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Historical Collections: Or, An Exact Account of the Proceedings of the Four Last Parliaments of Q. Elizabeth. Originally published by T. Basset, W. Crooke, and W. Cademan, London, 1680.

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AN Alphabetical TABLE Of the most material Bills, Debates, and other Matters Contained in this BOOK.


Accomptants; a bill for satisfaction against them p.83

Ale complained of by Mr. Johnson, that 'tis as strong as Wine, and will burn like Sack p.181

Ale-houses; a bill to suppress their multitude 135
-, No man to frequent any within two miles of his own dwelling 196

Alchouse-keepers: Corporal punishments moved to be inflicted on them 181
-, Mr. Glascock opposes it Ibid.

Aliens, their children to pay strangers customs 10

Alisbury: a bill concerning their Highway-land 119

Apparel; a bill to reform excess in it, passed 7, 125

Armour and Weapons; a bill touching them 105

Arrest complained of 134, &;c.

Artillery, where was but Iron, now Brass 59

Assurance of Land : a bill for it 132, 143

Attendants made joynt Committees with Lords , as had been usual in former Parliaments of this' Queen; but was not so in after-times 5

Attorney-General reflected on 141

Attorneys their number : see Suits their multiplicity
-, Inconvenient that Scriveners should act as such 209

Auditors; a bill to prevent fraud in them and their Clerks 146

Award: a bill to establish one 111


Bastardie, a bill against it 106
-, A Case put about it by Mr. Wiseman, discussed 133

Beating the servant of a Member , argued 259, 260

Beggars: a bill for their extirpation 105

Berwick; a bill for that Town 26

Bill, after ingrossed, not to be look'd into 209
-, One returned by the Lords, because sent up in Parchment, when it should have been Paper 89

Bills, not to be brought into the House obscurely 189

Bishops Leases ; a bill about them 186

Bishoprick, the greatest in England but 2200 l. per an. 187

Blades: a bill for true making those of Daggers, Swords and Rapiers 115

Blasphemers to be severely punish'd 188
-, An Instance of the great scandal caus'd by them Ibid.

Bloud: a bill for the restitntion of Sir Tho. Perrot 73

Book-debts; the bill largely debated 282, 283
-, An Example of a Mercer 271

Bread; a bill for its lawful Assize 74

Bridges; a bill for their repairing 110, 114

Brokers retailing : a bill for them 97

Brownists deserve to be rooted out 76
-, A Sect too well known in England 320

Buildings; a bill for restraint of new ones 77

Bullion, a bill to prevent its transportation 226
-, Debated and spoken to 227

Burgesses, two in competition 193
-, A Saying of Sir Edward Hobby concerning them Ibid.

L. Burleigh, the oldest Parliament-man 93


Caps: See Hats

Captains and Souldiers 5,6,136

Cards for Wool ; a bill to prevent their importation 110

Case of Thomas Fitz-herbert 27

Cask: see Clap-board.

Catalogue of the names of Parliamentmen 337

Causey; a bill to mend that of Egham 114

Cecil Sir Robert (Secretary) his large Speech 182, 183, 184
-, His saying Sir Robert Wroth had offered 100 l. per an. towards the War with Spain 185

Chancellor, (Sir Christopher Hatton) his Speech 2

Charitable Uses : a bill to prevent deceits and breaches of trust about them 97

Charter: a bill to confirm that of K. Edw. 6. to the Hospitals about London 227

Chirurgeons. A bill to provide able ones for Sea 93
-, A bill for the well ordering of them 114
-, A Case concerning a Cure 324

Church: a bill against wilful abstaining from it, debated 227, 228
-, A bill for more diligent repair to. it, argued at large 273, 274, 275

Clap-board; a bill concerning it 73

Clergie; the benefit of it taken from them that steal away women without their consent 85

Cloaths; a bill concerning several sorts 72, 98

Cloath Northern ; a bill against stretching and Taintering 113

Cloathworkers: a Committee for them 222

Coaches; a bill to restrain their superfluous and excessive use 132

Colchester: a bill concerning its Haven and Paving 74

Collection for poor Souldiers by the Lords 43, 146
-, The like by the Commons 43
-, How disposed of 269

Command from the Queen to sit in the afternoons for dispatch , being to sit but a week longer 309

