List of subscribers

Historical Account of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Including the Borough of Gateshead. Originally published by Mackenzie and Dent, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1827.

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Eneas Mackenzie, 'List of subscribers', Historical Account of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Including the Borough of Gateshead, (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1827), pp. v-x. British History Online [accessed 19 June 2024].

Eneas Mackenzie. "List of subscribers", in Historical Account of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Including the Borough of Gateshead, (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1827) v-x. British History Online, accessed June 19, 2024,

Mackenzie, Eneas. "List of subscribers", Historical Account of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Including the Borough of Gateshead, (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1827). v-x. British History Online. Web. 19 June 2024,


[In a work on local history, a list of subscribers' names is always a matter of curiosity, and, it may be, of utility. The publishers regret that the following one is so incomplete, and which has been entirely occasioned by some booksellers and agents neglecting to forward their lists. From the returns made, it is printed as accurately as possible.]

Adams William, esq. Acton

Adamson John, esq. Newcastle

Affleck John Hall, printer, ditto

Alder Thomas, esq. Murray Hall

Alexander Thomas, clerk, Newcastle

Alexander W. schoolmaster, Fallowden

Allen Robert, attorney, London

Allison Rev. Thos. Heddon on the Wall

Amos A. D. agent, London

Anderson Major, Newcastle

Anderson George, spirit merchant, ditto

Anderson Thos. carver and gilder, ditto

Anderson Robert, Howick

Andrews G. bookseller, Durham, 2 copies

Andrews Miss, dress-maker, Newcastle

Appleby Thomas, joiner, Hazon

Archbold James Slaiter, Newcastle

Archbold John, merchant, Wooler

Arkless Benjamin, viewer, Tantoby

Arkless John, viewer, Fatfield

Arkless George, viewer, High Heworth

Armstrong W. schoolmaster, Gateshead

Armstrong William, overman, Hetton

Armstrong Francis, Blanchland

Arundale Thomas, skinner, Newcastle

Askew Thomas, potter, St. Peter's.

Atcheson Adam, esq. Lorbottle

Atkin —, woollen manufacturer, Alston

Atkins John, spirit merchant, Alnwick

Atkinson Christopher, esq. Ewart

Atkinson Adam, esq. Lorbottle

Atkinson Henry, weaver, Newcastle

Atkinson Robert, potter, Ouseburn

Atkinson James, currier, Morpeth

Atkinson Joseph, overman, Philadelphia

Atkinson William, smith, Seaton Sluice

Atkinson Edward, farmer, New Houses by Kirkharle

Aynsley William, Plover Hill

Aynsley Edward, Bedlington

Aynsley Captain, ditto

Aynsley John, North Shields

Ayre J. publisher, Sunderland, 2 copies

Ayre Meanly, Berwick

Backhouse Jonathan, esq. Sunderland

Bailey Nicholas, esq.Gallow Hill House

Bainbridge —, solicitor, Alston

Baker Cresswell J. A. esq. Cresswell Hall

Bankes John, bleacher, Elswick

Barker Matthew, bookseller, Hexham, 21 copies

Barkess William, viewer, Allendean

Barras John, tailor, Newcastle

Barry John, ship-owner, Sunderland

Bates Robert, butcher, Newcastle

Beavon Frederick, M. D. Acton House

Beck John, grocer, Newcastle

Beeney Isaac, painter, ditto

Bell Matthew, esq. Woolsingham

Bell Henry, esq. Newbiggin House

Bell John, London

Bell T. bookseller, Newcastle, 2 copies

Bell John, surveyor, Windmill Hills

Bell George, Low Forge, Bedlington

Bell Thomas, currier, Carlisle

Bell Mrs. Bedlington

Bell William, fitter, Sunderland

Bell Matthew, Barrasford Fell

Bell Joseph, Bowsden

Bell Matthew, Richmond

Bell Greenwell, mason, Fourstones

Bell Robert, mariner, Sunderland

Bell —, agent, Stublick colliery

Bellamy Robt. farmer, Little Greencroft

Belt Robert, sail-cloth manufacturer, Newcastle

Bennet John, Blyth Links

Berwick Subscription Library

Bigge C. W. esq. Linden

Bigge Mrs. T. Benton House

Birch William, gent. Wrestgate

Birkinshaw J. Bedlington Iron-works

Birkitt Rev. James, Ovingham

Black Robert, Ingram

Blackburn Peter, Bianchland

Blackett Christopher, esq. Wylam

Blackett —, clerk, Dunstan

Blair Peter, bookseller, Morpeth

Blair Thomas, Abbey Mills near ditto

Blair John, farmer, Oakpool Bridge

Blake John, tailor, Morpeth

Blakey James, He worth Shore

Blenk Joshua, Blanchland

Blyth Henry, gent. Bishopwearmouth

Bolam Henry, pitman, Coxlodge

Bond Joseph, Alnwick

Bones —, innkeeper, Lemington

Booth G. broker, Sunderland

Booth Thomas, flax-dresser, Newcastle

Bosanquet Charles, esq. Rock

Bowmaker Ralph, Lamesley Moor Hill

Bowman Jas. custom-house, Newcastle

Bowman William, farmer, Birney Hill

Bowman M. farmer, Kirkwhelpington

Bowman John, saddler, Brampton

Bowness Geo. shopkeeper, Allanshead

Boyd —, cabinet-maker, Alnwick

Brandon William, esq. London

Brandling Charles John, esq. M. P. Gosforth

Brandling William, esq. Low Gosforth

Brandling John, esq. Gosforth

Branley —, teacher, Nent Hall

Brewis Thomas, farmer, Needless Hall

Brewis William, farmer, Thropple

Brown Dixon, esq. Benton

Brown Thomas, solicitor, Newcastle

Brown William, cooper, ditto

Brown John, builder, ditto

Brown John, publican, ditto

Brown Matthew, farmer, Corbridge

Brown Robert, shopkeeper, Cullercoats

Brown John, smith, Hebron

Brown John, Allendale town

Brown Martin, pitman, Bog Row

Brown Peter, baker, South Shields

Brown John, cabinet-maker, Brandling Place

Brown Henry, farmer, Ingo

Brown William, innkeeper, Alnwick

Brown Thomas, Sterling Town, New York, U. S.

