. ale-vat.
  • 7. Tubs for brewing.
  • 8. Qy. as to this.
  • 9. Probably, a "gist," or stand, for small casks.
  • 10. This is followed by the usual provisions that he will faithfully perform the trust.