Commons called over 15, 28
-, chuse their Speaker 15, 53
-, Attend the Queen in the Councilchamber, where the Speaker makes a Speech 261
-, Fall on their knees while the Qu. speaks 263 Are bidden to rise 264

Conveyances original by the Queen : a bill 6

Cordwayners; a bill concerning them 23

Corn; a bill to stay it within the Realm 92

Correction: a bill for houses to be erected 87

Cottages; a bill against erecting and maintaining them 10

Counsel to attend on several occasions 28, 139, 140

Coyn: a bill to prevent its transportation 201

Curriers: a bill concerning them 23

Customs: a bill to advance them 200


Debates with some heat 297

Debts of Sir Henry Hatton: a bill concerning them 106

Defaulters noted 28

Defeasances; a bill for enrolling and exemplifying of them 109

Delays; a bill to prevent them in Executions upon Judgments 135

Deprivation of Edm. Bonner late Bishop of London 68
-, And of divers other Bishops 85

Devon; a bill for a Key in the North part, in the River of Severn 144

Disorder in the House noted and reproved 301

Disms and Tenths; a bill for their payment 6

Dominions why not enlarged 48

Doors of the Lords being shut , complained of, commanded to be opened 57
-, Their shutting excused 174

Dover-peer ; a bill for its maintenance 23
-, Spoken to by Sir Walter Rawleigh 309
-, And by Secretary Cecil 323

Doubt propounded and resolved 96

Double-Soal-Green, a Highway neer London, order'd to be amended 272

Draining certain grounds: a bill for it 91

Drake Sir Francis resolved to be sent to Sea against the Spaniards 65

Dunkirk- Pirates spoken against by Mr. Dannet: his motion 280, 281
-, It began with two Ships 280

Dunkirkers trouble our Fisher-men 58

Durham: Writs upon Proclamations upon Exigents to be currant in that County Palatine 7


Ecclesiastical Judges ; a bill against their excessive Fees 110

Eclipse, a great one about noon 322

Election: a Letter about a disturbance in the Election of Knights of the Shire 190

Embroiderers; a bill to reform their abuses 222

Effex Earl created Earl Marshal , and took his place 90
-, His rising 208
-, His matters 248
-, His going into Ireland, 300000 l.
-, Spent since 199

Exchequer: a bill touching the exactions there 17
-, A bill concerning Proces and Pleadings there 21
-, A bill for the observation of Rules there 143

Exeter: a bill for confirming Letters Patents to the Merchant-adventurers there 115
-, A bill for uniting certain Churches into one Parish 193

Excuses for Lords absence to be made by Peers , and not by others 135

Eye and Dunsden Security to the Citie for 20000 l. lent to the Queen 290
-, A bill to re-unite them to the Mannor of Sunning, debated Ibid.


Family of Love: See Brownists.

Felonies hereafter to be committed, their punishment 108

Fifteens and Tenths: see Subsidies.

Fish Salted: a bill concerning them 69

Fishing, how prejudicial to the Lord Admiral 237

Fishmongers admitted to the Bar with Counsel 309

Forcible Entries: a bill to explain the Statute of 8 Hen. 6. concerning them 11

Forestallers: a bill against them 102

Forms of speech in French at the passing of Acts 12, 13, 49, 50

Foul play in the House complained of, and briskly argued 321
-, A great stir about it Ibid.

French King made great by the Queens Supports 182

Fuel: a bill for the Size of it 146

Furnaces: See Glass-houses.

Fustians: a bill about them 113


Gaging: Brewers and others to be heard about it 24

Garbling: a bill for reforming abuses in it 121

Gavil-kinde; a bill to alter the nature of it 113
-, Arguments about it 303

Glass-houses and Furnaces, a bill about them 27

Government of Cumberland, Northumberland, Westmerland, and Durham: a bill to make it more peaceable 136

Grammar-School of Tunbridge, a bill to assure its maintenance 11

Grammar-Schools, a bill for good order in them 113

Grants made to her Majesty , a bill to confirm them; as also Letters Patents made by her 133


Hartlepool; a bill for maintenance of their Poor 22

Hats and Caps: a bill for their true making 253

Hawkers; a bill against them 210

Heale (Sergeant) hum'd and laugh'd at 205
-, Is shew'd his mistake Ibid.

Hemp; its sowing in England opposed by Sir Walter Raleigh 188

Herrings: see Fish salted.