Brown Jacob, custom-house, N. Shields

Brown Robt. near Newcastle Barracks

Brown Robt. spirit merchant, Hebburn

Bruce John, teacher, Newcastle

Brumell Henry, esq. Morpeth

Brum well G. porter mercht. Newcastle

Bryson Robert, builder, ditto

Buddle John, esq. Carville

Bullock John, publican, Gateshead

Burdon Sir Thomas, knt. Jesmond

Burlison John, gardener, Fenham

Burn Matthew, Yorkshire

Burn —, farmer, Cat-row

Burn Ralph, butcher, Seaton Sluice

Burn Miss M. White Hart Inn, Hexham

Burn John, esq. solicitor, London

Burnett James, millwright, Newcastle

Burnett H. bookseller, Sunderland

Burnup Richard, agent, Bunker Hill

Burrell Robert, esq. Durham

Buston Thomas, esq. Buston

Buston Roger, esq. High Buston

Busby M. G. surgeon, Alnwick

Cairns George, farmer, Lysom

Cairns James, draper, Wooler

Caley John, esq. London

Campbell Henry, bootmaker, London

Campbell John, surgeon, Dunse

Cambo Subscription Library

Carlisle Subscription Library

Carnaby Ra. cabinet maker, Newcastle

Carpenter J. C. esq. Ford

Carr John, esq. ditto

Carr John, esq. Alnwick

Carr John, shoemaker, Corbridge

Carr Ed. innkeeper, Newton by the Sea

Carr William, clerk, Jarrow

Carrick John, Newcastle

Carter —, crate maker, ditto

Castles Joseph, innkeeper, Warkworth

Chambers Alex, coachman, Whickham

Chambers William, Longframlington

Chapman Wm. esq. banker, Newcastle

Charlton James, Anchorage-school, Gateshead

Charlton Thos. clergy school, Newcastle

Charlton Ralph, ditto

Charlton John, grammar school, Durham

Charlton Pet. grocer, North Shields, D.

Charlton John, farmer, Gubion

Charlton William, farmer, Corbridge

Charlton Forster, spirit dealer, Blyth

Charlton Robert, nailor, Bedlington

Charlton Ann, innkeeper, Hexham

Charlton J. H. surgeon, ditto

Charlton William, innkeeper, ditto

Charlton Anthony, solicitor, Morpeth

Charlton Robert, schoolmaster, Kirkwhelpington

Charlton Adam, Sunderland

Charlton —, attorney, Howden

Chisholm William, foundry, Durham

Chisholm Ralph, publican, Alnwick

Chisholm John, New Haggerston

Clark George, painter, Durham

Clark William, shoemaker, Newcastle

Clark Joseph, bookseller, ditto

Clarke J. G. esq. Fenham

Clarke Rev. Robert, Walwick, D.

Clarke William, teacher, Newcastle

Clarke William, overman, Cowpen

Clarke Michael, watchmaker, Morpeth

Clementson —, Allendale town

Coates Thomas, esq. Lip wood Hall

Cochrane William, Livery Stables

Cock William, Low Heworth

Codling James, Newcastle

Compton Fenwick, esq. New Learmouth

Cook Rev. Joseph, Newton Hall

Cook Captain, Durham

Cook Captain, R. N. Whalton

Cook William, esq. Cambo

Cook James, publican

Cook William, farrier, Newbottle

Cookson Isaac, esq. Newcastle

Cookson Isaac, jun. esq. Park House

Cooper Samuel, viewer, Percy Main

Coppin William, esq. Blyth

Coulson John, spirit mercht. Newcastle

Coulson Matthew, grocer, Hexham

Coventry Andrew, baker, North Shields

Cox Joseph, esq. Brampton

Cowans William, draper, Newcastle

Cowens James, tailor, Seaton Sluice

Coward Robert, farmer, Link House

Coward Robert, Crow Hall

Coxon Geo. tallow chandler, Newcastle

Cramlington Henry, esq. mayor, Newcastle

Craster Edmund, esq. Preston, D.

Craster Shaftoe, esq. Craster

Craw Miss, Fatfield

Crawford David, esq. Westgate

Crawford John, esq. North Shields

Crawford P. R. Warden Paper-mill

Crawford Thomas, coal-owner, Durham

Crawford Mrs. Newcastle, D.

Crawford T. farmer, near Seaton Delaval

Crawford John, farmer, Lookout

Crawford William, farmer, Monkseaton

Crawford William, Netherton Peak

Crozier George, Whinney Hill

Cruddas Thomas, colliery viewer, Lumley Thicks

Curry William, publican, Cow Gate

Cust Richard, esq. Carlisle

Cuthbert John, mariner, Low Heworth

Cutforth Timothy, broker, Newcastle

Daglish James, Coldstream

Dale Peter, manufacturer, Walker

Dale Thomas, agent, Hexham Brewery

Daleson John, gent. Iron Sign

Davidson Thomas, esq. Newcastle, D.

Davidson John, esq. Otterburn

Davidson Thomas, Richard Pit

Davidson Alexander, esq. Swarland

Davidson —, excise-office, Richmond

Davison William, bookseller, Alnwick

Davison Mrs. Lowick

Davison Alexander, ditto

Davison Ralph, farmer, Crawcrook

Davison John, esq. Lanton

Davison George, farmer, Rock

Davison William, brewer, Monkseaton

Davison Thomas, baker, South Shields

Davis Robert, surgeon, Ayton Banks

Dawson Abraham, solicitor, Newcastle

Dawson John, Hilton Pottery

Dawson —, gent. Haltwhistle

Dawson Thos. glass-cutter, Newcastle

Dawson Thomas, shoemaker, Morpeth

Dawson Thomas, brewer, Bedlington

Debord Henry, ship-owner, Blyth

Dennis P. surgeon, Alnwick

Dent John, agent, Painshaw

Dial John, Morton

Dickman T. cabinet-maker, Newcastle

Dickinson Robert, stationer, Hexham

Dickinson Robert, innkeeper, Embleton

Dickinson John, butcher, Jarrow

Dickinson —, farmer, near Allendale town

Dickinson John, Greenwich Hospital office, Newcastle

Dinning Henry, esq. Newlands

Dixon Edward, innkeeper, Newcastle

Dixon George, shoemaker, New York

Dixon Thomas, miller, Gateshead

Dixon John, tailor, Sunderland

Dixon Robert, mariner, South Shields

Dobson William, surgeon, Sunderland

Dobson Edward, Dilston Mill

Dodd Thomas, esq. Riding

Dodd Rev. M. Ingram

Dodd —, Allendale

Dodd Robert, Carlisle

Dodd Edward, tanner, Hexham

Dodds Michael, esq. Cornhill

Dodds Ralph, plasterer, Newcastle

Dodds T. W. surgeon, Lanchester

Dodds John, Cresswell

Dodds Isaac, mason, Ayton Banks

Dodds John, publican, Alnwick

Dodds John, pavior, ditto

Dolphin John, mine agent, Ruffside Hall

Donaldson Jos. schoolmaster, Chatton

Donkin Henry, esq. Durham

Donkin William, esq.Sandhoe

Donkin William, solicitor, Hexham

Donkin John, joiner, Gateshead Fell

Donkin Robert, farmer, Ingram

Donkin Robert, teacher, Warden

Dove Sarah, innkeeper, Greenhead

Doubleday Captain Henry, Durham

Douglas John, M. D. Sunderland

Douglas Thomas, schoolmaster, Alnwick

Douglas John, artist, Kensington

Downing John, grocer, Newcastle

Dowson James, publican, Cramlington

Dryden John, Blyth Docks

Dryden —, post-master, Alston

Dunford Thomas, clerk, Newcastle, D

Dunn M. esq. Stella Hall

Dunn Matt. grammar-school, Houghton-le-Spring

Durham Subscription Library

Egdell Samuel, innkeeper, Alnwick

Egdell Robert, butcher, Warkworth

Eggleston John, chemist, Newcastle

Eggleston Thomas, clerk, Durham

Elder William, publican, Longhoughton

Elliott Robert, farmer, Barrasford

Elliott Robert, whitesmith, Newcastle

Elliott William, baker, ditto

Elliott James, upholsterer, ditto

Ellison Cuthbert, esq. M. P. Hebburn Hall

Ellison Cuthbert, baker, South Shields

Elsdon Henry, engineer, Cowpen

Elsdon Thomas, pipe-maker, Gateshead

Eltringham Thomas, bacon merchant, Newcastle

Embleton Richard, tanner, ditto

Emmerson Thomas, farmer, Ovington

English Wm. engineer, Bow, London

English Thomas, hind, Sheepwash

English John, Longhurst

Errington John, skinner, Gateshead

Errington Robert, Stannington Moor

Errington Thomas, Gateshead

Errington Fran. publican, Longhorsley

Erskine Colonel, Durham

Fawcus John, Dunston Steads

Fairbridge John, surgeon, Hexham

Fairlamb —, Hexham

Fenwick J. Ralph, M. D. Durham

Fenwick Ralph, esq. Shortridge

Fenwick John, esq. Campville

Fenwick Nicholas, esq. North Shields

Fenwick Benj. viewer, Percy Main

Fenwick John, solicitor, Newcastle

Fenwick —, Bowre's Houses, Durham

Ferguson Thos. Newcastle Bank

Forrest Walter, New Town Mill

Forrester Thos. draper, Greenhead

Forster John, pawnbroker, Newcastle

Forster Edward, Cowpen colliery

Foreman Thos. shoemaker, Blyth

Forster Francis, esq. Chillingham Barns

Forster Percival, esq. Durham

Forster William, shoemaker, Blyth

Forster E. Cowpen

Forster Thos. shoemaker, Tritlington

Forster George, Longhope.

Forster John, shoemaker, Corbridge

Forster Nicholas, tinsmith, Blyth

Forster John, publican, Thropton

Forster Ralph, Longhoughton.

Forster Lionel, grocer, South Shields

Forster George, steward, Hebburn

Forster —, butcher, West Moor

Forsyth Thos. Serjeant at Mace, &c Newcastle.

Forsyth John, Slater, Durham

Frazer Hugh, shoemaker, Newcastle

Friar Robert, sinker, Willington

Furnass J. R. Rev. Ponteland

Gardner James, smith, Jesmond

Gare John, blacksmith, Blyth

George P. Rev. Durham

George —, esq. Crook Hall, Durham

George Henry, surgeon, Lanchester

Gibson Thomas, esq. Newcastle

Gibson Mary, Ford

Gibson John, painter, Newcastle

Gibson James, draper, ditto

Gibson George, joiner, ditto,

Gibson Thos. spirit mer. Gretna Green

Gibson Wm. Greenshaw Plain

Gibson Wm. innkeeper, Corbridge

Gibson Robert, grocer, Birtley

Gilespie James, Coastly-burn-foot

Gill Henry, esq. Williamstone, Cumberland

Gill William, builder, Hilton.

Gill William, farmer, Kenton

Gills Robert, sheriff's office, Newcastle

Glaholm Edward, Chatton.

Glaister Robert, W. S. Kelso

Gledston James, farmer, Laverick-hall

Gledston Thomas, Urpeth paper mill, D.

Glover William, draper, South Shields

Gofton George, farmer, Penny-hill

Grace John, esq. Carville Hall

Grace Nathaniel, esq. Scotchwood

Graham George Rev. Doddington

Graham Robt. gamekeeper, Beaufront

Graham John, tobacconist, Hexham.