Horses; a bill for their breed and increase 133
-, To have Horse, Armour, and Weapons 7

Horse-stealing, a bill to prevent it 6, 106

Hospitals; a bill for their erection 106
-, A bill for that of Lamborn 10
-, A bill for that of Bristol 88
-, A bill for that of Warwick 93
-, A bill for that of S. Bartholomew 221
-, A bill for Nevil's Hospital in Yorkshire 111

House: the Lord Dela Ware petitions for his place in it 83

Hue and Cry; a bill touching it 105

Husbandry and Tillage, a bill for its increase 5
-, A bill against its decay 97


Impropriations; a bill to relieve the Poor out of them 107

Inclosures and Inmates; a bill to restrain them neer London and Westminster 77

Inclosures and Tillage, a bill concerning them 105

Innes, &;c. a bill to reform disorders in them 17
-, See it debated 278

Innovation complained of against the Lords 93
-, Their resolution thereupon 94

Invasions, greater intented than ever heard of 33

Inventions new; a bill to monopolize them, thrown out 311

Journal; the Lord Treasurers motion about it 83

Joynture; a bill to assure it 9
-, See 95, 98, 142.

Judges joyned Committees with the Lords 5

Justices of Peace, their luxuriant power a Grievance 275
-, A hot contest about them 275, 276, 277
-, A fling at them by the by 268
-, Reflected on from the Queen 151
-, Further Reflections 355
-, A motion against their sianderers 277

Jurors; a bill for their relief 69


L. Keeper, (Sir John Puckering) his speech in Parliament 32
-, Answers the Speaker of the Commons 36
-, Replies to him 37
-, His second Reply 47
-, (Sir Tho. Egerton) his Speech 79, 80, 81
-, He answers the Speaker 150
-, His Speech in the Star-chamber, by the Queens command 353

Kersies; a bill to repeal a Statute made 14 Reginæ 284


Labourers: a bill to explain the Statute 5 Reginæ 89

Lands: Bills for sale of them 9, 88, 96
-, Forfeited for Treason, confirmed to the Queen 40
-, Proceedings thereupon Ibid.
-, See Bills for other Sales 70, 136

Laws Superfluous and burthen some: a bill to abridge and reform them 103
-, Often spoken against, and argued by many 180, 193

Lease from her Majesty , a bill to confirm it 91

Leases made by Archbishops and Bishops : a bill about them 107

Lessees to enjoy their Leases against all Patents 96

Letters Patents for Lincoln, a bill to confirm them 67

Libel complained of, called The Assembly of Fools; but found to be an old Toy 217

License to depart given by the House 23, 27

Licenses for Marriage , their abuses moved against 104

Lincoln and Nottingham; a bill to confirm Statutes Merchants there 114

Logwood: a bill to establish it in dying of Cloth, &;c. 111

London: a bill to confirm the authority of the Lord Mayor in St. Katherines 224
-, The Sheriffs committed 35 H. 8. 196

Longford Estover; a bill for rebuilding of it 103

Lords temporal present at a dissolution of Parliament 12
-, Both Spiritual and temporal at commencement 13, 129

Losses casual: a bill for relief of pri soners and others so impoverished 107


Maltsters; a bill to suppress their multitude 103

Mannors and Lands: a bill to give leave to alienate 113

Mariners; a bill for their increase and maintenance 86
-, A bill for well ordering them and Sea-men 113

Marshals man brought before the Lords for an Arrest 87

Message from the Queen by Mr. Speaker about Monopolies 248
-, Seconded by Mr. Secretary Cecil 249
-, Joyfully received 252
-, Thanks ordered to be returned 253
-, A motion to record it; and further Spoken to 257, 258
-, Another from the Queen by Mr. Comptroller 261

Misdemeanours in leud and idle persons: a bill to prevent them 133

Mistake about an Adjournment 102
-, About the Question 66
-, About the manner of receiving Bills 94

Money transported impoverisheth the Realm 21
-, Better for this Kingdom if none in the world 225

Monopolies, their Grievance 130
-, Several Smart Speeches on that subject 230, &;c.
-, See much more to the same purpose 238, 239, 240, &;c.

Morter-makers, alias Plaisterers 314

Mortmain; a bill touching it 21

Motions made by several 61, 68
-, One by Sir Arthur Gorge, about Justices, noted by Secretary Cecil 204
-, Another by the Speaker in behalf of the Clerk 16

Musters, &;c. a bill concerning them 133
-, Lawyers to be exempted: a pleasant motion 329


Naturalization; several bills for several persons. See 11,40,44, 69,78,144

Navie; a bill for its maintenance 137

Navigation: See Mariners.