Graham —, innkeeper, Armthwaite

Gray William, publican, Hartley

Gray Edward, farmer, Plessey

Gray William, Craster Sea-Houses

Green Robert Rev. Newcastle

Green James Rev. Washington

Green William, sawyer, Newcastle

Green William, builder, Corbridge

Green George, overman, Renton

Greenwell, W. T. esq. Greenwell Ford

Greener William, innkeeper, Wylam

Greenwood Robt. rev. Blyth Link House

Gregson John, esq. Durham

Grey John, lieut-col. Shorston House

Grey George, esq. Middle Ord

Grey Joseph, clerk, Low Felling

Grey John, esq. Milfield Hill

Griffith H. D. rev. Newcastle

Grundy William, gamekeeper, Cowclose

Haggerston, Thos. esq. Ellingham

Hair Thos. innkeeper, Bedlington

Hall Benjamin, viewer, Walker

Hall Jas. shipowner, Monkwearmouth

Hall Ridley, gent. Corbridge

Hall John, clerk, Newcastle

Hall John, tailor, ditto

Hall Thomas, Crookham

Hall George, Dunston Square

Hall Jas. shipbuilder, Monkwearmouth

Hall Joseph, Red-house, near Howden

Hamilton John, Hexham

Harle Thos. Custom-house, Newcastle

Hardy Martin, butcher, Hetton

Harrison John, iron-founder, N. Shields

Harrison Thos. farmer, Long Acres

Harrison, Geo. butcher, Newcastle.

Harrison —, Sunderland

Hart, Henry, manufacturer, Newcastle

Hawthorn Wm. engineer, Newcastle

Haydon, J. rev. Hull

Head Charles, manor-office, Hexham

Hebbuck, Wm. farmer, West Sleekburn

Hedley Anthony, rev. Whitfield

Hedley A. surgeon, Felton

Hedley Joseph, Westgate, Newcastle

Hedley William, agent, ditto

Hedley John, farmer, Whitchester

Hedley Thomas, grocer, Newburn

Hedley Edward, brewer, Monkseaton

Henderson Henry, agent, Newcastle

Henderson Jas. Correction House Morpeth

Henderson Hen. merchant, Warkworth

Henderson Ed. shoemaker, Longhorsley

Henderson Jas. Whitecaps, Durham

Hepple J, viewer, Benwell colliery

Hepple George, West Moor

Hepple John, publican, Seaton Sluice

Hepple Bartholomew, Kenton

Heron Wm. shoemaker, Coxlodge

Heslop Thomas, miner, Allenheads

Hetherington John, clerk, Newcastle

Hetherington —, steward, Nenthead

Hewgall Paul, corver, Ouston

Hewitson Henry, esq. Seaton-burn Cottage.

Hewitson John, farmer, Benton Cottage

Hewitson —, surgeon, Stanhope Weardale

Hill Christ. Septimus, custom-house, Sunderland

Hills Jacob, Bedlington

Hind Mark, linen-draper, Newcastle

Hines John, solicitor, Durham

Hines Edward, solicitor, Sunderland

Hobson John, esq. Durham

Hobson Robinson, butcher, Newbottle

Hodgson John rev. Kirkwhelpington

Hodgson John, hatter, Newcastle

Hodgson Joseph, Cowpen Mill

Holdray —, farmer, Billy-mill

Hope Robert, innkeeper, Chatton

Hope —, Burdon Main Cottage

Hopper Matthew, saddler, Newcastle

Horn Robert, esq. Bishopwearmouth, D.

Horsley Wm. colliery agent, Willington

Howden —, mason, Haydon-bridge

Howe Johnson, Berwick

Hoy Alexander rev. Felton

Husdell Jacob, fitter, Monkwearmouth

Hudson J. M. surgeon, Durham

Hudson Robert, carpenter, Howden

Hudspeth Thos. Bowsdon

Huggup William, West Sleekburn

Humble F. Advertiser Office, Durham

Hume John, farmer, Hartlaw.

Hunter James, viewer, Walbottle

Hunter Wm. shoemaker, Killingworth

Hunter Wm. shoemaker, Norwood

Hunter John, butcher, Gateshead

Hunter William, shoemaker, Blyth

Hunter James, Alnwick

Hutchinson Ralph, esq. Durham

Hutchinson Thos. solicitor, Sedgefield

Hutchinson William, Newbiggen Hope

Hutton Anthony, grocer, Alnwick

Jackson J. esq. London

Jackson Robt. pitman, Howden Pans

Jackson George, farmer, Lowstead, by Lowick.

Jackson Ralph, Morton

Jackson Robert, Sunderland

James Collingwood Forster, esq. Kirk-Newton

James Joseph, flour-dealer, Newcastle

James Edward, miller, near Newcastle Barracks

Jameson Mark, esq. Berwick

Jameson Job, tailor, Newcastle

Jefferies Jos. farmer, Ellington Moor

Jefferson Thomas, surgeon, Hexham

Jeffery Robert, brewer, Warkworth

Iley —, Stanhope, Weardale

Ingledew Henry, solicitor, Newcastle

Innes John, custom-house, Blyth

Jobson William, esq. Chillingham New Town

Jobson Robert, esq. Turvelaws

Jobson Mark, gent. Ouseburn

Johnson James, esq. Carey Coates

Johnson George, esq. Willington

Johnson Francis, esq. Woodhorn

Johnson John, paper-maker, Gateshead

Johnson William, Cottingwood

Johnson Robert, agent, Leith

Joice Hugh, engine-wright, Hetton

Jones John, innkeeper, Hexham

Jones —, Durham

Joures Andrew, tailor, South Shields

Irwin —, land-agent, Percy Main

Irwin Archbold, saddler, North Shields

Kay John, publican, North Shields

Keenlyside John, brewer, Blyth

Kell —, jun. Wall

Kelly William, grocer, Newcastle

Kemp Miss, Newcastle

Kirkaldy Alex. agent, Monkwearmouth

Kirkup Wm. Houghton-le-spring

Kirsop —, farmer, Lees, by Haydon Bridge

Kyle Gibson, builder, Stannington

Lackenby Thos. innkeeper, Morpeth

Laidler Thos. Warkworth North Field

Laidler Geo. schoolmaster, Seaton Sluice

Laing Alexander, East Ord

Lamb Joseph, esq. Lemington House

Lambert Robson, farmer, Dilston

Lambert J. overman, New Allotment

Lambton J. Geo. esq. M. P. Lambton Hall

Lambton J. Ralph, esq. Murton Hall

Lancaster —, glassman, Ouseburn

Landells Eben. haberdasher, Newcastle

Lathan Thomas, potter, Southwick

Laws Matthew, Weetslet

Lawson M. D. C. esq. Cramlington

Lawson William, esq. Longhurst Hall

Lawson Edward, Blakemoor

Lawson George, Longhurst Grange

Lawson Geo. mason, Heddon-on-Wall

Lax Reed, butcher, Newcastle

Ledger Sam. overman, Colliery Dykes

Legge Lewis, brewer, East Renton

Lee Mat. farmer, near Haydon-bridge

Lee Thomas, shoemaker, Bedlington

Leighton Thomas, esq. Newcastle

Leighton Thos. farmer, Cockley Walls

Liddell Christopher, cooper, Newcastle

Liddle John, teacher, Newbiggin

Lilburn Robert, farmer, Preston

Linskill, Wm. esq. Tynemouth Lodge

Literary and Philosophical Society, Newcastle

Literary, Scientific, and Mechanical Institution, Newcastle

Little Archibald, excise-offi. Newcastle

Lonsdale George, farmer, Cowpen

Logie William, tobacconist, Newcastle

Longridge Richd. potter, St. Anthons

Losh James, esq. Jesmond

Losh William, esq. Point Pleasant

Lowrey William, gent. Barmoor

Lowrey George, surgeon, Corbridge

Lowrey J. clogger, Morpeth

Lowes George, postman, Sunderland

Luke Ann Miss, Alnwick

Lumsden Wm. innkeeper, Shilbottle

Lunn John, cartman, Newcastle

Lynn William, teacher, Whittington

Lynn John, tailor, South Shields

M'Cree William, clerk, Sunderland

M'Cree Thomas, Newcastle

M'Donald, Daniel, teacher, Sunderland

M'Lean, Thomas, Wooler Common

M'Lean William, baker, Newcastle

M'Fee John, draper, ditto

M'Lauchlan James, tea-dealer, ditto

Macgregor Alex. Wooler Cottage

Mackenzie Thomas, Acklington Park

Maddison George, farmer, Chatton

Makepeace Robert, Denwick

Marley Wm. cheesemonger, Newcastle

Mark —, Brampton

Marsden Thomas, Durham

Marshall Robert, esq. corn-merchant, Newcastle

Marshall John, bookseller, Newcastle

Marshall James, clerk, Sunderland

Marshall —, Westoe

Martindale J. esq. High Flatts

Martinson Edw. schoolmaster, Stella

Marvel J. druggist, Monkwearmouth

Mather John, agent, South Shields

Maughan Wm. brakesman, Wheatley

Maughan Fran, tailor, West Auckland

Maxwell Thomas, Waterloo, Blyth

Meadows Jos. roper, North Shields

Meggison Thos. shopkeeper, S. Shields

Meynard Robert, attorney, London

Mickelam—, raff-merchant Monkwearmouth

Midford —, gardener, Morpeth

Milburn Thos. New York, U. S.

Milburn Robt. woollen-draper, Newcastle

Milburn George, gardener, Ashington

Milburn Roger, farmer, Cramlington

Milburn Christopher, saddler, Stamfordham

Miller James rev. Durham

Miller Christopher, agent, Sunderland

Mitchell Robt. work-house, Bedlington

Mitchell Charles, roper, Willington

Milner Charles, esq. Hedley House

Moffit James, surgeon, Hexham.

Moffit William, surgeon, Howden

Mole John, farmer, Embleton

Mordue Jos. teacher, Wallsend, 2 copies

Moor Samuel, Southwick pottery

Moore Thomas, gardener, Jesmond

Moore Wm. joiner, Three-mile-bridge

Moore Stephen, farmer, Newmoor

Moore William, farmer, Thropple

Moore Thomas, farmer, Coldwells

Morris Stephen, engineer, Ouseburn

Morris William, viewer, Ouston

Morrison John, butcher, Newcastle

Morrison John, butcher, Alnwick

Morton Edward, farmer, Horton

Muers John, innkeeper, Warkworth

Mulcaster James, agent, Langley Mills

Munro Robert, tinman, Newcastle

Murray John, surgeon, ditto

Murton Thomas, esq. Horton

Murton Michael, roper, North Shields

Mushcamp —, Brother-lee, Weardale

Naters Ralph, esq. Sandyford

Nelson William, esq. East Lilburn

Nelson John, smith, Sunderland

Nelson John, agent, Walker

Nesbitt Joseph, publican, Stepney

Nesbitt John, shoemaker, Warkworth

Nesbitt William, Longhoughton

Newton John, esq. London

Newton Samuel, ostler, Newcastle

Newton William, gardener, Alnwick

Nichol John, confectioner, Newcastle

Nicholson George Kerr, Berwick

Nicholson James, agent, Blyth

Nicholson Thomas, clerk, Bedlington

Nicholson Thomas, architect, Hexham

Nicholson Edward, builder, ditto

Nicholson T. and E. merchants, Warkworth

Nicholson, —, farmer, Berwick-hill

Nicholson John, yeoman, Cawsey-house

Nixon, Joseph, gent. Newcastle

Nixon John, Westgate Toll-house

Nixon John, farmer, Barlow

Nixon George, farmer, Howden, D.