Newcastle: a bill to confirm Statutes Merchant acknowledged there 124

Newport: See Dunkirk. Two base Towns 280

Non-residents: See Pluralities.

Northampton: a bill for the Town 106

Norwich; a bill to establish that Bishoprick against a concealed Title 90

Nottingham: See Lincoln.


Obedience: a bill to continue the people in it 55
-, The Heads of it Ibid.

Order of the Lords about Painters and Plaisterers 147, 148
-, For the relief of Maimed Souldiers 42

Ordnance: a bill to prohib it their transportation 291
-, Debates, some for the bill, and some for petitioning the Queen to revoke her Patent 291, 292, &;c.
-, The bill asleep in the Lower House 333
-, The Speaker promises to mention it in his Speech to the Queen; but does not 334
-, Which caused a Murmur Ibid.
-, It is further spoken to Ibid.

Orford-Haven , a bill for its preservation 9

Outlawries secret: a bill to avoid them 11


Painters and Plaisterers to be heard 144
-, Their Case debated 270,271 See more 313,314,315

Painting; a bill to prevent abuses in it 114
-, A bill of no great moment 191

Pamphlets published by Jesuits and Seminaries 331

Pardon free, several bills for it 29, 49, 147, 335
-, To be craved for extravagant Speeches in the House 252
-, Thanks for the same 12, 150, 335
-, It passeth at once reading; whereas other bills have three 44

Parishes, of 8800 and odde, not above 600 afford a competency 218

Paris-garden; a bill to re-unite the Mannor 121

Parliament summoned to begin Nov. 12. prorogued to Feb. 4. 1588. 1
-, Dissolved, March 29.1589. 29
-, Passed into Acts 16 publick, and 8 private Bills Ibid.
-, Began, Nov. 19. 1592. 31
-, Dissolved, Apr. 10.1593. 50
-, We have no account of the number of Bills.
-, Began, Octob. 24.1597. 79
-, Dissolved, Feb. 9.1597. 99
-, Passed into Acts 24 publick, and 19 private Bills 127
-, 48 Bills refused that had past both Houses
-, Began, Octob.27. 1601. 129
-, Dissolved, Decem.19. 1601. 333
-, Passed into Acts 19 publick, and ten private Bills 151

Parliament-man priviledged , and his servant, for fourteen days 225
-, One of them swooneth in the House 332
-, Several Conjectures about it Ibid.

Patents: Committees named for them 103

Patents and Patentees: a List of them Ibid.

Pawn-takers: See retailing Brokers.

Pedegree of the Marquess of Winchester 195

Pelts: See Sheep-skins.

People; a bill to increase them 90

Perjury; a bill to prevent it 221

Petty Larceny, its punishment 71

Phesants and Partridges: a bill to preserve them 132

Pins: a bill to avoid their importation 92

Plaintiff to pay the Defendant costs, being in Prison for want of Bail, if the suit go against him 123

Plaisterers: See Painters.

Pluralities, a bill against them largely debated 218,219,220

Plymouth, a bill for the Haven 74

Prayer: a Copie of that used daily in the Commons House 179

Preamble to the bill of Subsidie 70

Precedent; a notable one 233

Precedents that Warrants of new Election ought to go from the Speaker, the Parliament sitting 192

Printers; a bill against their multiplicity 322
-, One over Guild-hal-gate 217

Priviledges of Parliament canvass'd 254,255

Priviledge, not to say what they list, but Yea or No 37
-, Broken by an Arrest, complained of 225

Privie. Counsellors; irreverence to them blamed by the Queen 47

Probate of Wills, its abuses moved against 104

Process; a bill for its better execution 70

Proclamations upon Fines at Common Law to be abridg'd 7

Proctors: all the Sprititual Lords but one, had two 4

Protest of the Commons 95

Proviso for the Lard Powes and Sir Edward Herbert 25

Proxies Ordinary and extraordinary 34 &; 38, 39

Purchasers; a bill to assure their Lands 68

Purveyors: a bill to reform their disorders 17
-, The Queens care about them signified by Mr. Speaker 24


QUEEN comes to the Upper House 2,4,31,45,129,334
-, She makes a Speech her self 48
-, Swears by God she will punish Cowards Ibid.
-, She makes another Speech 263, 264, 265, 266

Quære, Whether the Speaker have a voice 321
-, The Speaker declares he hath none by custom Ibid.
-, What was done with the money raised for the Poor 333


Raleigh Sir Walter; his sharp speech, and great silence after it 235
-, He complains for liberty of Speech 302
-, He blushes 232

Rapesdale in Lancashire; a bill for its Inhabitants 107

Recusants and Sectaries very pernicious to Government 46

Recusants Popish, restrained to some place 40
-, A bill about them 61

Relief of Thomas Hasilrig Esq ; a bill 18
-, Of George Ognel Esq; a bill 20
-, Of the Citie of Lincoln; a bill 25

Remainder of certain Lands of Andrew Kettleby to be established on Francis Kettleby 135

Repeal of a branch of a Statute of 4 & 5 Phil. & Mary 73

Roan made Admiral, threatens England 58

Robbing in the day-time , though none in the house, not admitted to Clergie: a bill 96

Robberies: a bill to suppress them 105


Sabbath-breakers: Examples of Gods judgments upon them 274

School of Tunbridge, a bill for it 22

Schoolmaster: a bill to maintain one at Wanting 103

Secrets of the House misrepresented and discover'd ; complained of 18

Sectaries: See Recusants.

Seditious persons , a bill to punish them 38

Sergeant of London Sent for on an Arrest 85

Sheeps skins ; a bill touching their transportation 102

Sherifts: a bill to reform abuses in them and their under-Officers 141

Ships: one English beat twenty Spanish, till they got our Guns 293
-, One of the Queen's a petty Princes wealth 59
-, One ready laden with 36 Pieces of Ordnance 307

Shop-books: a bill to prevent double payment of debts upon them 111

Silk-weavers: a bill to reform their abuses 222

Sollicitors; a Bill about them Ibid.
-, Their Character 201
-, None to sollicit but without see 222
-, No Mechanick trades-man to be one Ibid.

Souldiers: see Captains.
-, A bill to reform sundry abuses done by them in the War 95
-, A Collection for them 41
-, Absent Members of both Houses to pay double 43
-, Mr. Secretary Cecil's passionate Speech for maimed Souldiers 307

Spain; the practices of that King against England 183, 184
-, The Spanish General's Letter to the Irish Catholicks 351

Speaker: Sir George Snag: He is presented: excuses himself; is approved: His Thanks; and Petitions allowed 4, 5
-, Edward Coke Esq;: His excuse not allowed; his Petitions granted 53
-, His Speech 35
-, He speaks again 36
-, His Speech to the Queen 45
-, Serjeant Yelverton: His excuses, Petitions, &;c. 82
-, He giveth a Caution 101
-, John Crook Esquire, Recorder of London: His Speech 131 &; 149
-, He gives an account of the Queens Speech 71, 272
-, He makes his Speech 334

Speeches of many worthy Members upon several occasions 56,57,58, 59,60,61,62,63,64,65,66

Spinners; a bill concerning them 73

Spur: a Motion about an ancient custom of putting off the Spurs before entrance of Members into the House 181

Stanes Bridge; a Bill for its reparation 110

Star-chamber: persons present there 353

Statutes; a bill to repeal certain of them 19
-, See 74

Stealing of horses : a Proviso against it 189
-, A bill about stealing Oxen, Sheep, &;c. 69

Stealers of Corn and Fruit ; a bill against them 112

Stews: their Case like that of Alehouses 181
-, Being suppressed, every house is a Bawdy-house Ibid.

Sub-pœna; one served on a Member 212
-, Argued 213
-, Reasons offered for allowing it Ibid.

Subsidies: a bill for them requires not the Queens consent 49
-, Several Bills for them 9, 126,142
-, Sir Walter Raleigh moves for them 197
-, Is seconded 198
-, How Edward the third rais'd money for his Wars 205

Succession: a bill brought in about it by Mr. Peter Wentworth and Sir Henry Bromley 54
-, Her Majesty highly displeased therewith Ibid.
-, They are first confin'd to their lodgings, and at last committed to several Prisons Ibid.

Suits; a bill touching their multiplicity, and the excessive number of Atturneys 17

Sunday: a bill to prevent Markets and Fairs on that day 142
-, A bill to avoid Contracts made on that day 194
-, Whether taking a wife on that day be void Ibid.