Noad W. D. gunsmith, Morpeth

Northumberland, His Grace the Duke of, K. G. Alnwick Castle

Ogden Bernard, esq. Sunderland

Oliver Robert, steward, Shiney Row

Oliver R. draper, Quayside, Newcastle

Ord John, esq. Weetwood

Ord T. paper-manufacturer, Ewehurst

Ord John, grocer, Kirkwhelpington

Ormston Robert, jun. esq. Newcastle

Ormston Miss, ditto

Orr John, surgeon, Cambo

Oswald John, worsted manufacturer, Newcastle

Pape Anthony, Ryle Mill

Park Joseph, spirit-merchant, Berwick

Parker S. W. esq. Elswick

Parker Josiah, currier, Hexham

Parkes Thomas, agent, London

Parkin Rev. John, Newcastle

Parkin Robert, Lambton, salt-works

Patterson Mich, colliery agent, Walker

Patterson John, shoemaker, Morpeth

Pattinson John, farmer, near Haltwhistle

Pattison Robert, surgeon, Blyth

Pattison Johnson, Berwick

Pattison Clem, solicitor, Berwick

Peacock Mrs. innkeeper, Morpeth

Pearsey John, Castle Inn, Alnwick

Pemberton Richard, esq. Red Barns

Pentland —, Morpeth south toll-gate

Percy Hugh, Redpath, Bath

Peters William, esq. Newcastle

Philips Alexander, Berwick

Philips George, Tyle Shade

Philipson John, Kirkwhelpington

Pickering George, parish-clerk, Earsdon

Pickering William, butcher, Kenton

Plues M. veterinary surgeon, Newcastle

Plummer John, esq. Preston

Potter William, esq. Wallbottle

Potts Thomas, publican, St. Anthon's

Potts Henry, publican, near Hartley

Pratt Thomas, builder, Sunderland

Pratt John, boatman, Haltwhisle

Pringle Edward, esq. Snitter

Pringle Edw. schoolmaster, Newcastle

Pringle George, innkeeper, Alnwick

Pringle John, jun. Newcastle

Procter Vincent, Cresswell

Purvis J. baker, Newcastle

Purvis Thomas, Heathery-top

Pybus R. porter merchant, Newcastle

Pyle Edward, agent, Dunstan

Rae Thomas, Pallinsburn

Railston William, farmer, Branxton

Raine Rev. J. Durham

Rainsforth Mary, Cornhill

Ramsay G. H. Derwent Haugh

Rand James, Lambton Salt-works

Ratcliff Thomas, esq. Campville

Ratcliff John, butcher, Newcastle

Rawes Rev. W. Houghton-le-Spring

Ray William, blacksmith, Ponteland

Readhead William, esq. Rye-hill

Reay William, esq. Walker

Reay John, colliery agent, Wallsend

Redhead John, farmer, Wallsend

Redhead John, Howden Pans

Reed Alex, china-merchant, Newcastle

Reed Ra. cab.-maker, Haydon-bridge

Reid Robert, clerk, Derwent-haugh

Reid James, wharfinger, Newcastle

Reid Robert, Stamfordham

Reid John, bookseller, Berwick

Reid Thomas, pitman, Earsdon-square

Rewcastle John, Greenwich Hosp. office

Richardson A. innkeeper, Newcastle

Richley Edward, shoemaker, Corbridge

Riddle Edward, royal naval asylum, Greenwich

Riddle, And. mason, Longframlington

Riddle Waller, Rothbury Forest

Ridley Sir M. W. bart. M. P. Blagdon.

Ridley John, publican, Newcastle.

Ridley William, grocer, Hexham

Ridley Henry, cooper, ditto

Robertson James, Bishopwearmouth

Robinson John, engineer, Greenside

Robinson Jas. spirit-dealer, Ouseburn

Robinson William, clerk, Newcastle

Robinson John, brewer, Sunderland

Robinson D. Edinburgh

Robinson C. joiner, Morpeth

Robson Michael, esq. West Chirton

Robson John, esq. Felling Hall, D.

Robson; Edward, builder, Newcastle

Robson John, farrier, Bedlington

Robson John, wharfinger, Newcastle

Robson Edward, builder, ditto

Robson Robert, mason, Corbridge

Robson Joseph, watchmaker, Houghton-le-spring

Robson Robert, butcher, Seghill

Robson John, farmer, New Moor

Robson George tax-office, Newcastle

Robson Jona. founder, near Gateshead

Robson John, farmer, Ingo

Robson John, joiner, Bavington

Robson John, High Heworth

Robson Thomas, clerk, Sunderland

Robson Wm. Monkwearmouth poorhouse

Robson Robt. surgeon, North Shields

Robson William, steward, Woolsington

Robson Gilbert, gent. Bedlington

Robson —, Deptford glass-works, Sunderland

Robson John, farmer, Pealy Hill

Robson Robert, surgeon, North Shields

Rochester William, Whalton Mill

Rogan Patrick, Berwick

Rolans George, Berwick

Ronaldson Stephen, miller, Heaton

Routledge, —, surgeon, Haydon-bridge

Rowell David, surgeon, Newburn

Rowell William, farmer, Hurst

Rowell John, farmer, Errington RedHouse

Rowell Robert, currier, Hexham.