Supreme: Kings of England have been so from Henry the third's time 36
-, And before the Conquest 37

Sussex and Surrey: a bill against decay of Highways there 114

Swearing: Mr. Glascock speaks to the Bill, and lashes the CountryJustices 267,268

Swearers: See Blasphemers.


Taxes not so great as heretofore 81
-, Instance in Edward the third, and other Kings Ibid.

Tellers and Receivers: a bill 85

Tenancy by Courtesie by the man , and Tenancy in Dower by the woman, to be lost in case of Adultery, the Bill cast out 222

Tenements not to be made of great houses 77

Tenths: See Disms and Fifteens 104
-, A bill for the Clergies better answering to the Queen Ibid.

Term: a bill to shorten that of Michaelmas 204
-, London-Burgesses oppose it 207
-, And therefore are not of the Committee Ibid.

Thorns, that prick, and yield no fruit, compared to multiplicity of Laws 180

Tidings glad, the Queens Message about Monopolies 258

Tillage: See Husbandry.
-, Largely debated 299,300,301

Timber, its marking and sizing 76

Tin: Sir Walter Raleigh urged to Speak about it, for several reasons 235

Tipling-houses: a bill to suppress them 304
-, A Proviso for the Vintners Ibid.
-, Several Speeches about it 304, 305

Tobacco-pipes, a Monopoly, an idle conceit 247

Tower of London: a bill for a Preacher there 110
-, The Prison of the House of Commons 260

Mr. Townshend of Lincolns-Inne, the Collector of this Journal 239
-, He puts in a bill, and Speaks to it 200
-, He makes a Motion Ibid.
-, He delivers a bill, and speaks to it 221

L. Treasurer made Lord Burleigh, and seated accordingly 97

Trifling Suits: a bill to prevent them 136

Trinity, the Lower House a new person in it 260

Trinity-house; a bill for it, committed 298

Tryers of Petitions 3,33,131

Trust: a bill against imbezeling the Queens goods, chattels or treasure 28

Tunbridge: see Grammar-School.

Turks: the Spaniards provision against them 184


Vagrant: See Seditious.

Vicarage of Rotherston; a bill to confirm its Patronage 284

Victualing-houses: see Innes.

Under-Sheriff of Surrey committed to the Fleet 135

Uncharitable action to subvert a mount of Charity 291

Votes, when equal, the Negative by custom carries it 134

Vouchers: a bill to reform their abuses 89

Use in the House 293

Uses charitable ; a quoil about the Bill 298

Usher (Gentleman-) to the Lords, his request by the Lord Steward 133


Wandering persons , pretending to be Souldiers or Mariners; a bill against them 112

Walls so curiously painted , witness our Forefathers care in cherishing the art of Painting 316

Wanting, a Town in Berkshire; a Bill for mending its Highway 103
-, A bill for its Town-lands 105

Ward (her Majestie's) Arthur Hatch: a bill to enjoy a Rectory and Parsonage 87

War a curse to all people , especially the Poor 307

Warrants for new Elections , whence to proceed 192

Watches in the night; a bill for setling them 193

Weapons: see Armour.

Weavers: see Spinners.
-, Their Bill put to the Question 303

Weeping for joy at the Queens Message 252

Weights false so numerous , that we need no other metal to make Bells and Battlements for Churches 190

Weights and Measures; the bill expung'd 197
-, A Groat makes all good Ibid.

Whirpool of the Princes profits ; what so called 320

Whispering with the Lords 311

Wife hath no goods ; therefore shall not pay 228

Will and Testament of George Durant: a bill to perform it 102
-, Lord Cobham deceased: a bill to confirm it 136

Wish of Mr. Johnson, and his good opinion of the Queen 236

Wood; the bill for its Assize ordered to be ingrossed 303

Woollen Clothes: a bill for them 68

Word; the Ministers of it induced not to seek Bishopricks 187

Work-house for the Poor: see Hospitals.

Workmanship and skill the gift of God 314

Writ of Prorogation 2

Writs of Errour to save discontinuance in the Exchequer 6
-, Of Covenant 25

Wye the River; a bill for a Bridge over it 115


Yarmouth: a bill to repeal part of their Charter 117
-, A bill for better measuring of seven miles from it 122


Zeal to her Country , there will never be Queen with greater 266
-, The Queen shews much in her Message to the House 248