Rowley Robt. brush-manfac. Newcastle

Ross James, Norham

Rule Joseph, mason, Wooler

Russell William, esq. M. P. Branspeth Castle

Russell Agnes, shopkeeper, So. Shields

Russell Alexander, baker, ditto

Russell Ann, fruiterer, Newcastle

Rutherford George, farmer, Akeld

Rutherford William, farmer, Stanton Coal House

Salter William, paper manufacturer, Felling Shore

Salvin B. J. esq. Burn Hall

Salvin Anthony, esq. F. S. A. Branspeth

Sample Wm. joiner, Belsay Guide-post

Sanderson Wm. Bell Inn, Belford

Scaife George, agent, Blyth

Scarlett George, tailor, Newcastle

Scott John, Solicitor, Sunderland

Scott John, shoemaker, Belsay

Scott William, horsebreaker, Corbridge

Scott John, saddler, Hexham

Scruton R. esq. Durham

Scurs rev. Thos. Broadwood Hall

Selby R. esq. London and Earle

Selby Charles, Gosforth

Selby William, staithman, Wallsend

Semple William, Coldstream

Shanks Robert, gardener, Amble

Sharp Joseph, farmer, Paxton Dean

Shields Thos. merchant, Durham

Shepherd William, Blyth Dock

Shipley William, agent, Dilston

Short Leonard, Doddington

Short Alexander, Bothal Pit

Simpson —, gent, Allendale Town

Simpson George, painter, Corbridge

Sinton Wm. hair-dresser, Newcastle

Sissons William, grocer, Lanchester

Sitwell Francis, esq. Barmoor castle

Smith Edw. watchmaker, Newcastle

Smith George, esq. Lone-end.

Smith sir D. W. bart. Alnwick

Smith Aaron, esq. ditto

Smith John, esq. Beamish

Smith Captain, Haughton Castle

Smith rev. H. R. S. Embleton

Smith Isaac, brewer, Newcastle

Smith John, keeper of St. Nicholas' poor-house, Newcastle, 2 copies

Smith John, farmer, East Cramlington

Smith William, smith, Blyth

Smith Benjamin, gardener, Bavington

Smith William, Shedlaw

Smith Robert, mariner, Sunderland

Smith Edw. schoolmaster, Rothbury

Smith Adam, farmer, Berryhill

Smith John, clerk, Southwark

Smith John, Norham Main

Snowball John, butcher, Alnwick

Softley William, Tyne Glass-works

Somerville Cuth. teacher, Matfen

Southern George, viewer, Longbenton

Spearman Robert, Bothal Mill

Spoor Robert, grocer, Newcastle

Spoor Jos. shoemaker, Seaton Sluice

Spraggon Ralph, farmer, Thorney ford

Stainthorp, Wm. publican, Hexham

Stafford John, esq. London

Stanford James, Coldstream

Steavenson Robert, M. D. and F. R. C. Newcastle

Steavenson Thos. A. Berwick

Steel Warden, Success-row, co. Durham

Stephenson Peter, esq. Hexham

Stephenson Mrs. publican, Newcastle

Stephenson G. schoolmaster, Holystone

Stephenson Robert, farmer, Coiwell

Stobbart William, esq. Pelaw

Stobart M. Allendale Town

Stobart Thomas, Heaton Staith

Stobbs Robert, printer, Durham

Stobbs Henry, farmer, Woodhorn

Stokoe Alexander, esq. Aycomb

Stokoe John, architect, Newcastle

Stokoe Mrs. Haggo, near Hexham

Storey James, merchant, Rothbury

Story Peter, hair-dresser, Morpeth

Story William, butcher, Newcastle

Story Wm. farmer, Beacon, near Cramlington

Storey Joseph, founder, South Shields

Straker John, viewer, Seaton Cottage

Straker W. T. farmer, North Seaton

Straker —, shipbuilder, Jarrow Lodge

Strother William, esq. Alemouth

Stuart Thomas, viewer, Regent Pit

Stuart Robert, schoolmaster, Westmoor

Surtees Robert, esq. Mainsforth

Surtees Thos. Old Hall, Cresswell

Sutherland Thos. Billy Pit

Swallow John, Sparrow House

Swan George, farmer, Whitridge

Swan Robert, farmer, Bedlington

Sykes John, stationer, Newcastle

Tait Robert, innkeeper, Belford

Tait John, Grunden

Tallintyre John, shoemaker, Newcastle

Tate Thomas, collier, Debdon Cottage

Tate William, butcher, Wingates

Tate George, Morpeth

Taylor Henry, esq. Christen Bank

Taylor Hugh, esq. Earsdon & Shilbottle

Taylor William, esq. Heworth

Taylor Henry, innkeeper, Shilbottle

Taylor Gilbert, publican, Blyth

Taylor, Wm. shoemaker, Newcastle

Taylor Mat. glassman, Ouseburn, ditto

Taylor William, North Seaton

Taylor John, Ellington

Taylor Matthew, Whickham

Temple Wm. linen-draper, Newcastle

Temple Nath. shopkeeper, Blyth

Tewart John, esq. Glanton

Thirlwell Wm. engineer, Shilbottle

Thirlwell Thos. jun. Debdon Colliery

Thoburn James, shipowner, Blyth

Thompson Benj. esq. Aydon Cottage

Thompson Jas. esq. Kirk House, Cumb.

Thompson Benj. baker, Newcastle

Thompson, A. merchant, Warkworth

Thompson James, Alnwick

Thompson Jas. engineman, Newcastle

Thompson John, innkeeper, Morpeth

Thompson Thos. organist, Newcastle

Thompson Wm. brewer, Morpeth

Thompson Robert, Morpeth

Thompson Henry, Street Houses

Thompson James, hat-maker, Wooler

Thompson John, Newcastle

Thompson George, farmer, Reavely

Thompson Geo. Ashington Guide Post

Thompson Thos. esq. Bishopwearmouth

Thorp rev. Charles, Ryton

Thurlow rev. Ed. South, Houghton-le-Spring

Tinley John, esq. North Shields

Tinn Joseph, Bigge's Main colliery

Todd —, Low Lambton

Todd John, agent, Manchester

Todd Henry, Durham

Train Thomas, agent, Gateshead

Treasurer William, draper, Newcastle

Trevelyan Walter Calverley, esq. Willington

Trevelyan Raleigh, esq. Netherwitton Hall

Trewitt Hinnkeeper, Longframlington

Trotter, —, surgeon, North Shields

Trotter Geo. schoolmaster, Alnwick

Trotter, —, tanner, Newcastle

Trueman Mrs. High Heaton

Tulip Henry, esq. Brunton

Turnbull J. Thomas, gent. Newcastle

Turnbull Mrs. Bothal Castle

Turnbull Jas. flax-dresser, Newcastle

Turnbull William, Alnwick

Turnbull Jos. gardener, Southwick

Turnbull Geo. builder, Sunderland

Turnbull Geo. grocer, Howden Pans

Turnbull Robert, gardener, Kirkley

Turnbull —, baker, Morpeth

Turnbull William, Cornhill

Turnbull Geo. smelter, Langley Mills

Turner Daniel, steward, Blagdon

Turner Aaron, Morpeth

Turner Joseph, hat-maker, Alnwick

Twentyman John, esq. Maryport

Veatch H. Chronicle Office, Durham

Verty J. farmer, Fallowfield

Vick Joseph, London

Virtue G. bookseller, London, 3 copies

Urwin Wm. schoolmaster, Denton-burn

Wailes George, farmer, Newton Hall

Wailes John, founder, Newcastle

Wakefield Thos. flax-dresser, Hexham

Wakenshaw Joseph, shopman

Wake, Nic. farmer, Seaton House

Waldie John, watchmaker, Blyth

Walker John, esq. Benwell

Walker John rev. Gosforth

Walker W. Percy Brewery, N. Shields

Walker W. founder, ditto

Walker Henry, Mitford

Walker W. shipmaster, N. Shields

Walton Thos. farmer, Weardale

Walton Thos. cork-cutter, Newcastle

Wanless John, builder, Newcastle

Wanless Thos. teacher, Warkworth

Ward John, esq. Lanchester

Ward William, Durham

Ward B. innkeeper, Haydon-bridge

Ward Wm. innkeeper, North Shields

Wardle Edw. Rimside Moor House

Waters Cuth. twine-maker, Newcastle

Watson Edmund, esq. Coopen

Watson Wm. esq. North Seaton

Watson John, esq. Willington

Watson James, clerk, Bunker Hill

Watson Stephen, farmer, Ashington

Watson Fenwick, forgeman, Low Team

Watson Edw. brewer, Monkseaton

Watson Geo. bookseller, Gateshead

Watson J. cabinet-maker, Newcastle

Watson John, surgeon, Burnup Field

Watson J. farmer, Cold Park

Watson John, farmer, East Sleekburn

Watson R. farmer, Colwell Fell Hoase

Watson John, farmer, Rennington

Watson Wm. tinsmith, Wooler

Watson P. farmer, Newton Low Hall

Watson S. O. Corver, Bigge's Main

Watts Peter, baker, Fellon Shore

Watt John, Benwell Colliery

Wawn Robt. esq. South Shields

Weatherley Geo. esq. Tynemouth

Weatheral Thos. watchmaker, Hexham

Weatherhead Miss, near Cowpen

Weddell Stoddart, plumber, Alnwick

Wear Thos. excise-office, Weardale

Weir J. excise-office, Maryport

Welch Thomas, smith, Renton

Weldon —, near Shotley Bridge

Welsh John, Swarland Moor

Wharton Wm. esq. Dryburn Lodge

Wheldon Thos. farmer, Pelton

White John, keelman, Ouseburn

Whitfield R. W. ironmonger, Hexham

Wilkie James, surgeon, Newcastle

Wilkinson T. esq. Belmont Hall

Wilkinson Thos. esq. Durham D.

Wilkinson —, esq. Ryhope

Wilkinson John, esq. Alemouth

Williams Wm. esq. Durham

Williams Wm. Blyth Tyle Sheds

Williams William, gent. London

Williamson Sir H. bart. Whitburn-hall

Willis Joseph, esq. Gateshead

Wilcox rev. Peter, Sunderland

Wilson —, esq. Nent Hall, Cumberland

Wilson, Jacob, esq. Alston

Wilson, Geo. shoemaker, Bedlington

Wilson William, solicitor, Newcastle

Wilson Geo. tobacconist, ditto

Wilson James, clerk, ditto

Wilson George, butcher, ditto

Wilson John, Berwick

Wilson Robt. farmer, near Bedlington

Wilson William, teacher, South Shields

Wilson William, shoemaker, ditto

Wilson Thomas, joiner, Hebron

Wilson Wm. shipmaster, South Shields

Wilson —, currier, Morpeth

Wilthew John, clerk, Dunstan

Winship Lyal, shoemaker, Sandy ford

Wood Eleanor, innkeeper, Gateshead

Wood Thomas, butcher, Gateshead

Wood Wm. schoolmaster, Newcastle

Wood John, viewer, Mount Stables

Wood Wm. farmer, Craster Redstead

Woodhouse Edward, Scotchwood

Woods William, esq. Newcastle

Woollett Joseph, gent. Newcastle

Wray William, farmer, Newbiggin

Wrigglesworth John, farmer, Shilbottle

Wright John, esq. Wallsend

Wright James, raff-merchant, Blyth

Wright M. shipmaster, Monkwearmouth

Wright J. North Shields

Wright George, comedian, Alnwick

Wright —, brewer, Alston

Yellowley Robert, Berwick

Yellowley Robert, Heaton Flint Mill

Young John, joiner, Blyth

Young John, sawyer, Bedlington

Young Thomas, carrier, Wooler

Young Andrew, brewer, Alnwick

Young Thomas, slater, Alnwick

Young Noble, glassman, South Shields

Young Mary, innkeeper, Coldstream

Younger Anth. hair-dresser, Hexham

Younger Wm. innkeeper, Tynemouth

Names Omitted.

Hailes W. A. teacher, Newcastle

Henderson Edward, steward, Felling

Kay John, druggist, Newcastle

Milburn —, Gateshead Toll Bar

Miller Wm. innkeeper, Newcastle

Patterson Robert, millwright, ditto